Atlas, Katy


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Casey Snow is grounded for life... or at least until she leaves for college. After driving her car into the side of her parents' garage, Casey is stuck filing papers in her mom's office during the day, and confined to her house on the weekends. Worst of all, she's not allowed to see her favorite band, Moving Neutralwhose lead guitarist, Blake Parker, just might be the love of Casey's life. But with her best friend's help, Casey comes up with a plan to sneak out of her house for the concert. And as she's standing in line at a coffee shop near the show, everything changes. Because behind her is Blake Parker, ready to sweep her away for the best summer of her life.


Moving Forward continues the story of Casey Snow, a normal college freshman whose life was changed forever when she started dating the lead guitarist of her favorite band, Blake Parker. But when a video of Casey and Blake goes viral after their breakup, suddenly Casey isn't just the rock star's girlfriend... she's a star herself. Between celeb-packed parties, tabloid interviews and modeling gigs, Casey adjusts to her new life and finds, to her surprise, that she's actually having fun. Still, there's one thing missing: Blake. And Casey will do anything to win him back. But as the weeks pass, Casey finds herself drawn to an unlikely replacement--Tanner Cole, Blake's rival and the new Moving Neutral guitarist. Ultimately, Casey must decide if she's still the same girl who fell in love with Blake Parker... or if she's better off moving forward without him.


What happens after the fairy tale ends? Last summer, Casey Snow's life changed in an instant after a chance encounter with Blake Parker, the lead guitarist of her favorite band. In weeks, she went from being an average high-school student to the paparazzi-plagued girlfriend of a rock star -- all while dodging tabloid rumors that she was responsible for the breakup of his band, Moving Neutral. Moving In Reverse follows Blake and Casey past their whirlwind summer, into the reality of their first semester of college. Everything isn't as perfect as they'd hoped: Casey struggles in her classes and tries to fit in with her sorority-obsessed roommate, while Blake wonders about the career he left behind. And while Blake and Casey adjust to college, Moving Neutral is getting closer to signing a new guitarist... and replacing Blake Parker for good.

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