Preuss, Paul


VmVTHY , [url=]rkncnlfiphvp[/url], [link=]scqihkijbwbe[/link],

6 Books


SUMMARY: Sparta, a beautiful and mysterious agent whose superhuman ablities are the result of advanced biotechnology, investigates a tragic accident aboard the freighter "Star Queen" that leaves a lone survivor


SUMMARY: Sparta, a beautiful superhuman being, must rescue a team of scientists trapped in the gaseous inferno of Venus, an act that leads to discovery of life on another planet and perhaps the key to her mysterious identity


SUMMARY: Gifted by advanced biotechnology with extraordinary beauty and superhuman powers, Sparta risks her life and her secret identity to solve the case when the theft of an alien artifact, the Martian plague, leads to two murders in Labyrinth City


SUMMARY: Sparta, the lovely product of advanced biotechnology, must keep the Free Spirit, a religious cult intent on world domination, from sabotaging the Space Board's manned mission into the clouds of Jupiter


SUMMARY: Sparta, Special Investigator for the Space Board, begins a special research mission to the ice moon of Jupiter and discovers evidence of an ancient alien civilization


Omnibus Breaking Strain Maelstrom Hide and Seek The Medusa Encounter The Diamond Moon The Shining Ones

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