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TUEBL is a service which provides authors a place to upload their books and share them with their fans, we work hard every day to ensure that authors rights are being honoured. While we are a Canadian run website, we have decided to comply with DMCA rules for ease of process. Our takedown system is actually faster than YouTube, Facebook, or Flickr and gives a strong advantage to the copyright holder.

Simple Takedown:

The Hard Way

If you would like to remove a book from our library and you own the rights to it, you can click the DMCA button which is next to the download button on any book and remove it. Just fill out the required information and we will process your takedown. Please note that any false takedown can result in a $150 processing charge, and repeated attempts may result in your IP address being banned.
This method can take up to 7 days to process, while the simple method will take up to 4 hours to process so we suggest using the "simple method". If you cannot comply with the simple method for any reason, you can send a letter to:

The Ultimate Ebook Library ICO Travis McCrea
11798 North Sunrise Ct
Rathdrum, ID 83858
United States of America

Emails sent to [email protected] will be rejected with a letter explaining how to file a DMCA takedown.

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