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Dazzling metaphysical epic-adventure as Barker surpasses his previous ground-breaking work (The Great and Secret Show, 1989, etc.) to reconfigure the Fall and to imagine a modern-day attempt to reverse it. A complex cosmology underpins the vigorous, at times horrific, action here: ``Imajica'' is the known universe of five ``Dominions,'' or parallel worlds, four ``reconciled'' but the fifth, Earth, ``unreconciled''--unaware of the other four, of the tyrannical ``Autarch'' who rules them, and of the ``God Hapeximendios,'' who oversees all five (and who wrested ``His'' power from the ``Goddesses'' of old). Periodically, Hapeximendios has sent His ``sons''--including Christ--to attempt to unite, by magical rites, the Fifth Dominion to the others. The last attempted ``Reconciliation'' ended in catastrophe--an invasion of Earth by hellish powers--and today magic has been nearly eradicated from Earth by a ``Society'' that alone knows of the Imajica and of the catastrophe. The densely woven story here opens with a jealous man venturing into London's dankest slum to hire an assassin to kill his estranged wife, Judith; the assassin turns out to be a ``mystif,'' a fabulous creature from the Second Dominion, capable of appearing as the erotic ideal of any who behold it. As the mystif hunts Judith, it in turn is hunted by Judith's former lover, ``Gentle,'' who in time learns that he is the new ``Reconciler''- -and the mystif his long-forgotten servant. Undertaking dangerous, splendor-filled journeys through the other Dominions, Gentle and the mystif fall in love, marry, and encounter numerous fantastic creatures and, finally, death; later, Gentle helps dethrone the Autarch, learns the chilling secret of his and Judith's origin, helps free the Goddesses and slay God, and, back on Earth, inspires the destruction of the Society and undertakes Reconciliation--with hell-borne, then heaven-sent, results. An astonishing feat of the imagination, immensely engrossing despite its demanding--at times indulgent--length, running riot with ideas, fantastical inventions, graphic sex and violence, soul- terrors, and emotional and intellectual resonances. Barker's best yet.


In The Empty Hours, Claudia Davis was young and rich. And dead. Detective Steve Carella had nothing to go on except a book of cancelled cheques. In 'J', when a Rabbi is stabbed in a dark alley, a calling card is left splattered in blood. And in Storm, a dead girl is found in the snow, skewered with a ski pole.


Five years ago, in his bestseller The Great and Secret Show, Clive Barker mesmerized millions of readers worldwide with an extraordinary vision of human passions and possibilities. Welcome to a new volume in that epic adventure. Welcome to Everville. With Clive Barker's trademark mingling of wild fantasy, eroticism, and visionary horror, Everville promises to take its readers on a journey that will awe, arouse, and terrify in equal measure, opening the doors of a new reality for readers of fantasy and horror alike. On a mountain peak, high above the city of Everville, a door stands open: a door that lets onto the shores of the dream-sea Quiddity. And there's not a soul below who'll not be changed by that fact ... Phoebe Cobb, once a doctor's receptionist, is about to forget her old life and go looking for her lost lover, Joe Flicker, in the world on the other side of that door, a strange, sensual wonderland the likes of which only Barker could make real. Tesla Bombeck, who knows what horrors lurk on the far side of Quiddity, must solve the mysteries of the city's past if she is to keep those horrors from crossing the threshold. Harry D'Amour, who has tracked the ultimate evil across America, will find it conjuring atrocities in the sunlit streets of Everville. These are but a few of the hugely entertaining characters whose destinies Barker has charted in this book. Enthralling, chilling, and charged with an unbridled eroticism, Everville is above all a novel about the deepest yearnings of the human heart. For love. For hope. For understanding. And of course it's about the forces that threaten those dreams. The monsters that are never more terrible than when they wear human faces... Steponto Everville's streets and enter a world like no other in fiction, created by a man whom the Washington Post called "a mapmaker of the mind, charting the furthest reaches of the imagination."


From Publishers Weekly Romance and drama capture police detectives Carella and Kling of the 87th Precinct in McBain's Manhattan clone, Isola City. An actress in a play about an actress who gets stabbed is stabbed. Her superficial wound draws little blood but enough media attention, perhaps, to save the drama from the opening-night closing its director expects. The play is titled Romance, a subject very much the focus of Kling's personal life as he doggedly pursues another cop-black surgeon, Sharyn Cooke. Next, a cast member is fatally stabbed and another member of the company dies in a suspicious fall out of an apartment window, giving the case some urgency and, not incidentally, stirring up ugly interprecinct politics, notably with Carella and King's loathed colleague, Fat Ollie Weeks. McBain has fun in this 48th 87th precinct tale, weaving romantic dialogue into the investigation and taking shots at various dramatis personae of the theater world. When McBain has fun, so do his readers. Mystery Guild selection; Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Club alternates; author tour. Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc. From Booklist Romance is in the air as McBain, acknowledged master of the hard-boiled police procedural, offers up another surefire best-seller. This time, McBain evokes a certain whimsical lightheartedness--albeit mixed with his usual tough violence. Actress Michelle Cassidy is starring in an insipid mystery called Romance, and in an effort to get some much-needed publicity for the play, she persuades her lover to give her a couple of realistic-looking but superficial stab wounds. The trick works, and the play's assured of success until someone fatally stabs Michelle, then pushes the show's stage manager out a tenth-story window. Which of the characters from the play--the Detective? the Stage Manager? the Understudy?--had the most to gain from the two deaths? Steve Carella and his partner, Bert Kling, try to figure it all out. McBain toys with readers by using a number of devices to spice the story, such as a play within a play, a play on words, and the way events in real life keep imitating art. And he includes a bit of real-life romance, too, as whitebread Detective Berg's hot love affair with ebony-skinned Dr. Sharyn Cooke sizzles amidst the murder and mayhem. As usual, McBain and the 87th Precinct produce another gem. Jasmine Nights


It all starts as a typical July Fourth weekend at the Congress, the internationally famous Catskill resort hotel. Thousands of vacationers, their pockets filled with cash and their minds on easy sex, begin to arrive from the city. But while the singles meet at the pool and other folks congregate at the bar, a time bomb is slowly ticking: an outbreak of cholera so devastating that the wildest holiday of the year quickly becomes a deadly nightmare.Along the way we meet:*Ellen Golden, recently widowed owner of the Congress, who fights to rescue an old family tradition from the hands of organized crime,*Sandy Golden, Ellen's thirteen-year-old daughter, who discovers her own budding sexuality in the midst of chaos,*Dr. Sid Bronstein, the man who discovers the menace but keeps silent to save his own skin,*Bruce Solomon, a young medical detective who is determined to find the cure at all costs,* Fern Rosen, the shy "single" who captures Bruce's love--when he least expects it,*Nick Martin, a smooth operator who wants to bring big-time gambling to the Congress, no matter what the opposition,*Melinda Kaplan, the nymphomaniac divorcee, taking sex wherever she can find it, and *Grace Kaplan, Melinda's disturbed son, acting out all of his adolescent fantasies.A medical disaster as well as a love story, Weekend by Tania Grossinger and Andrew Neiderman is a Fourth of July no reader will ever forget.


The enchanting, somewhat mysterious Mimi is rescued from the poverty and deprivation of her childhood by a legacy from her father that enables her to live in comfort in Manhattan.


As breakout stars of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City, Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen have inspired, infuriated, and entertained parents everywhere. Their new book continues that trend, with the added bonus of educating families dealing with the daunting task of raising children in an urban environment. Writing with unique and humorous insight into the challenges facing city parents today, Alex and Simon use their own hard-won experience as a springboard to discuss a host of parenting topics, including baby’s first six months, traveling with infants, hiring caregivers, disciplining, dealing with accidents, dining out, making the most of urban life, and scheduling time for non-urban escapes. Their informative and often hair-raising stories of life in the concrete jungle make Little Kids, Big City a must-read for urban parents, as well as for any fan of the show.


How do you go on when everything you love is ripped away from you? Anna Jenkins is sleepwalking through life. Once, she had everything she could ever want, but now she rattles away in her big old house where the silence doesn't just echo, it bounces off the rafters, slides down the window panes, rolls across the bench tops and skids across the floor. With a job she hates and a manager who hates her, Anna divides her time between work, home and the cemetery. It's not much of an existence, even Anna can admit that. But then, she's spent a fair amount of time plotting ways to not exist at all, so it's the least of her worries. Enter some ducks, a handful of eggs, an eight year old boy named after a Sesame Street character and his father who can't seem to keep his shirt on, and things are about to change. Whether Anna likes it or not. **


Cam Montgomery is a single full time dad who knows his priorities: his kids, his job, his team, his side business. Dealing with his disaster of an ex-wife is bad enough, not to mention delinquent football players and a meddlesome mother. Cam doesn’t have the luxury of time for anything more, especially a relationship. Even if it is sassy-wiseass Paige Carpino, who can still be sweet, but at every turn knocks him on his ass with the unexpected. That’s figuratively speaking of course. Paige might come in a small package, but she makes up for it in spirit. An energetic spit-fire who has some heat to her sauce, she’s dedicated to her new business ventures, her family and a select group of friends. She’s never put herself out there, but then again, there’s never been anyone worthy of putting herself out there for. Until one day in a burger joint, an asshole practically enters her into a wet t-shirt contest with his drink. Who knew a wet t-shirt could be the beginning of your life. Or more importantly, that asshole would be your reason for being. But anything and all of the above can happen when you finally put yourself out there for a single-dad-ex-football-player-smarty-pants-hot-man. When you throw the Carpino’s, the Montgomery’s and an eighty-five year old bossy woman in the mix, it’s a recipe for…well…something big.

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