Things Doing Better… Mostly

So things have been going well for a while but then yesterday apparently the site decided to be dumb. Sorry I didn’t catch it until tonight. I fixed the bug and we should be good!


  1. Thank you do much Travis.

  2. Cannot download anything for about two weeks. Am I the only one?

  3. Thank you for trying fix the problems.

  4. Having problems – I can’t access books. This the first time in over 24 hours that i have actually been able to get onto the site. Have had a demand to join Word press or a blank pages.
    Anyone else having problems?

  5. can’t get anything. Page comes up completely blank

  6. Managed to get to this page by googleing ebook bike members but can’t get to the home screen with the books

  7. Still can’t get to the home page. Can do a search and find the books but then when clicking on the books it comes up page not found. Still some kinks to be worked out I think. Thanks

  8. Can’t get Home page or anything. Can’t even access login – This is a lucky try. Getting WordPress homepage with a choice of languages – dead page all the time! Sorry Travis.

  9. Tks Travis. Only been unsuccessful last few days.

  10. As a book junkie, and totally hooked with your website i noticed that i have the same problem as all above replies…:-(

  11. Was blank yesterday, now I’m on, but all book searches lead to OOPS ? no page no books.

  12. Have difficulty getting home page. Can get book tags but wont download books. Says I have no friends. Tried logging out and logging in again. I don’t know if it is linked to windows 10 updates because I have a lot of problems after that. Really miss this site. I know you are having problems. I am not in any way technically minded so have to rely on you fixing the oops messages or page doesn’t exist. thanks.

  13. i’m having withdrawals, please fix the site i can’t hold on much longer with my daily book fix

  14. Found the author, found the book…getting Page Not Found on every book I try to go to for downloading.

  15. Even today it is the same thing. Still getting page not found for every book I try

  16. Travis posted this to the EBB Facebook wall. “I have no idea what is broken with Ebook Bike, it’s 2AM and I don’t know. I’ll look at it again in the morning“. He’s on the West Coast so give him a lot of time to have a look at it. Let’s all just read what we have been so fortunate to already have. Be patient and please be positive. Last thing he probably needs to hear is discouraging negativity.

  17. The home page won’t load for me anyone know how to fix it

  18. Travis, Your site is amazing. I have using since it was I see where you have fixed the downloading issue today. I still am unable to download nor can I get to the home page.

  19. Tks for info. This site is amacing, we are spoilt

  20. I can’t get the home page and I am getting the page not available when I do finally get to a book. But thanks for being an awesome site when it is working, I really love it! Keep up the good work! Patience is a virtue so I shall wait for the books. ?

  21. Your book is not found!!

  22. Thank you 🙂

  23. No complaints here, just wanna know if the search box that’s usually on the home page is missing for anyone else.

  24. The only page that’s working for me is the homepage.
    The pages “Books”, “Book tags” and others are not working, and I’m still getting the “PAge cannot be found” error

  25. My friend got the echo killing but I could not not even there

  26. Thank you for the quick fix

  27. Thank you so much Travis!!

  28. I am also suffering as all the books I download are blank pages.

  29. Same blank pages here with every download.

  30. Hi Travis…still cant download even though I can login. I’m in that the problem?

  31. Are you going to download Accidental Heroes by Danielle Steel.

  32. Hi Travis, having a good day and have managed to download quite a few books. Just wanted to say thank you for all that you do … Happy Easter ?

  33. Next page buttons don’t work, keeps reloading page 1

  34. Weird. I get books on my mini but not on my phone. I can get them through facebook

  35. What is the old code error I’m getting now???

  36. I’m getting the code again

  37. Not able to download any book despite having an account created. please fix this soon 🙁

  38. I can’t progress from the first page to the next page of books, even though it says there are hundreds of possible matches. Has this happened to anyone else?

    • Yes same problem here. I even tried adding /page/2 etc to the end of the URL in the address bar, but that didn’t work. I hope that gets fixed soon! (Please and thank you, Travis!)

  39. Thank you Travis for accepting me as member. Cheers!

  40. ONE POSSIBLE DOWNLOAD SOLUTION I get the 0 when I sign on with Google. If I use Google Chrome or Safari I do not get the 0 and I am able to download. My home internet service provider is quick enough to download books, using Safari, before the 3 seconds expires. If I’m offsite, Safari doesn’t work within the 3 second download time frame so I switch to Google Chrome and I am able to download.

  41. I am having trouble downloading Accidental Heroes

  42. Thank you Travis for the books. Thumbs up!

  43. Put in title of book or auther nothing comes up

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