Downloads Working

Sorry about that downloads are now working and a new system is in place to make sure the downloads stay working 🙂


  1. Still unable to download, gets this “” when i try downloading.

  2. Sorry but still not able to download it comes up with the error message “you have targeted the right function but nonce did not verify”.

    • Apologies this message only seems to come up with the older books I am able to download newest ones okay.

  3. When will we see new books

  4. Still can’t get some new books to download

  5. Working perfect for me, thanks Travis

  6. Yes it is working perfectly again. Thanks Travis

  7. Sorry not working. It says that the requested source is missing

  8. Hooray!! I haven’t tried to download yet, but either way thank you thank you thank you for all you do!

  9. Thanks Travis downloads are working fine at my end. What I am finding is that I can’t turn the page if there are multiple results for an author….I just keep getting page one of the results over and over. Anyone have a fix for this?

  10. Alanea this is something we are working on 🙂

  11. Thank you so much!!!:)

  12. Thanks so much, Travis! I really appreciate all the work you’re doing creating and maintaining this site.

  13. Please tell me how to download a book.

  14. Does anyone noticed that some of the books only show the first name of the author?

  15. Getting the cat again

  16. Getting the error with the cat.. no luck with downloads

  17. Cat again

  18. Same here, the cat again!

  19. Been trying to download a Karen Kingsbury book for weeks. I click on download ePub , it goes to next screen, but never goes to open in iBooks screen, just goes right back to tab where I can select download ePub again. I am using an iPad. Have gotten other books to work. Any ideas? TIA!

    • Others have suggested to open the link in chrome, not in safari. Sometimes it works for me, sometimes it doesnt.

  20. I can’t download either. Same thing over and over. Hit the download bar, get a white page that is supposed to go away, never get the download page an$ circle right back to the book page with the download bar. You never get the chance to download or even choose which app to download it to.

  21. Trying to download part 3 in a series and keep getting the cat as are others as above. Please help!
    Thank you!

  22. I downloaded some books yesterday, but it doesnt work today

  23. ?not working for me…

  24. It’s not working for me, either. No matter what I try to download I get a Bad Gateway error with the cat image. I’ve tried more than a dozen different books this evening & none have worked.

  25. Sorry, but downloads are not working – Bad Gateway and cat image appear repeatedly 🙁

  26. The cat! Arrgggg.

  27. Uploads aren’t working either

  28. Downloads not working, I get a Bad Gateway error with the cat image.

  29. downloads aren’t working.. I am also getting a bad gateway error with the cat image

  30. I’m a new member. I downloaded one book but since then I haven’t been able to download any more.

  31. Hmm it worked yesterday and today, nada.

  32. kitty 🙁

  33. just tried to download book, but got cat, are downloads still down

  34. Ok some books can be downloaded but still struggling with Jewel E. Ann books.

  35. Not working to download getting cat error

  36. I really need one of Ransom Riggs books, Library of Souls because I have just finished the first two books. Whenever I press download ePub, it always loads to the halfway point and shows a picture of a cat and ‘error’. Please fix!????

  37. Download were working for me yesterday. Now they are not…:(

  38. …and we have the cat again ?

  39. Hey, Travis. Just to let you know that some download link still not working, especially ebook’s posted before March 11.
    Hope it can be resolved soon. Thanks

  40. hi travis, looks like downloads are broken again. just wanted to let you know!

  41. How come I am unable to download rock chicks?

  42. Yea, downloads aren’t working still.

  43. Worked for a while, but now down again

  44. I have been getting the cat for a week now. I love the site when it’s working. Thanks Travis for all you do for book lovers!

  45. Omg I love cat’s but this one cat no so much ?. He is not letting me download a book…

  46. i can download, but still can’t upload

  47. Can’t download anything. Just get the cat

  48. FYI. Downloads worked for one day. Yesterday. Down again now. Not complaining. Your website is the best. Just miss it w hen it’s down. Thanks for all the books. .

  49. Unknown error again?

  50. The Cat is sill in the area…

  51. Still getting Unknown Error message with the Cat waving his tail image. Fix doe not seem to have worked.

  52. Hi I can’t download certain books, others seem to work though.
    And yes the cat error is cute but still, I would prefer the actual book I’m looking for.
    Thank You

  53. ??? Dumb cat….

  54. Im trying to download L.H COSWAY books..but still get unknown error..

  55. The cat again ?

  56. I am unable to download, getting the cat

  57. Meow

  58. Seems that it’s not working. Getting the cat once again.

  59. Maybe if we feed the cat he will go away and roll up in a ball

  60. Yesterday was good. Today the cat attack. Back to old system please

  61. I tried downloading a book, not getting to download

  62. Hey Travis,
    Thank you for working on the problem with the downloads. I still have trouble downloading books. I get an unknown error or the cat.
    Hope everything Works soon again.

  63. How long until we can download books again? I see some people are downloading but I keep getting the error message 🙁

    • Downloads will start again the 2nd Thursday of next week

      • What is the second Thursday of next week. Doesn’t make sense.

        • It’s a joke. There is no second Thursday. Only one Thursday per week

  64. Also getting the cat error. Can’t download either.

  65. downloads not working

  66. Downloads not working, getting the cat

  67. Greatly appreciate everything you do , must be a pain in the proverbial when things go to poo. I gather you know there are problems with downloads. There also seem to be problems with selecting the next page option so if I for example search for Rome I only get the first page and it’s mainly full of titles labelled Home. At home in Rome there was a dome where I broke a bone.

  68. Geez, I thought I was the only one having this problem of downloads not working, happy to see it is just not me. I am getting Unknown Error with the cat.

  69. Just curious as to why when you search an author it won’t let you get beyond page one is there a trick to look
    at the other pages (won’t let you page forward).

    • He said in an earlier comment a few days ago he is aware of that and working on a fix

  70. Downloads are not working – getting the cat error.
    And I seem to be unable to search using authors name. I instead have to search for a book I know by that author and load that book onto a page and then click on the author’s name to get his other books.

  71. The evil cat is still attacking everyone!!! Run for safety!!! Sorry couldn’t help myself

  72. cat error too 🙁

  73. If I try and download a new book it works perfectly. But if I do a search I get the cat error. Any suggestions?

  74. Nothing is working for me

  75. Still not working, especially is searching by author. I get the cat error too. Also, cannot search by title of book apparently, nothing comes up! Bummer. This site used to work so great!

  76. Been trying to download but cat error

  77. Unknown error and the cat again. Any idea of when it will be fixed?

  78. Don’t you hate that cat?

  79. 🙁 darn cat

  80. Ditto darn cat again

  81. Unknown error.

  82. Getting the unknown error page when I try to download.

  83. ?

  84. F* cat

  85. Pls replace the cat picture with Donald Trump’s photo instead?

  86. Sorry but still not able to download it comes up with the error message “you have targeted the right function but nonce did not verify”

  87. Still no downloads available ????
    No picture appears when you click on a book and I get the bloody cat and error 404

  88. Unknown error whenever trying to download books

  89. I keep getting the cat too

  90. Any idea as to when download problem will be eliminated

  91. Unknown Error !!! Downloads aren’t working….

  92. I keep getting the cat. 🙁

  93. How do i download a book? I keep on getting a cat error

  94. I’m unable to download as well. >:

  95. I keep getting a bad gateway error with a cat picture.

  96. I still cant download, error with a cat

  97. I can’t download any books either..the cute cat error..

  98. Still can’t download. Whyyyyy.

  99. Ma heart. Ma soul. Helppp

  100. I am not able to download books. Pls help!!!

  101. Not working 1 minute ago!!

  102. Good grief…I know this site is free but every time there is a post from Travis saying he’s fixed something, it’s actually not fixed. No new uploads and cannot download anything.

    • I don’t think he knows how to fix anything

      Remember, “ If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

      • I think the more you guys complain, the greater the chance there will be of him yanking the whole project. Then where would everyone be? I feel your frustrations. Just vent it somewhere else. Keep a list of books you know you want to download and that are here. And just keep checking back.

  103. Grwatky appreciate the service you offer to readers!

    Unfortunately this morning, getting 503 error code on several different download attempts

  104. Greatly appreciate the service you offer to readers!

    Unfortunately this morning, getting 503 error code on several different download attempts

  105. no downloading

  106. 3 days ago Travis said there is a new system in place to make sure downloads/uploads will always work.

    It’s not even April fools day. What a joke

  107. Thot he was a gonner but the cat came back.

  108. Was able to download one book today, and then the cat was back.

  109. haven’t been able to load a book for days update as to why would be nice…I can find the books ok..but when I hit that button…all I seem to get is an Unknown Error and I see by the amount of messages here I am not alone…why does it work for SOME and not ALL ?

  110. Patience young grasshopper

  111. I was able to download a book and then the cat came back

  112. Post, post, post, post. Do you really think Travis is going to read any posts

  113. Still can’t download.

  114. Still unable to download.

  115. Hi Travis, thank you for working on the problem with the downloads. I still have trouble downloading books.4 days now. I get an unknown error & the cat.
    Hope everything works again soon, going stir crazy without my daily book to read ?

  116. Still can’t download! Needing my book fix! 🙁

  117. Unable to download any books. Need2Read!!

  118. No new books since March 12

  119. Didn’t have any problems downloading books. I got every book on the NYT bestseller list.

    • how did you get the download option? I don’t see it but just see the cover and author.

  120. How do you even get a download? All i see is a picture of the cover and no option to download like on the previous incarnation of the site. Would really appreciate an answer. Thanks

    • Have you actually logged in? You need to register and then it will allow you to download books.

      • yes. logged in but still no option to download.

  121. Cannot download books.

  122. I’m logged in but still not able to download… all i get is error messages

  123. For the first time in like 2 weeks, yesterday downloads finally worked for me all today without a hitch. Now today keep getting the error reading whenever I try to download a book every time. What gives? Love this site but wish it would work consistiently.

  124. I haven’t been able to download anything since i joined 🙁

  125. Why is it that every time I download a book, it goes back to page 1? Then, I have to start over to where I left off. Anyone else having this problem?

  126. Thank you Travis! Downloads are working!

  127. Membr of the family not downloading? All others seem to be but not this one…any suggestions?

  128. Thank you for your hard work Travis your a star 🙂

  129. How do you access more than the first page of a search for an author? I see several hits, but cannot get to page 2.

    • Tap the title of one of the books by the author you are looking at. Then when the book appears for download, just tap the author’s name again, under the book title, and all their books will appear and you can also advance to page, 2, 3, 4 etc…

  130. Wonderful site. Thank You.

    Download books when it is working and be grateful for that time.

  131. Hi great site but unable to download the last few times I have tried. Any suggestions?

  132. I’ve been trying to download. Finding Rebecca by Eoin Dempsey. Unsuccessful every time. I now go through the motions and I get the cover page. Then I get a message stating that says “Failed to load book because the requested resource is missing “. Can you help with this? Thanks for your help and hard work!!

    • Are u trying to download to iBooks? I had the same problem until I changed readers. I downloaded a book reading app called Bluefire Reader and now all my books download to there and it works great

  133. Downloads are working great! Anyone still having problems..are u using iBook? Try a different reader. The only problem I’m having is going thru the pages of books. Example.. searched James Patterson and there are 10+ pages of his books, at the bottom of the first list is page 123 etc.. when I click On the next page nothing happens. Anyone else having this problem?

    • See my search note a few comments above.

    • Here’s an example. Two ways, first is straight forward. In your search engine type, for example: Mary Higgins Clark
      Second, a bit more cumbersome, but effective and I use it all the time. In EBB search type, for example: Steel. When the next page appears, look along the right side of filters and tap Danielle Steel. When the next page comes up, tap the book title of one of her books. That will take you to the download ePub page. When you get there, tap the authors name, under the book title. The next page shows all her books, in order of upload, and you can advance through all 10 pages of her books.

  134. Hi! Just wondering if we can still download the mobi format for kindle? I only see epub now.

  135. Does anyone getting this message? I see it every time I trying to down load a book today.

    Sorry your code is old, make sure you are downloading directly from https://ebook”

    • Im getting the same code. How do we doenload Epub files and books? ANyone know the solution??n

    • Im getting the same code. How do we doenload Epub files and books? ANyone know the solution??n

  136. Hi i am looking for a book called Tiny little things by Cheryl Strayed . Can someone please please help

  137. When I try to download a book it redirects me to a page that says server not found!

  138. Hi, I’ve tried downloading a couple of different books and each time I’m getting a 404 error message. Could you please fix this? I itching to start reading some of these books!!

  139. Is there still an issue with downloading? I’ve tried a few books and get the same cat error.

  140. Unable to down load after a search.

  141. Books won’t download for me either. No error messages & looks like it’s thinking but then keeps me at the book I’m trying to download.

  142. Downloads of The Silent Wife and of The Address not working.

  143. I’ve tested this a few times and think I may have figured out how to use Google Chrome with EBB after the recent Chrome update.
    Find your book and Download ePub
    It will look like it is starting to download but return to the book page.
    Look in top right corner, above the … (menu bar)
    There should be a box with a number, tap it
    Your window will minimize and you will see, in the top center, left – hat with glasses (incognito) centre – a box with a number and right – a page within a page
    Tap the one on the right – page within a page
    Next page shows recently closed
    Tap the first one –
    Next page – bottom center tap download
    Then tap open in….
    I’ve tested this on recent books with comment on them saying they cannot download. I went to the black tool bar, social stuff, activity feed, item comments. I was able to download Button Man, In Pieces and on The Identical Strangers.

  144. I can’t download The book Fear by Woodward Ican find it after I search but there is no place to download e-pub as on other books

    • This book has been uploaded and taken down by DMCA request several times already. It comes down about as fast as it goes up. Join the Book Requests group and request it there.

  145. Getting this message again trying to download.
    Sorry your code is old, make sure you are downloading directly from

    Anybody know how to get around it?

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