Regarding The Stupid Cat When Downloading

Alright I thought I had this fixed, but apparently I didn’t. I will keep looking at it and see what’s up 🙂


  1. This is a Canadian problem thanks to Fred Penner

    But the cat came back the very next day
    The cat came back, they thought he was a goner
    But the cat came back; he just couldn’t stay away
    Give me a “Meow”, go

  2. MegaReader not opening now to download books on and access previously downloaded books?

  3. Thank you for the update appreciate all you do Travis

  4. The Cat has gone and books are back whoopee, thanks

  5. Thank you, Travis! I appreciate you ❤

  6. Two books downloaded. It works❤️❤️

  7. Thanks for all your efforts

  8. It is working thank you travis for all you do

  9. Thank you Travis! if it helps I am only getting the cat for older books that I search for. New books are downloading fine.

  10. Hey Travis. Everything seems to be working right now. Thank you!

  11. Thank you, I really appreciate you and your site.

  12. Bless you, Travis — scat cat!

  13. Travis, you are such a gift to all of us. Thank you!

  14. Thank you for keeping this site running and always fixing it for us, Travis ???

  15. All I get is Take down request. Why?

    • sometimes this site randomly signs you out – just sign in again and it should be fine

  16. Thank you for working so hard, I know I complain.. but it’s so worth it!! When everything works!

  17. Hi, I just joined. I have some questions but can’t find a help section. Do you have a help section? I’m wondering why, when I search for a book, even one that was “downloaded 8 seconds ago” according to the front page, nothing comes up in the search results. Also, I have a kindle, what’s the best way to get the epub converted for the kindle? Thanks for any help.

    • Laserone
      Use Calibre. Save epub and add new file to calibre and convert to mobi then save to attached kindle.

      • Thx! I tried calibere years ago and couldn’t figure it out, but I’ll try it again.

        • I can help you with Calibre, if you like.

        • calibre is very easy to use.
          drag a book file in calibre, click “convert book”.
          from the drop-down menu choose .mobi.
          Click Convert.
          when conversion is done you’ll find your .mobi file in your Documents in the Calibre folder

        • Alex….. you have to install ‘calibre’ to Convert books for the kindle. Follow the directions.

    • Alex….. you have to install ‘calibre’ to Convert books for the kindle. Follow the directions.

      • I have a great, easy and free website link for on the go converting as well if any one is interested, I use it with books from another sit and never had a problem! It’s actually a bit faster I find sometimes as for some reasons (it might just be my callibre) it sticks converting to mobi!

  18. It works now!!! Thank you!!??

    • Thank you! I downloaded calibre years ago and couldn’t figure it out, but I will give it another try.

      • Sorry for the random reply, I’m having technical difficulties getting my comment replies to show up associated with the proper comment. 🙂

    • I’m really sorry for the random reply, I’m havin difficulties getting my comment replies to show up under to the proper comment. 🙂

  19. O my gosh! I could kiss you. Thanks for solving the problem!

  20. Thank You Travis.. ?♥️ God Bless You..

  21. Thanks T….your fix gets me my fix!

  22. Thank you SO SO SO much!! Just downloaded the last book in a series i’m speeding through! You are a lifesaver!

  23. Thank you so much travis

  24. How do I report a book that downloads, but then has an error message in iBooks: file corrupted.

  25. The new downloading page comes on then disappears but does not save the ePub book, help

  26. Each book I try to download goes to download page but device says download unsuccessful. Tried a few different books

  27. Hi Travis,
    This is the third time this has happened, and I’m running out of options. After creating an account and being verified, I get kick out of the site. As I said, this is my third time creating an account. I use a tablet, Nexus 4 and an LG phone.
    Thanks for any assistance you can offer.
    E. Rose

  28. Some of the books don’t work but at least most of them can download now. I know you’ll keep improving this website Travis and I want to give you my sincerest thanks for your hard work?

  29. Hi! Pls i still get the blank page with the tiny zero on it, pls any help? Tanks.

    • Using Firefox? If so, allow it to open another page, and it’ll download.

  30. Are book descriptions gone?

  31. Why is it when I search something, I try to go to the next page it just refreshes to the same page? I can never get past page 1.

  32. Why can I not download onto an iPad?

  33. I received an unsolicited email from someone on ebike. People should not be sending them — this is spa,

    • I got one too from someone named aurora jayden. I agree this should not be happening. I deleted it and will never respond to this person or read any emails or message from this person.

  34. The book “Your One True Love” by Layla Hagen is downloading, but the whole book is not coming, some pages are missing . Can you please have a look at it.

  35. Hi Travis

    Could you please make a search simpler? Writing an authors name gives you a whole list of unrelated authors. Also, when you click on page 2 or the arrow from a search it always stays on the first page.


    • Yes. I have that problem as well. Still wanna say thank you for all you do, Travis. Probably isn’t always easy to keep everything up, and going.

  36. Cat is back. Bailiffs Please.

  37. Not rushing. Just not sure if progress. Still getting the error/ cat.

  38. Cat’s still there

  39. The cat is back =( pleeeasefix it soon ?

  40. The cat is back 🙁

  41. The cat is back . . . . . 🙁

  42. Damn cat!

  43. I still also can’t download anything – getting an error (with the cat) saying the server is down. But when I log in the home page shows people who are somehow able to download books?

  44. Oh no the cat! Thought it was just my network problem…but the cat is everywhere.

  45. I was able to download a book and then less than two minutes later I got the cat repeatedly…

  46. Having cat problems this morning

  47. Hey! It’s not letting me download any books, can you please fix the problem as soon as possible. Thank you

  48. Not a cat person…. ?

  49. Thanks for all your hard work, Travis…hopefully you can get rid of that cat!!

  50. Missing my books, dislike the cat.
    Thanks for all the work you do Travis

  51. I used to be a cat person. Now not so much.

  52. The feline is back! LOL

  53. the cat is back!!!

  54. Cat is showing UK servers

  55. Bad cat.

  56. I hate the cat!

  57. Server down again. Cat back?

  58. The cat is back 🙁

  59. I hope the cat is gone soon again XD

  60. I tried to download and i only got the cat

  61. the cat is back just like that. oh drat that cat

  62. Comments are hi-larious! Poor Travis. I like Cat. At least when he/she’s there, I no not to waste my energy. I just know to go on to something else. Like reading.

  63. Sigh…the cat is back. Can’t download, no new books uploaded.

  64. Still the CAT!


    • I don’t mean to appear rude, but here goes: Rickie, The cat is gone and wish you would follow…..

      • I don’t mean to appear rude, but hear goes: Bella Bird, The cat is still there!!!!!

    • You are getting free books. You really have no right to bitch about Travis’ site. If you don’t like it … buy your books somewhere else.

  66. Fix the gd site already

  67. Web server is down

    Hi there… The cat is back… Error msg below.

    The web server is not returning a connection. As a result, the web page is not displaying.

    Ray ID: 3fda10951b7b8070
    Your IP address:
    Error reference number: 521
    Cloudflare Location: Cape Town

  68. The VERY BAD CAT is back. Can’t download and saaaaaaaad

  69. How many lives does this cat have?!?!?!??! This isn’t a Stephen King novel…

  70. I vow that i will never take your website for granted again Travis, for as soon as the website works again i will download as many as book as i can 😀 , please help us Travis, and thank you for all of your hardwork.

  71. Cat is definitrely back. It’s cute but…not when you can’t download

  72. Thanks Travis for all the hardwook….but, can you keep the cat away, please? He’s aforablebut delaying us….?

  73. Thanks Travis for all the hardwook….but, can you keep the cat away, please? He’s aforablebut delaying us….?

  74. Thanks Travis!!!

  75. The cat came back the very next day, the cat came back he didnt stay away…… ?

  76. How are some people able to download books and others can’t?

  77. Cat’s back…. make him go please?

  78. Hello kitty kitty

  79. I was able to download just one book this morning. I cannot download any other books since yesterday. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

  80. I recommend that as soon as it’s gone, download as many as possible lol. This thing just keeps coming back.

    • Also, the search is still messed up. As soon as I search something, I can’t get past page 1, just keeps refreshing the same page.

    • I agree!!!

  81. Please fix the problem… soon. Thanks a lot!

  82. Travis the stupid cat is back!!!!

  83. I have the DMCA Takedown Request link at the bottom of each book page and can’t get rid of it to download.
    Any suggestions? thank you

  84. Friggin cat is back …. gonna send my dog after if!!!!

  85. I have been trying to download a few books for the last three days, but the cat pops up every time =\

  86. That darn cat is still there this morning when trying to download a book. 🙁

  87. There is a cat when I try to download a book and I see everyone else has it too when is this going to be fixed

  88. Travis, can we add more cats/different cats or a cat game ? It would make not being able to download more bearable :’) At least you would see a new cat then maybe every single time, or a game you can only play when you cannot download.

    • Oh!! I like this idea!!!!

      • Even better idea!!! How about a game where you can throat punch the cat?! Now, I’d definitely play that game while waiting for the site…. just sayin’

  89. Latest message
    You targeted the right function, but sorry, your nonce did not verify.0
    What does the mean?

  90. This site is becoming a cat-astrophe !!!!

  91. Folks, please realize this site is being hacked by those who want it gone. Think online book sellers. Travis may not be able to keep this site up. It was good while it lasted. Hope it will be back. Yes, download quickly when and if.

  92. I’ve got a Cat problem

  93. So sorry site is having problems. It is such a wonderful thing to be able to read books. I never take the ability to download books for granted and love trying new authors and recommending them to others. I know publishers need to make money but they should realise this is a form of marketing. I buy loads of books as a result of finding authors and books on this site that i like. Keep it running travis…please!

  94. Yup. The cat came back.

  95. really think it is hacked or something, keeps telling us someone downloaded a book, and if you look, downlaod is spelled like that. Something is fishy.

  96. Cats! Cats! ????

  97. Yup, the cat is back.

  98. Thank you Travis. Downloads are working!

  99. Same here,

  100. still working, are we on a roll? Fingers crossed!

  101. Yea❤️

  102. download works for me, thank you 🙂

  103. Downloading again! Awesome! Thank you so much ^_^

  104. Hi Travis, my downloads are still not working. The cat never left.

  105. Hi Travis I just want to ask a question when will you put the next book new book out for La Casey Damien

  106. my download attempt is just that. The file is circular, comes back to book page to attempt the download again, again, again. I fee confident this is but a little demon glitch

  107. cat error still there in Metro NY
    love kitties, but not when attempting to download LOL

  108. I can not download any books. it just give the option for take down. please help/

  109. Getting this now when I click download epub.. -You targeted the right function, but sorry, your nonce did not verify.0

  110. I can;t download any books just keep getting error message. Does not matter what book I try. Any reason for this please??????

  111. Any chance the Search facility can be fixed?
    When the response to a search has multiple pages (eg to an author) only the first page is available.
    Also you used to be able to access an author by clicking on their name and it would redirect you to their booklist, now it just redirects you to search again.

  112. Just got the cat

  113. I was wondering why the book list under the Authors name is not sorted. You have to search the whole list to see if you can find it. I newest book use to be at the top of the list? Is there any way to sort by dates they were uploaded?

    • Two ways, first is straight forward. In your search engine type, for example: Mary Higgins Clark
      Second, a bit more cumbersome, but effective and I use it all the time. In EBB search type, for example: Steel. When the next page appears, look along the right side of filters and tap Danielle Steel. When the next page comes up, tap the book title of one of her books. That will take you to the download ePub page. When you get there, tap the authors name, under the book title. The next page shows all her books, in order of upload, and you can advance through all 10 pages of her books.

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