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Matthew ‘Tex’ Miller has no choice but to work with Jordon ‘Jazz’ Bergeron when they’re assigned to the same unit, but he doesn’t have to like it. Jazz gets under his skin in all the wrong ways until one night when Jazz begs Tex for a kiss and everything changes. Matthew won’t be played, but he won’t ignore a hot body when one is offered up. What started off as lust and revenge turns into molten passion, igniting a burning hot fire. Jazz and Tex’s unit is called out to patrol the city, but disaster strikes, killing some on their team and leaving Matthew without Jazz. Matthew begins questioning authority and is assigned to a new team, one that focuses on extracting hostages from war zones. On Matthew’s first extraction he finds someone who will change his life for ever. Jazz has lost more then a leg and he’s drifting. He can’t stand the thought of Matthew seeing him so broken, but he can’t let go of the beautiful man from Texas who stole his heart. When Matthew is offered a place at Wild Bluff, he’s given a chance to find Jazz. But will Jazz take a leap of faith and join Matthew on the ranch or retreat further into himself.


At Wild Bluff everything is going great for Davis and Ryan, but Duff’s heart attack throws the ranch into a tailspin, leaving Davis wondering if he can stay at Wild Bluff. Everything calms down for a while, but another hitch is thrown into the works, forcing the guys to scramble. Marshal is finally coming into his own after healing from the injuries Craig inflicted on him. He’s taken on more responsibility running the operations, but when disaster strikes, he blames himself for not being in the field. Tensions run high when it looks like one of their own is lost. Will they come together or be split apart? One life hangs in the balance as the future of Wild Bluff is put to the test.


Davis Whitaker doesn’t shy away from danger. But when his Boston assignment goes haywire, and he can’t trust anyone, Davis is forced to accept help from a stranger. After an unlikely meeting, Ryan Pruitt offers to help Davis escape the threat lurking in the city. Attraction fires, leaving them both confused about what path they must take. When a dark figure hidden in the shadows almost shoots them, Ryan knows he should leave, but he can’t abandon Davis, even if it puts him in harms way. Craig has escaped imprisonment. The guys at Wild Bluff have no idea why he’s traveling up the east coast of the United States—straight towards Boston. Mike and Roger go after Craig, but aren’t prepared for what they find. Davis, Duff’s son, is in the crosshairs of Craig’s wrath. Blood is spilled and a life hangs in the balance. Death comes knocking, shocking everyone at Wild Bluff. Davis and Ryan might have survived the night, but can they last one day without help from the men of Wild Bluff Ranch?


Colorado Heat 3.5. ***A Christ­mas Wish in the Col­orado Heart Se­ries. A *very* short story.


James Davenport can’t help but spy on Brody Medders, hoping to catch a glance of the sexy fireman. But he’s not the only one watching Brody. A twisted past of lies, drugs, and deception has caught up to Brody and now he’s in danger. After Brody is hit by a car, James comes to his rescue. James values honesty, but there is more to Brody’s story than he’s willing to share. On Wild Bluff, Marshal is dealing with injuries that have sidelined him. Doubts about their relationship surface, driving a wedge between Zander and Marshal. A mission in Brazil requires Zander’s attention, leaving Marshal alone on the ranch. In Texas, Mike Jarred informs Connor Ellison that he’s headed to Brazil for work while Connor visits Lane and Gresh at Crazy Hills ranch. When Colorado and Texas collide, you never know what will happen.


THIS IS A COMPLETE NOVEL, NO CLIFFHANGERS In a world where fertile women are frozen for thousands of years to help future generations to reproduce.... Curvy Harper North is the latest girl to be MELTED. Handsome vampires Abbott and Daniel are excited to receive Harper and can not wait to begin using her for their own sexual pleasure as part of a three-way relationship. However, both the vampires are in for a HUGE surprise when they discover that Harper already knows everything about who they are and all the things they might have previously done. Can a steamy night of passion help change Harper's mind about her new lovers? Or is revenge a dish best served FROZEN? This is the final book in the bestselling MELTED series. Each book can be read standalone and in any order you like. So start with this one!


In a world where fertile women are now cryogenically frozen in order to help future civilizations reproduce, Aria English finds herself as the latest woman to be MELTED after thousands of years in the freezer and she is about to awake into a world that is vastly different from the one she left behind. Especially since Aria finds that the man who melted her is not even human and is actually a WereBear Alpha named Cormack. He is strong, handsome and dreamy. The type of man that any woman would want to mate with. However, it seems that Aria was actually melted earlier than planned. Now with no current need for her she might have to work hard to prevent being frozen once again and left for future generations. Especially, since being re-frozen is very dangerous. Now with her very presence causing tensions amongst his tribe, Cormack has the difficult task of choosing between Aria's life or the life of his people and something has to give...


In a future where fertile women are so scarce, they are often cryogenically frozen in order to help future civilizations reproduce. Now, after being frozen for thousands of years, Savannah Foster is the latest woman to be MELTED. Savannah finds that the man who has thawed her is actually a WereLion looking for a mate. Commander Trevor Beaumont is extremely handsome yet very cold at the same time. He tells Savannah that her job is to become impregnated with his future heir. Nothing more, nothing less. But there is a TWIST. Savannah was not the only female who was melted. At the same time another woman was melted by the Commander and it is now a competition to see who can be the first to produce a baby for the Lion... If you want to read a Paranormal Romance that is totally different from the norm and will have you turning the pages rapidly then this is it. Scroll back up and start reading this epic book now! Contains scenes of a sexual nature 18+ A Part Of The "Melted" Series. Each book can be read standalone.


THIS IS A COMPLETE NOVEL, NO CLIFFHANGERS! Avery Clarke always assumed she was just a normal girl living in a normal world but she had no idea that she was one of the GIFTED. This was a select few people that had been blessed with special supernatural powers and Avery was one of them. However, the Gifted are also the HUNTED.FBI agents, government officials and other evil forces all want a piece of her gift and they will not stop until they get it. So now Avery Clarke has TWO choices. Run and hide, or trust in a mysterious shapeshifting WereBear named Jim Duncan who promises that he can keep her safe and help her uncover the truth about just how important her gift really is...


Sweep Readers Off Their Feet With a Romance They'll Never Forget In On Writing Romance, award-winning romance novelist Leigh Michaels talks you through each stage of the writing and publishing process. From the origins and evolution of the romance novel to establishing a vital story framework to writing that last line to seeking out appropriate publishers, everything you ever wanted to know about writing a romance novel is here. In addition to a comprehensive breakdown of more than thirty romance subgenres, including such categories as historical, inspirational, Regency, and sweet traditional, you'll discover how to: Steer clear of clichés and stereotypes by studying the genre Craft engaging and realistic heroes and heroines readers will adore Convincingly develop the central couple's blossoming relationship Add conflict by utilizing essential secondary characters like the "other woman" Use tension and timing to make your love...

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