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From best-selling, RITA, Christy and Carol award-winning novelist Susan May Warren comes the advanced writing techniques that help you build a powerful story! An amazing novel has two elements – deep characterization of a sympathetic hero, and a compelling, wide, breathtaking plot. But how do you create deep characters and wide plots and then apply them to your story? It’s time to learn Advanced (Brilliant!) Writing. The follow-up to How to Write a Brilliant Novel, Advanced Brilliant Writing utilizes RITA and Christy award-winning, best-selling novelist Susan May Warren’s easy to apply explanations, exercises and intuitive methods to teach you advanced fiction writing techniques that will turn any novel from boring to . . . brilliant. You’ll learn: • How to plot a profound character change journey • An easy technique to reveal backstory to your readers • How to weave emotion into your scene for the most impact • How to keep tension high through the use of stakes and motivations • A unique plotting trick to widen your plot • Techniques on how to make your hero . . . heroic • The difference between subplots and layers • A powerful use for secondary characters • How the perfect Villain can help you plot your story . . . and much more, including the scene that every book MUST have! "If you're intending to write a best-selling novel, I can think of no better place to start than with Susan May Warren's Advanced Brilliant Writing. This is a book for those who need to dig into the techniques of writing--not just hear the happy-talk, big-picture stuff that is so often heard at conferences. If you really want to get into the nuts and bolts of writing strong fiction, then this is for you. Clear, practical advice from an award-winning novelist." Chip MacGregor, Literary Agent, MacGregor Literary ** About the Author Susan May Warren is the Christy, RITA and Carol award-winning author of over fifty novels with Revell, Tyndale, Barbour, Steeple Hill and Summerside Press. A prolific novelist with over 1 million books sold, Susan has written contemporary and historical romances, romantic-suspense, thrillers, rom-com and Christmas novellas. She loves to help people launch their writing careers and is the founder of and, a writing website that helps authors get published and stay published. She’s also the author of the popular writing method, The Story Equation. Find excerpts and reviews of her novels at 


Based on the bestselling series from The Great Courses, Building Great Sentences celebrates the sheer joy of language—and will forever change the way you read and write. Great writing begins with the sentence. Whether it's two words ("Jesus wept.") or William Faulkner's 1,287-word sentence in Absalom! Absalom!, sentences have the power to captivate, entertain, motivate, educate, and, most importantly, delight. Yet, the sentence-oriented approach to writing is too often overlooked in favor of bland economy. Building Great Sentences teaches you to write better sentences by luxuriating in the pleasures of language. Award-winning Professor Brooks Landon draws on examples from masters of long, elegant sentences—including Don DeLillo, Virginia Woolf, Joan Didion, and Samuel Johnson—to reveal the mechanics of how language works on thoughts and emotions, providing the tools to write powerful, more effective sentences.


“I always have the best of intentions but not always the right execution” ~ Cin Fin-Lathen. It’s summer reunion-band season, and love is in the air. Cin is determined to break her dry spell in this much awaited fourth novel of the “Cin Fin-Lathen Mysteries.” Elijah, the sexy lead singer of “Ely’s Coming,” has hired Cin and Harry to investigate a series of incidents that are sabotaging the comeback of his nineties alternative rock band. Cin’s son Alex is filling in for their injured bass player while she and Harry investigate. Cin lets her guard down and falls for a member of the band. Can she maintain a professional distance in order to figure out who wants to stop this band from performing? Cin lets herself go and finds out to her horror, that “The Wages of Cin” could quite possibly be death.


Someone destroys the life of PJ’s partner, igniting a twisting, vengeful plot Within just a couple of days, detective Leo Schultz’s life unravels. His son Rick is kidnapped and horrifically murdered. The very next day, Schultz’s car runs over a little girl, and he is identified by witnesses as the driver. Only his partner, PJ Gray, believes his innocence. For city officials, this is not the end of it, as key members of the law and order systems are successively taken down. Forensic psychologist and virtual reality expert Gray must uncover the motives behind the conspiracy, a mystery that ultimately sends her digging around in her partner’s long past in the force. What she finds there forces her to wonder whether she knows Schultz’s true nature at all. Gray must get into the heads of her partner and the killer, before the murderer finds Schultz—or could the target be Gray herself? Shirley Kennett is the author of the PJ Gray series of thrillers, which center on a psychologist and single mother who deploys virtual reality technology to solve homicides for the St. Louis Police Department. The novels in the series include Gray Matter, Fire Cracker, Chameleon, Act of Betrayal, and Time of Death. She is also the author of Burning Rose, a stand-alone environmental mystery. Under the pseudonym Dakota Banks, Kennett wrote the Mortal Path series of supernatural thrillers. She lives in Missouri.  


Editor's Notes and Acknowledgments (A Thousand Deaths) • (2007) • essay by Marty Halpern Introduction (A Thousand Deaths) • (2007) • essay by Mike Resnick The Wolves of Memory • [Sandor Courane] • (1981) • novel Fatal Disk Error • [Sandor Courane] • (1990) • shortstory In the Wings • [Sandor Courane] • (1982) • shortstory From the Desk Of • [Sandor Courane] • (1986) • shortstory The Wicked Old Witch • [Sandor Courane] • (1993) • shortstory Mango Red Goes to War • [Sandor Courane] • (1992) • shortfiction The Thing from the Slush • [Sandor Courane] • (1982) • shortstory Posterity • [Sandor Courane] • (1988) • novelette Afterword (A Thousand Deaths) • (2007) • essay by Andrew Fox


Shelley Shepard Gray's first book in her Charmed Amish Life series is set in the quaint Amish village of Charm, Ohio, and tells the stories of the Kinsinger siblings who are each struggling to find both forgiveness and love in the face of tragedy. Three months ago, everything changed for Darla Kurtz and her family. Darla's father was responsible for a terrible fire at Charm's lumber mill which killed five Amish men. And though he, too, lost his life, the town of Charm hasn't looked at her family the same since. Even Lukas Kinsinger—with whom Darla used to have a close friendship. Now her brother's anger at the town is spilling over onto Darla, and she has the bruises to prove it. The accident already cost five lives, but if something doesn't change soon, Darla fears it will cost her—and her family—even more. Lukas Kinsinger wants to mourn the loss of his father, but he can hardly find the time to breathe. Suddenly the head of his father's...


In Shelley Shepard Gray's second book in her Charmed Amish Life series, a young teacher and farmer discover they have much in common, especially when it comes to healing old wounds from the past...and finding love in one another. Rebecca Kinsinger has always dreamed of being a teacher. But when she's given the opportunity she's been waiting for at Charm Amish School, she's dismayed to discover that teaching is hard work—work she's afraid she's not very good at. That is, until Lilly Yoder joins the class. A thirteen-year old who's just lost her parents, Lilly is in need of someone like Rebecca. For the first time since starting her new job, Rebecca feels a sense of purpose. But when she meets Lilly's uncle, Jacob, his good looks and sweet, easy-going temperament are hard to ignore. How can she even entertain romantic thoughts of Jacob when his niece is her student? Suddenly becoming Lily's sole caregiver, Jacob Yoder never thought he'd be a single...


An aspiring suspense novelist lands in the middle of a real crime, in the first in a captivating new series by the author of the Undercover Dish Mysteries. Lena London's literary dreams are coming true—as long as she can avoid any real-life villains... Camilla Graham’s bestselling suspense novels inspired Lena London to become a writer, so when she lands a job as Camilla’s new assistant, she can’t believe her luck. Not only will she help her idol craft an enchanting new mystery, she’ll get to live rent-free in Camilla’s gorgeous Victorian home in the quaint town of Blue Lake, Indiana. But Lena’s fortune soon changes for the worse. First, she lands in the center of small town gossip for befriending the local recluse. Then, she stumbles across one thing that a Camilla Graham novel is never without—a dead body, found on her new boss’s lakefront property. Now Lena must take a page out of one of Camilla’s books to hunt down clues in a real crime that seems to be connected to the novelist’s mysterious estate—before the killer writes them both out of the story for good...


Lady Georgina Hawthorne has worked hard to become the Incomparable for her debut season. She is determined to marry well—and Colin McCrae is not her idea of eligible. But as their paths continue to cross, their ongoing clash of wits has both Georgina and Colin questioning their first impressions as well as their priorities and ambitions.

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