We are going to have some brief downtime today for some upgrades.

UPDATE: This is done and the upgrade seems to have gone smoothly.


  1. Thanks for letting us know. GOOD LUCK Travis. 👏 fingers crossed!

  2. I’m having trouble scrolling through pages. It keeps jumping back to page one.

    • I also have the same issue. On going since joining. Any luck with potential fix in future updates?

    • Prairie Fires won’t download.

    • Yes I am having the same problem. When the new site launched they got rid of book tags at the top. Now when you do a search in the search box your results are not filtered on the left, it was a way to see alternative downloads of authors names and book tags which is how the books are indexed. I know that these guys donate their time, but I sure wish they would solve the page problem or launch the earlier version of this product. I wish they would reinstall filtered search results

  3. Thank you for letting us know!

  4. Trying to get “ The Fallen”by Baldacci. I’ll keep trying! 😎

  5. Looking good…thanks!

  6. All’s well–Thanks Travis!!

  7. I have tried to download epub books today, but it does not offer this. It is now just offering URBOOK, which I need to sign into and enter bank details. Is this is a new part of

  8. How can I download a book?

  9. Is there a “download” button to press?

  10. I finally was able to download. Yey!

  11. How can I upload a book? I tried, but I just put it on in “upload” and has any action button

  12. Sorry to bother you, Travis…but here the cat is there every time I try to get a book

    • I did some trial error , and it is only when downloading some books but no others

  13. Sorry to bother you, Travis the newest books the are uploaded go to the end, when you are search by authors, but the page won’t change from 1 no matter what you do.

  14. This is what works for me:
    Possible solutions to help to search, page advance and download
    I’m just using Elizabeth George as an example.
    1) in the search bar type Elizabeth George. Tap the first book title of her’s that you see (even if it’s not the one you are looking for). The next page to come up is the page you would use to Download ePub. But instead, tap the authors name again. The next page shows every single book by Elizabeth George that is currently on EBB and using this method, you can advance through to page 2,3,4…
    2) sometime you will not get a result using both names so, in either of the searches (search bar or magnifying glass), type George. Then look to the right and scroll through filters until you see Elizabeth George and tap on it. The next page will bring up books with her as the author. Tap the first book title, of her’s that you see (even if it’s not the one you are looking for). The next page to come up is the page you would use to Download ePub. But instead, tap the authors name again. The next page shows every single book by Elizabeth George that is currently on EBB and using this method, you can advance through to page 2,3,4…
    3) open a second tab and in the URL type: Elizabeth George or type: The Punishment She Deserves
    Another tip, once you find a book you want to download, touch it and hold for a second. A dialogue box will appear and select “open in new tab”. That will open the book in a second tab, you can down load it from there and then go back to the first tab and you continue on from the page you were on instead of being bumped back to page 1.
    ONE POSSIBLE DOWNLOAD SOLUTION I get the 0 when I sign on with Google. If I use Google “Chrome” or Safari I do not get the 0 and I am able to download. My home internet service provider is quick enough to download books, using Safari, before the 3-5 seconds expires. If I’m offsite, Safari doesn’t work within the 3-5 second download time frame so I switch to Google “Chrome” and I am able to download.
    Sometimes iBooks just will not accept a book. Download, from the App Store, an alternative. I’ve had great success with using the combination of Google “Chrome” with Bluefire Reader, OverDrive and Kobo App
    Hope this will help

  15. I can’t download any books….

  16. I am experiencing great difficulty in logging in. The password does not seem to verify and I am asked to register an account. When I eventually access the site, there is no option to download. Please help.

  17. Anyone else having problems today going to the next page?

  18. It would be nice if we are told what the upgrades are.

  19. Thank you.

  20. Book Tags not working for days!

  21. I too am unable to download any books. I find the book eg: Lori Foster, Fast Burn. Click on download bar and it pops right back to title page. I will check again tomorrow. Thank you for every bit of hard work it takes to make us all happy with our chosen reading materials.

  22. Can anyone else go to the next page? Keeps reloading page one, n matter what page is clicked on.

  23. Can’t seem to get book tags… if you can

  24. how long does it take for an upload to show please.

  25. I‘m not able to download any books; when I click the download bar it goes right back to the book title page …

  26. Hope this site will be up sooooon! I want to download the Crazy Rich Asians

  27. Damn it! Can’t download!

  28. Getting an error when I try and download. Says something about the code being old and I need to make sure I am downloading from ebook which I am.

  29. Getting same code error. Travis whats up?

  30. When trying to download any book I get the following message and am unable to download. What do I do???

    Sorry your code is old, make sure you are downloading directly from

  31. Do these messages get to Travis??
    I’m not sure where to go for help…….

  32. I am getting the same error.Wish Travis would respond to this thread.

  33. I am having the same problem as everyone seems to have, I can’t download any of the books I want and I receive this message: Sorry your code is old, make sure are downloading directly from Of course I’m directly downloading from website.

  34. Yep same problems everyone’s having

  35. I’m getting this error code too.

  36. Same problem. I have to wonder if it has something to do with the ad that is playing—which I haven’t seen before: watch people play life D&D, etc.

  37. In the same boat, old code.

  38. Same here! What should we do now?

  39. Same here

  40. Ten hours later and I can now download books again! Thank you for the quick fix!

  41. Fixed. Thanks Travis

  42. Hi! I’m having problems with the Book Tags page: I keep getting either a blank page, or an error message. Is it just me, or is there someone else with the same issue?

  43. Got as far as “download ePub” but only getting a blank page

    • Can only get in through google ebookbike “author”. Found book but only got a “0” on a new page after clicking on download ePub.

  44. Can only get in through google ebookbike “author”. Found book but only got a “0” on a new page after clicking on download ePub.

  45. I get this pop-up link every time I open this page.
    What is this and how can I get rid of it please?

  46. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome not able to get to the site. Bad Gateway error on one and timeout on the other. Both just show the cat.

  47. When looking at books to download, some say “Private:” before the title of the book. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the book, the page that comes up says “Page Not Found.”

    Has anyone else seen or noticed this?

  48. EBB appears to be slowing. Hope it’s not about to crash.!

  49. Everythings a okay.

  50. How do you download to EPUB? Help please!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Have been getting 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable error many times a day for the last week or so. Same message on Firefox, IE, Chrome. Is there a limited number of ports on the server? Has this number changed? Sometimes it happens if I’m many pages into the current books list and I hit the Home tab to go back to page 1. I seem to be able to bypass this if I have in my email a link to a discussion item. I use the link, then go to the Home page and I’m in. Seems to always work but is not a convenient way to get into the server…

  52. I have no problem getting books but I just tried to sign up my husband on his iPad. It said put in activation key; I did…nothing happened and I can’t log him in. Any ideas?

    • LOG OUT. Reboot ipad. Using Chrome, sign up using facebook option. Don’t give any other details.

  53. What is up with all these pop-up banners on the bottom of each page. Is this a virus, extremely annoying. YouTube’s, spin for coins, cash prizes. Please fix this, it is unusable like this.

  54. These ads keep taking me to websites even though I’m not clicking on them. 😡

  55. I’m getting a lot of pop-ups – games, extensions, fashions – the list goes on. That is when I can actually log in. When logged in / signed in more often than not I’m getting THE CAT.
    And EBB won’t let me logout!!! Just get ERROR page and THE CAT. What’s up?

    • I get the same thing,very annoying. The last time this happened I had to factory restart my tablet and as a result lost all the books I had.some of which were no longer on the Travis gonna let us know why this is happening?

  56. I now cannot login through Safari, and when I press anomalies to make a comment, there’s no space to do it. We still have the annoying junk from YouTube.

  57. I can’t view nor make the book requests. I get a list of members instead. And it’s the same with all the groups. The member download is also missing from the home page. What happened? How do I access to the book requests group so I can view, download and make book requests?!

    • Click on Book Request Group to the right of screen. (select Active, under Groups). It will open to that group. There is a “Join Group” tab. Click it. That’s all there is to it.

      • I had no problem with book requests before yesterday. I did all that you instructed and the outcome was still the same–I got member’s list only.

        • I see the “Join Group” button right below blue rectangular Book Requests heading. I’m on a Mac. I clicked it;it works for me. Just did it a minute ago.

    • I have the same problem. Anything we can do

  58. I’m experiencing the same as Swan….only members names in groups…no access to requests or anything

  59. I am getting the error message with the cat picture when I do a search.

  60. Hi I am looking for the following David Eddings books – Ruby Knight – Sapphire Rose – Hidden City – Domes of Fire and Shinning Ones. Thanks in advance

  61. Book Request Group???? only see names of members. WHAT NOW?????

  62. Well the ‘Upload’ button seems to not working.Whenever I press that button it just shows the main page.
    As far as I recall, two weeks ago it was working.

  63. At least its good to know that Travis is keeping everyone informed up to the minute.
    When is he fixing search
    When is he posting book covers
    Good to know when he is playing Jenga (?) on line
    When will we be able to download a book on whatever page and be able to go back to that page and not page 1

  64. The “Book Tags” page isn’t working, either. It’s a blank page, and finding new books to read is very difficult if we cannot search for tags.

  65. This site needs surgery, not a bandaid

  66. I’m experiencing the same as Swan, Anne, Mary and others. Getting member list and add a friend thingy!!! Instead of book request – even after clicking ACTIVE for request books – same thing.
    My notifications have all disappeared and it’s showing 0.

  67. What is that awful ‘music’ on the home page? How can I get rid of it?

  68. What is this “conversation”? on the home page and a game of some sort? What???

  69. Cannot View past Notifications – when this was available before !!!!!!
    This is the present message being displayed
    “””””Page Not Found
    Oops, it looks like this page does not exist.
    If you are lost use the search form below or visit our homepage”””””””””

  70. anyone else having problems downloading or running the page when the games are on the page. I am okay with things like this but when it is causing issues for what the site is used for then it is a problem.

  71. search by author doesn’t seem to be working, i searched with author name for books i know are here on the site, but they only come up if i search by title, not by author

  72. The book High Tide Club by Mary Kay Andrews is listed but it won”t download. Thank you for your time.

    • It appears not to be there. It most likely was not uploaded properly. I am finding that is the case in a lot of books. 🙁

  73. Unable to download any books.

  74. Getting cat and can’t downlaod

  75. I can’t download books

  76. im not even getting a catgut sends me to another site

  77. Even with Adblocker, I am getting new ads. Getting sick of trying to fix this. This is frustrating.
    Happening since last week. Keeps adding new banners and new ads.

  78. looks like download is broken “Error 503 Backend fetch failed”

  79. Error 503 Backend fetch failed

    Backend fetch failed

    Guru Meditation:

    XID: 2460350

    Varnish cache server

  80. I cant download any book and log in is iffy this is the only way for me to get books. Money is tight and I read like 2 books a day please help

    • I cannot see anything uploaded since 5-18-18. Plus I got a wave of “male enhancement” ads there for a few days. Am I looking in the wrong place? Anyone know whats up?

      • Can only hope that the last couple days have been spent by removing duplications, triplications and etc. – correcting authors names so meaningful searches can be effective – rectifying searches so pages 2 etc can be accessed – and fixing tags.

  81. Hear hear. Site needs a good clean.

  82. No downloads since May 18. Anyone else having the same problem?

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