Brynn, Olivia


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Adam Nash is a superstar. House, cars, money, women ... he’s got it all. Yeah, he’s conceited, but with his looks and talent why shouldn’t he be? Not until he’s banned from another hotel for his drunken antics does he realize that it’s time to grow up and treat his music as a career and not a free ride. Now Adam has set his sights on florist Jade Graham. She’s not the kind of woman he’s used to, she’s too smart to play the role of arm-candy. Adam is going to have to keep his celebrity status a secret for as long as possible, because what woman in her right mind would get attached to a playboy without a conscience? Jade Graham is going to be one tough case, but she seems hell bent on proving that there’s more than one way for a star to fall.


She’s dead-set against him. He’s dead certain he can change her mind... Marienna Valdez has a cop allergy. Their cocky, superior attitudes never fail to turn her stomach. How fitting that her reward for enduring a perfectly sucky work week is a traffic ticket from one who’s on the kind of overblown power trip she learned to hate when she was growing up surrounded by boys in blue. But now she’s finally home, where she prepares to take the edge off with a well-deserved self-love session. Just as she gets settled in with her favorite toys, though, what should come barreling through her bedroom door but...another cop! SWAT team sniper Marcus Pearson doesn’t need detective skills to figure out just what he’s interrupted. If he can keep her quiet long enough to resolve the tense situation under her bedroom window, he intends to put down his rifle and take aim at her aversion to the badge... Warning: This title contains one sheet-wrapped, cop-and-damsel burrito with toys on the side. Extra batteries included.

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