Forever Starts Tomorrow

Wolf, Ellen

Words:58169 Read Time:5 Hours Maturity:

Sometimes dreams do come true… at least for a while.

Melanie has fallen head over heels for the charismatic Scott Masden, one of the most eligible bachelors in town. He is everything a girl could dream of. From the moment they have met, the sparks went flying and their whirlwind romance soon became more than a passionate fling. Everything seems to be on the right path, the engagement ring on her finger the ultimate token of his love and commitment.

However, there is storm brewing in paradise. Melanie soon discovers that loving someone isn’t necessarily enough to make a relationship work. Scott’s childhood and personal demons stand in the way of open communication and transparency. He is only allowing her so deep under the thick protective armour he has built around his heart over the years. Soon she starts questioning her choices and struggles with doubts that refuse to be pushed aside. Does he really love her or is she just a convenient body in his bed?

Scott has always known that he shouldn’t trust people who say they love him. Promises are meant to be broken and the only way to deal with disappointments is to avoid them altogether. Especially when it comes to women. Loving Melanie makes him vulnerable and scares him more than anything in the world. He needs to make sure she won’t hurt him and leave him broken to lick his wounds.

Can an unexpected discovery about his father’s past shake him up enough to see that he is about to destroy the best thing in his life? His carefully built empire of control and power is about to shatter and for the first time in his life he has no idea what to do…