Coming Home

Kelly, Leslie

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FIRST TIME IN PRINT—A Sexy, Heartwarming Romance from New York Times Bestselling author Leslie Kelly.

Praise for COMING HOME:
I read this book as a light interlude from big doses of thrillers and adventures. IMHO a good romance is more difficult to write than a thriller because the plot lines are so much more limited. This was one of the better ones that I have discovered recently and it was a satisfying interlude." -- Suncoast Reader's Book Review

"Well written, light, fun read. Romantic story that will have you cheering for the characters and their love.” -- Jeanna from Shelfari

Veterinarian Nicole Ross has a thriving practice in Baltimore, a son she adores, and a happy life. But that life is turned upside down when she has to fly to her sick father’s bedside. Because returning to Florida means coming face to face with the man who broke her heart so many years ago.

Wyatt Clayton has come a long way from his bad-boy youth and now runs his family ranch. Still, seeing Nicole again rocks his world and causes him to remember those crazy-wild days when they’d been reckless young lovers.

Despite themselves, Nicole and Wyatt find those passionate sparks still erupt whenever they’re together. But will they have a future when they learn the truth about what has kept them apart for so long?**