The Woman in Cabin 10

Ware, Ruth

Words:93903 Read Time:8 Hours Maturity:gen

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The Woman in Cabin 10 is a strong follow-up to Ware’s her debut suspense novel In a Dark, Dark Wood (2015) and will not disappoint. NY Journal of Books (2016-07-30)
The story rolls you up and down like a ship on the waves. Ruth again employs "a locked-in space with limited internet access" as a plot device --- and again it works. I’m looking forward to where she takes us in her next book! Book Reporter (2016-07-01)
Leave your lights on and check your door locks as you cruise through the pages of this tasty little thriller. Ruth Ware has a bright future. 20Something Reads (2016-07-22)
The first chapter will grab your attention, force it against a wall and hold it there until the end. The Columbus Dispatch (2016-07-31)
Readers are in for a wild ride, with the kind of unexpected developments and thick tension that Ware is quickly becoming known for. (2016-07-10)