Observation (Doctor Dom Volume 2)

Crescent, Tara

Words:25760 Read Time:2 Hours Maturity:

There is an eight month period in my life that I do not permit myself to think about. The eight months of my life when I was Nick O’Malley’s sexual submissive.

Eight months of the best sex I’d ever had. Eight months of spankings and nipple clamps, eight months of floggers and whips, eight months of swiftly escalating obedience and submission.

And then, things started escalating in a way that I was powerless to resist.

I recognized the look in Patrick’s eyes today because I’d seen it before. I’d seen the same look in Nick’s eyes for eight months – a certain focused intensity and a calm control, before he began to steadily strip apart every little bit of who I was, every little spark of personality, to create a sweet, willing submissive instead.

When I finally summoned the courage to break my terrible addiction, I made a promise to myself. No more. I’d play my spanking games, and I’d play at submission. But I could sense dominance in men, and I avoided it; I had determined that I was not strong enough to survive again.

The look in Patrick’s eyes took me back to that dark time. And I was adamant I wouldn’t go there again.

***Patrick and Lisa continue to see each other, but they are both keeping secrets; secrets that could tear them apart. How long before they find out what the other has been hiding?***

Note: This novella includes medical play, spankings, domination, graphic sexual scenes, and more.