Uploads Working and Other Things

Uploads are now working, also some changes and fixes will be coming around the site which might cause various issues over the next couple weeks.


  1. I m on page 6 and click on a book to see what’s about. Click back, I’m now back to page 1. I guess these are some of the issues you still have to work on

    • When you click on book to get more info, hold down for the contextual menu; open in new tab, then you can return to the tab where you were once you do or don’t download the book.

    • I cannot go past page 1 on a book Search and also, what do you have to do to access books labelled private? They come up 404 page not found. Thanks

  2. I have always had same issue. Once I look or download a book I go back to page 1. And no way of getting to a specific page. Still grateful for that you do and for the site

    • What I’ve been doing is remembering the page number I was on and when it takes me back to page 1 just add this to the end of address bar:
      /page/6/ or /page/7/ or whatever page you want to go to.

      • That actually doesn’t work either! I’ve ever been able to see past page 1 when looking for books to download

        • I have the same problem, I cannot get past Page 1, even with adding /page/2/ in various places on the address bar. I’ve tried in Safari and Chrome, still no luck
          Also, is there a search symbol for author as all my searches go in as ?s=

  3. Same here … always remember where you “left off”. Patience.

  4. This is off topic, but I saw you at the Onegin performance. Thought I could say thanx for all the books personally, but decided against it. I hope you enjoyed this opera, we had some great Russian stars.

  5. what does it mean when the word “PRIVATE:” appears before the name of the book??
    When I click on the title it says page not found……

  6. i am logged in, but when i click on a book to download, i get kicked/logged out. if i click on log in it takes me back to pg 1.

  7. More issues this morning. I’m on page 1 showing new bps for May 27. Click to page 2 . Now it shows books entered on May 18. Click to page 3 it now shows books from May 27

  8. For books that were uploaded yesterday and today I’m getting page not found.

  9. Kendall Brooks IO’ve experienced the same thing.

    • Just keep refreshing the page until the book shows. It sometimes takes few refreshes.

  10. It’s worse now than when we had no uploads.

  11. I am having the same problem as Jack. When I log in it opens to page 17787 but when I go to the next page it jumps to page 17656 and books that were uploaded on May 18th. Where are those books

  12. Every time I click to go on to the next page I’m logged out. I have to log in again, and again.

  13. I just went through the 131 pages and here is what I found. I would click to page 1 and it would be the latest posted then I hit the next page and it took me back to books that were posted on the 18th. It the next page and back to the most recently posted for 2 or 3 pages. Click to the next page back to before uploads were down. This kept happening all through to page 131.

  14. What I’ve been doing is remembering the page number I was on and when it takes me back to page 1 just add this to the end of address bar:

    /page/6/ or /page/7/ or whatever page you want to go to.

  15. No new books. The same as previous for the past two weeks

    • Yes new books most recent adds today. Keep refreshing your page until you see the new books.

  16. J Goldman you must be a glutton for punishment to do this for 131 pages (Ha Ha). All kidding aside, Travis should try to find a programmer to help him sort through some of these issues. Yes, I know it’s a free site, but.

  17. Thank you for all you do for us! I appreciate it.

  18. Click on a book uploaded since uploads were fixed, and get PAGE NOT FOUND.

    • Keep refreshing the page until book shows. That what I’ve been doing.

  19. What is with these new groups?

  20. Refreshing the pages sometimes works but really. I have been logged out ten times within tge last five minutes. And the new Uploads And Other Things rebounds to tge previous Site Performance of older uploads. Count this as yet another griper.
    But hey I am not alone here. It is what it is.

  21. If you read his post, on ebook.bike under blog, he says it will be unstable for the next two weeks. That’s if you can see that update. The site is definitely frustrating right now and sometimes that particular blog update shows up, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you can log in, sometimes you can’t. Sometimes you can see new books and download them, sometimes you can’t and refreshing DOES NOT always solve the problem. Plus, that seems to be a ridiculous thing to have to keep doing. Sometimes the tool bar has duplicate and additional headings, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you can see recent updates, item comments, posts, and sometimes it reverts to 3 days ago. All Book Requests, comments, and personal updates have disappeared if they are older than a couple of weeks. Ridiculous ads have invaded the site and who knows what viruses they contain. Multiple duplicate books added to the site some are missing content, some missing author, some missing titles etc… All that is due, I assume, because there are no checks and balances on doing the uploads properly. I don’t blame our wonderful book hunters for this because, well, the search function…need I say more? I know Travis owns it, it’s free to us and he gets bombarded with negativity, but he could also put a bit more effort in to help alleviate those comments. If you are going to offer something to 90,000 people, even if it is free, you do have a responsibility to communicate, properly, and offer aid perhaps in the form of a FAQ or help forum. I’ve been silent for 6 weeks and that is the end of my rant! Yes, I love Travis and the option to find new books and new authors for free and I do still purchase from B&N, Amazon and Kobo so I don’t need anyone telling me if I don’t like it, to go somewhere else. I’m just pointing out issues and frustrations that I know many also experience. And, this is a public account and I AM entitled to my opinion.
    ps, after almost 6 months why does it still say “ Cheryl just downlaoded a book. I’m not a data wiz, but surely correctly a spelling mistake will not involve revamping the whole system.

    • Cheryl, you make many valid points. I don’t know what Travis background is, but if he’s a programmer he’s not doing a good job at it. Using this site is so frustrating. I know it’s free but provide proper support to your customers or turn it over to someone else

  22. Anyone know what’s up with “The Endless Beach” on May 28th? It seems to appear, well, endlessly.

  23. Why aren’t my downloads saving to my Adobe Digital?

  24. The only problem I have consistently is not being able to change to a different page.

    Thanks for the site and all you do! Especially because the books are FREE and we have no right to complain.

  25. In reponse to CherylW – Hear ye, hear ye.
    You have been gracious with your insight and time to users with
    The search problems. Many know this or should.
    And like you, I too am a consumer of many books throughout tge years at Chapters. It is a free site and these are not complaints, they are response to navigating this website and problems as such.
    Do we have a right to our comments? Yes, we do, as this is a public account and we all are entitled to free speech.
    This is what keeps this website enabled, by all of its members.
    Without traffic, there would be no website for all to partake and enjoy, FREE or not.
    Bells and whistles are not needed as they just add to the complexity of navigating the website. It just migrates into the previuos problems not solved and thus creating another. “Simpler is always better”.
    Navigation should be intuitive not frustrating and leads to responsiveness.
    Keeping updates regularly and addressing users concerns adds to the continuity and enjoyment of what this is really all about.
    CherylW ~ I say you addressed concerns of many as you should. You have a say out of 90,000 members and you should rightfully use it.

  26. Is there some trick to download an ebook? On my desktop I see a ‘DOWNLOAD EPUB’ button. Clicking it just pops up a new window with some text saying I could close it (the new window) after the download or something, but than it just closes on its own (2…3 seconds after opening). That’s it. Nothing else happening.
    On my phone there is no DOWNLOAD button, but instead “read now” or something like that … which redirects to some other site of the WTF (seriously WTF?!) variety.

    Is it supposed to be like that? Like, not working at all?
    (I don’t mean to offend. Hope, I didn’t. Great site and all.Tuebl brought me back to books.)

  27. Is the server offline? i keep getting that cloudflare page that the server is offline whenever i press download epub option.

  28. Kitty cat is back?

  29. Can you bring back a way to search for an author? When I put their name in search I get hundreds of books but it’s time consuming to go page by page to find the actual author your looking for. Cheers

  30. Why is it every time I try to download a book a get the following message:

    Sorry your code is old, make sure you are downloading directly from https://ebook.bike

  31. Why is it every time I try to download a book a get the following message:

    Sorry your code is old, make sure you are downloading directly from https://ebook.bike

  32. Why is it every time I try to download a book a get the following message:

    Sorry your code is old, make sure you are downloading directly from https://ebook.bike

  33. I am unable to download any books… when I click ‘Download epub” a message appears “b0760b00b2e5b0b859920d005029db56
    Sorry your code is old, make sure you are downloading directly from https://ebook.bike

  34. Hi, I’m experiencing the same issue with downloading and getting an error message re old codes. Hope it is resolved soon 🙂

  35. Try

  36. Unfortunately I can’t download, I keep logging out without wanting to, and the tags page still doesn’t work 🙁

  37. Looks like the Facebook page has been taken down as well.

  38. EBB facebook page down. Guess Travis is tired of all the negative comments. Expect EBB site will be next to go?

  39. Has anyone figured out how to get past page one on what comes back on search results. Every time I try to go to page two ( or any other page) I unfortunately keep getting only page one.

    • Having same problem. Has anyone had a resolution to this problem?

    • Having same problem even from when this site first came up after old one was gone. Would love some help on this

    • still having the same problem.
      Search page keeps going back to page 1
      any solution

  40. ePub is not available even though book pix comes up. And I keep logging in a out and hard to get back to where I was

  41. I have to constantly sign on. It’s not staying and then when I do different books show up. The same as the last theee weeks.

  42. Don’t be an a**. Put downs have nothing to do with Travis not knowing how to run his site.
    If he can’t take the heat get out of the fire. The site is useless and when he finally gets one thing working, everybody starts thanking him for doing a wonderful job. Get a freaking life

  43. I am thankful that I could download for free. My brother has like 800 books in his cache and nowhere can he get those except from this wonderful site.I’m super grateful.

    • I agree. It is very nice to have this site. I am also grateful to get free ebooks. Even if the site isn’t working that great now, at least it works somewhat. It’s a shame that he felt he needed to make changes because it was working great a couple weeks ago. I’ve been using this site for several years now, and it’s had it’s ups and downs, but I wouldn’t stop using it.

  44. Negative comments are all well and good…but maybe follow up with a site of your own similar/better than this THEN be negative! I am grateful that I can get books for free as well as purchase through Kobo and Kindle. We all like free stuff and that usually comes with hitches and glitches. Like I said, start your own site, give us the info then see what happens…..

  45. I can never get past page 1 in my search….suggestions?

  46. I can never get past page 1 in my search….suggestions?

    • Just hit refresh until the page changes….keep an eye on dates to make sure you are changing to the current date e.g. page 2 of June 5. Just keep hitting refresh. Same thing for downloading when page not found comes up just hit refresh..

      • Where is the refresh button.?

        • The refresh button is on the address bar…kind of a circular arrow. Also you can use the back arrow/left pointing arrow to go back to the page with the book you want and try again, keep doing that until you get the book details you need with the download button. Just keep an eye on the date/page – sometimes you can get kicked to an older page/date.

          • I experimented a bit and found a “system” that worked for me the main thing is to keep an eye on the date/page. Re-launch pages until you get the desired result.

  47. Is anyone having problems with the error message “no page found” when you launch out a book title. Just be patient. If you keep launching the book page it will finally pop up. It might take up to as many as 10 tries. I am also having problems staying logged in to the site it dropped me three times in the last hour. ? umm I loved the look and feel of the old site. It takes time to tweak a site.

  48. Is anyone having problems with the error message “no page found” when you launch out a book title. Just be patient. If you keep launching the book page it will finally pop up. It might take up to as many as 10 tries. I am also having problems staying logged in to the site it dropped me three times in the last hour. ? umm I loved the look and feel of the old site. It takes time to tweak a site.

  49. Is anyone having problems with the error message “no page found” when you launch out a book title. Just be patient. If you keep launching the book page it will finally pop up. It might take up to as many as 10 tries. I am also having problems staying logged in to the site it dropped me three times in the last hour. ? umm I loved the look and feel of the old site. It takes time to tweak a site.

  50. Is anyone having problems with the error message “no page found” when you launch out a book title. Just be patient. If you keep launching the book page it will finally pop up. It might take up to as many as 10 tries. I am also having problems staying logged in to the site it dropped me three times in the last hour. ? umm I loved the look and feel of the old site. It takes time to tweak a site.

  51. Sorry about so many posts when I tried to post a comment it said no page found

    • That has happened to me also. I always keep a note of the date/page so when I log in again I can go to the page I want. I guess a few hiccups isn’t too bad to suffer through for a site that offers free books!

  52. Can we please get rid of the Twitch feed? It’s totally out of place

  53. What’s with the live game?? .. and where is the Search box. please. Can.t find it anywhere, Thank you xx (Please, please get rid of the game….)

  54. Sure wish he would spend sometime fixing the site and communicating with us.

  55. Why can’t I get my books again

  56. Hi! I posted this question before but now cannot find it so I don’t know if anyone replied. When I search the site and get back several pages of results, I can only see the first page. When I scroll down and click on either another page number or the forward > I just get taken back to the top of page 1. So for example, I searched for “Finch” (author’s last name) and got 151 results but can’t get past pg 1. Tried hitting the refresh button up to the left of the the address bar multiple times but still am on pg 1. What is also weird is that the number of results keeps changing from 151 to 148 and back again. I do not know what to do! Help please!

    • I have this issue too and it’s driving me crazy. lol I hope someone can help! I’ve tried it on three browsers and none of them work.

      • Yeah, it won’t accept any commants to move forward. I tried entering the commands directly into the address bar but that won’t work either. And yes, I also find the same problem on other browsers. Grrr……………

    • well said… nothing seems to work properly on e-bookbike..half the time not to be able to get into the site at all the other time doing a search where there are several pages for one Author all you get is the first page with one or two titles plus others mixed in. Hotch potch system needs a good overhaul.. Who is Travis? Can’t find. When ebookbike was still tueble, it worked like a charm. Any complaints were properly addressed by the webmaster for the website and most of the time fixed. may be your ebookbike is in urgent need of a ‘bike’-repair shop… please get it running smoothly

  57. June 13
    Anyone out there? Anyone having problems?

    I tired to post this commnet yesterday but kept getting kicked off !!
    This site was down in my little part of the world for 3 days – 9-11 Anyone else have this?

    Flicking through new posts is a nightmare they alternnate between the latest date and May 17.

    Im frequently kicked off or told page not found and why do I get groups for Cialis – I tried to join but it would not let me.

    Is this just me??

  58. EBBis is unstable now and has been for months and will be that way for the foreseeable future.

    When Mr T stops playing games and decides to fix his horrible site, or hire someone who knows what there are doing, perhaps we will see a working site. Don’t hold your breath.

  59. Why am I only getting 2 or 3 pages of the current date and it skips back to May.? Also, why can’t I get past page 1 of author’s books?

  60. Does anyone know what Travis does for a living? Is he a programmer, a systems analyst?

    • I get the same thing…lets hope this is part of the “issues” the blog mentioned and will go away soon.

  61. There are some issues with the site right now and I hope it will be resolved soon. But again I would like to say I’m extremely grateful and appreciative of all Travis has done.

  62. There are some issues with the site right now and I hope it will be resolved soon. But again I would like to say I’m extremely grateful and appreciative of all Travis has done.

  63. Rickie, playing games? Horrible site? Hire somebody?
    Ummmmmmmmm…. I’m quite sure Travis is likely to pay someone to sort things out, using the many $$$$ you pay him for the books you get…. oh, hang on, it’s free… ooops, silly me.
    I can, however, recommend a site that always works.
    Mind you, you won’t get the benefit of free books, but hey, you can stop holding your breath……
    Moral: don’t look a gift horse in the mouth

    • What gift? Search not working or book requests not right or making you sign in 10 times a day or all the other gifts. I’ll pass on the free gifts.

  64. A while ago Travis hinted that he is working on a new version of EBB and gave a timeline of two weeks.But he has gone underground since then. In the meantime site is atrocious.Many many issues. Will it ever be fixed? Only Travis knows.

  65. What normally takes 15 minutes on EBB Now takes hours. What a waste

  66. Help please! Asked before. Can’t figure out why ePub comes up on iPhone but not on my iPad. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for all fron Travis and everyone else!

  67. Not sure if previous post went out. Don’t see it here. Help as to why ePub only comes up on my iPhone and not my iPad. Thanks for everyone’s help, especially Travis!

  68. Same here on iPad. It would not go to EPub. I kept clicking on the book title and/or authors name and it worked after the 3rd or 4th try.

  69. I’m still having trouble getting to a different page when I’m searching for books. Just keep getting stuck on page one.

  70. Refresh, refresh refresh.It works!

  71. Could you fix the format of Another Side of Paradise? It is not working properly. Thank you.

  72. Could you fix the format of Another Side of Paradise? It is not working properly. Thank you.

  73. Could you fix the format of Another Side of Paradise? It is not working properly. Thank you.

  74. Uploads and Downloads not working. Shambolic!!

  75. hi i can’t download any books. I get error not found.
    the web page is different. its not the same one as before.
    is there something wrong?

    P.S im so grateful for this site and even with me complaining
    i do need to say THANK YOU!!!!
    I love ebook.bike but sad that its having problems.

  76. I feel the same way!!!

  77. Same here re downloading. Like you, I also appreciate this site. However, it’s having lots of problems recently. Guess we have to be patient!!

  78. Was taken by surprise that the home page is so different. Having great problems finding books, downloading, finding groups, etc. Does anyone know when it will be fixed. Really miss this site. Thank you.

  79. Sorry one other thing. Why is it showing comments, books from May 18th? Very strange.

  80. Apparently a ameteur.

  81. Site is supposed to be up and runningtoday, but when I search for a book, the title comes up, but nothing to download. Is anyone else having this problem?

  82. Travis, THANK YOU for all your hard work with this amazing site!

  83. thanks Travis

  84. Thank you travis. Grateful for all your hard work. This is a great site, we love it.

  85. Thank you best site ever.

  86. Just like everyone else, I appreciate the time and effort that goes into this site (especially coming from a web development background), but it seems like a lot of work for little reward. Is there a way to give us a backup/replacement of the old one = the good ol’ html/php based one that worked, until this can get on the ground? Or, separate the blog portion from the database/book portion. As it is, I can’t find my posts, change my profile pic, or upload anything. I get strange, weird errors every time. I can post comments, but then can’t search for replies, or find others’ comments, for which I might want to reply. That is broken — in all browsers I have available.

  87. Same old same old. I have not been able to download from this version since it’s launch in January. Almost six months of problems. The endless loop without a chance to get to a download direction option. Sad, this could be a good site.

  88. Why can’t I download Shelter in Place by Nora Roberts? Anybody else having trouble getting this book?

    • I’m also having trouble getting some books. I click on the download button and nothing happens. Have tried with 4-5 books and nothing.

  89. Thank you Travis!!

  90. Other than downtime I’m having no problems. ..thanks Travis

  91. I just downloaded 2 books, seems to be working fine. Good job Travis!


  93. Thanks for fixing the glitch once again! You are great

  94. Thank you Travis. I really appreciate EBOOKBIKE.

  95. I love this site. I have tried others but this one is by the the most user friendly! However, I have not been able to download any books for weeks. It starts but then it bounces back. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  96. I appreciate what Travis is trying to do, but I keep having the same issues: the bokk tags page doesn’t work anymore, and when I try to search something, I keep seing page 1 of the search and I can’t go on to the other pages 🙁

    • Me too! I posted a request, but did not get a reply. Anyone who k owns what to do- HELP!

    • Choose a category from the top left side on the home page, under tags. Click on it and it works. Good Luck.

      • thanks 🙂 I know those tags work, but that list is not complete and there are many books I can’t find under any of those tags.

  97. Hi, I tried to download Shattered Mirror by Iris Johansen but there’s no link once you click on the title…?

  98. same here
    When searching for a book it will give me the first page but when i click onto next page I’m still at page one,is this common or is it just me? I have tried it on my droid tablet and my iphone with the same results

  99. I am having that problem also

  100. Travis’ program is working perfectly

  101. Used tags. Now works well. Thanks.

  102. I am having the same problem

  103. I can’t get beyond page one of searches either

  104. Still can’t search by author, or title. Tags page doesn’t load… Period. If I search by the list of the at bottom of this page it logs me out after looking through a couple pages.. it’s frustrating.

  105. I downloaded Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine. I only get the cover and the table of contents. Is this site Corrupted?

  106. Success! I just downloaded 10 books. So far, they seem to be opening up with the entire book intact (I have only checked 2, but I’m hopeful regarding the others). I used the Tags – so I don’t know if that makes a difference or not (as opposed to searching for specific books or authors). I only used the “Biography & Autobiography” tag. Just last week, I was not even able to open the Ebook Bike page, so I am very pleased today. Thank you, Travis!!

  107. miss the old format we had before upgrade. still the best place for eBooks

  108. Can I download in mobi?I only see spun

  109. Epub

  110. The site is working well now, but I still can’t get past the first search-result page.

  111. I can’t upload anything over 1.0 MB.

  112. It will not allow me to login…

  113. Pages loading very very slowly. Still having trouble.

  114. Agreed

  115. Can’t always log in. Can’t get past the first search result page still. I have loved this site but when it was Tuebl it was so much better and easier to use!

  116. Pages won’t advance past first page and loading very slowly.

    • Same problem, can’t advance past first page of searched items.

  117. Same problem with paging as Beverley and many other users. This feature has never worked well since the new site went online and really should be a priority to sort out now, given the irritation it causes. The only viable workround I’ve found is to look up a specific title via Google/other external search and input this longhand, which rather defeats the purpose of the search function. Although things seem to be very slow since the last outage it does seem to be possible to download some books now (once you’ve found them !), so this is definitely progress. Keep it up, Travis, you’ll get there in the end…

    PS please stop trying to be a social media platform – Facebook, Twitter, et al are much better at it, and have the resources to do it more effectively – we just really want the books, and it’s only sites like this that can provide them free of censorship….

  118. I know you doing your best but do you have any idea when the site will return to normal. As of now the search line is a fraction of what is was and when you do search the requested titles do not appear. Very frustrating and would like to know when the planned fix will become available.

  119. I know you doing your best but do you have any idea when the site will return to normal. As of now the search line is a fraction of what is was and when you do search the requested titles do not appear. Very frustrating and would like to know when the planned fix will become available.

  120. Good that files over 1MB will not upload. Sometimes these big files can be sized down with Calibre.

  121. Won’t let me in to site and if it does it takes forever. Once in it won’t let me search. I love the site when it works!

  122. Having trouble searching

  123. anyone know where the search Q button has moved to ??

  124. I keep getting the cat.

  125. Having trouble loading books and searching

  126. Where is search tool?

  127. Still not working!

  128. Like other users, I’ve found the search feature useless for days now. Every search takes an inordinately long time, and what eventually comes up is the Error (cat) page. The same thing occurs if I click on a book title. Clearly the site is still having problems. The search tool has moved to the space beneath the list of genre tags.

  129. I hope no one paid actual money for the database manager that EBOOKBIKE is using. Everything about the site says there is great potential, but overall it just doesn’t work. The fact that it is inconsistent from day to day says the software is a failure. A search engine that doesn’t return proper results (and isn’t even there as of this writing), an inability to advance to the next page, multiple listings for the same book (often consecutively or on the same page) are just a few major failings. And don’t blame the servers – they are just hardware that the communications and database manager software run on. 9 out of 10 for potential, 1 out of 10 for actual performance so far in 2018.

  130. Travis, first of all, THANK YOU for all your time and hard work with this site. I can’t even imagine!!! *cheek smooch!*

    But there are still problems. The blue banner at the top of the page says, “Everything should be back up and running…” and at first glance, the site *looks* up and running, but it isn’t.

    My log-in isn’t holding as I navigate the site, I can’t successfully browse, search, or download any book. And attempting to navigate around the site is very, very slow, and often ends up with an error message.

    Thank you again for all your hard work and if there is anything that WE can do to help, please let us know!

  131. Yes I cannot login either. I also get a message saying internal server failure

  132. Hey I’m just happy to be in! It means progress is being made!

  133. Yes – search not working.

  134. It took me a couple of weeks to just get logged in and once in I could not download or search! Or hey if it might surprise you and click on the book you want you get that silly yellow cat! I have had Server error! Timed out and just plain shut down! This was my favourite site and when it works it is awesome but the last month or more has been a real nightmare! I only hope that it can be fixed!
    Please Travis can you not get it back to where it was before because it worked! Thank you for your continued efforts!

  135. Travis Thank You for all your hard work. I was able to download a book today. YEAH
    I know your working on the site..
    Thank you Marg

  136. My favourite website! Many thanks to Travis and his team. Yes, a few hiccups recently but I am sure it will be sorted, let’s cut them a bit of slack please patience is a virtue!
    Thanks again,

    • No question Travis and team are doing a lot of work; unfortunately I don’t think the database software they are using is any good. It’s like trying to build a road and the only tools you have are pieces of wood, a hammer and a screwdriver. You might be able to scrape out a path but certainly not a road. And these aren’t just recent hiccups – it’s been like this at least since the beginning of the year.

  137. When I put a book into the search bar, the circle just keeps turning and
    I can’t get past the first page. Thanks for working this out.

  138. I too, am having trouble downloading a book.

  139. Travis, I Love this site, and hope things are fixed soon. As others have stated, I can log in; however, whenever I do a search, I receive the cat informing me of an internal server problem!
    I hope things are resolved so I can search for more books!

  140. I have trouble logging in – it takes forever for the site to load and sometimes it’s ok and other times I get a ‘500: Internal Server Error’ message. If I’m lucky to get into the site it has difficulty searching for an author (just get the spinning wheel).
    Does anyone else have the same problems? I live in the UK – does this make a difference (although I’ve never had this trouble before)?

    Ha Ha just tried to post this comment and got the ‘Internal Server error – trying again!

  141. Still not working

  142. I’m presuming the site is down.

  143. Having the same problem as everyone else. Takes forever for each page to download, most times it doesn’t and shows an error message. Travis, please let us know what is happening.

  144. I used to download 20 books in one night now I don’t download 1 in 3 months what is going on, If the site is not valid just advise us and we won’t waste our time trying to download!

    • Travis is doing us a huge favour, for free! All the books are available on Amazon to purchase.

  145. works better for me in chrome than in firefox

  146. today works better for me in chrome than in firefox

  147. Thanks Travis for all the hard work. Epub not coming up. Only the Cat and sometimes andinternal error. Not a problem of the books not coming up but a problem being able to download an epub.

  148. Thanks Travis for all the hard work. E pub not coming up. Only the Cat and sometimes an internal error. Not a problem of the books not coming up but a problem being able to download an epub.

  149. Just started working for me

  150. can not go to page 2 and the name of authors the list of books not coming up

  151. Love the site .Thoroughly enjoyed all of Remington Kane books

  152. My name appears at the top with a zero. Before it said Hya, Terri and everything was great. I’ve pushed every thing and I can’t log in. Thank you, again, Travis, for helping us in acquiring great books. I really hope you get the site up and running soon.

    • If it says your name with a 0 beside it, you are currently logged in and good to go. The zero just means you have no messages.

  153. Works great. Just a little slow. Downloading again 😉

  154. Why can’t i change from one page to another when a author has multiple pages?

  155. Couple of workaround solutions, until the site is optimized, for searching for books and for page advancing. Using Michael Connelly as an example. In the tool bar tap Books. Scroll down to under Tabs to find the search box on left. Type Michael Connelly and enter. When you scroll and find a book by Michael Connelly, tap the title. That will take you to the download ePub page, but instead of downloading, tap the authors name under the book title. The next page shows you all his books and you can page advance now. Also, currently I’m finding that if you tap Book, in the tool bar, you can advance to page 2, 3, 4, etc of all the recent books added. Also, sometimes downloads do not work on the current search engine I’m using. I’m finding that I have to switch between Chrome and Safari to get downloads. Chrome was always my go to, but Safari is working better currently. Hope this helps.

  156. Why oh why can’t downloading be fixed? The only way I can download with this version is if some kind hearted person posts a non EBB file in the book request group. I have tried every suggestion all of you have made since January and none of them work with this version of the site. Does anyone know if this is being worked on? I know I not the only one with this problem.

  157. Can someone please tell me where the search button is, thankyou

  158. I have the same problem with advancing to next page when you search on author’s name, hopeTravis can resolve that one and also to make search for an author easier without every reference to the name coming up. Does anyone have a solution to this?

  159. Cant move to the next page. Pls help fix this. Thank you for always.

  160. Help! ePub not working again. I can find the books but unable to download. Any help appreciated. Thanks to Travis and everyone.

  161. Still can not do any of the above, it was a good site till you played with it.
    Going back to the eBook.hunter, hope you get it fix Travis

  162. Still can’t get past first page of searches. Are you working on thic. Love the site

  163. How can I search for books

  164. I see the first page when I log in but cannot move to another page because I am getting all kinds of advertisement and asking me if i will allow or block various things I cannot search for books. Is the site having problems?

  165. It appears the website has been infected with malware. It manifests as a pop-up for a scam flash player update. DO NOT CLICK ON UPDATE! If you do, you will be installing a “snake”–a rather nasty bug that is ultimately looking to get into your data to get passwords and other personal information stored on your computer.

  166. I agree with R E B. For the first 5 or 6 pages, when I click on the next page I am taken to various other sites and have to go back to Ebook and try the next page again. It is similar to what happened previously on an older version. This needs to be fixed A.S.A.P.

  167. Have you tried Adblock?

  168. Every time I try to look up an author and click on next page it always takes me back to page 1. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • I have the same issue

    • You can go to Search and type “Page 2 or page 8 and it wilgo to that page. It takes a little longer but it is worth to get to next page.

  169. keep getting malware warnings
    and cant see a search section!

  170. Where is the search for finding a book?

  171. Even when I try to log in, I am taken to carzoom pop-up pages. Multiple times. This site has so many bugs. try ibookpile dot net, no problems until this gets fixed. Which doesnt seem to happen. Has Travis and his team gone undergound. Seems like no one cares. Why do I say this. I am not a naysayer or criticising. It is reality. This site has promises and no updates since months ago.

  172. There are viruses on here. They are planted at sign in, search, posting and browzing.
    Please use your net savvy when on here. They can render your mobile or tablet useless.

  173. No malwares on this site. It could be your OS. Do a full virus scan. I do not have this problem.

  174. Merci de votre aide 0:)

  175. i have had the ad things occasionally the last 2 days and I have never had ads pop up before sometimes it is every time i click and sometimes it doesn’t happen at all.

  176. Please fix the popup ad problem. It’s frustrating! I love this site so much, but they make it almost impossible to do anything on here.

  177. Hey Yeah so I can’t download any book because it’s not showing a download button at all just says read here or full version here and if you click it takes you to another site. Can anybody help me????

  178. I had the same thing happening then I realized I wasn’t logged in. I logged back in and the download epub button was back.

    I also noticed that I was being redirected to other sites

  179. Download gives me an old code error and I am getting a bunch of redirects too.

  180. Hopefully downloads will be fixed later today.

  181. I’ve also got the problem with “sorry your code is old”. Please help.

  182. Also there have been no uploads for Aug as of yet. Hoping we don’t have that problem back too

  183. Holy pop-up Batman!! I am getting spammed by pop-up and new window page redirects when I come here now…..I saw a comment by another user on the wall that they seem toy be having similar issues…anyone else?

    💙💙I know you have a dream for this site, but I think it’s too big….it was better as just books no social flair, we didn’t seem to have these problems and everything was connected up!

  184. Site seems cleaned up and working beautifully. Thank you, Travis!

  185. I haven’t been able to download any books today. I have tried at least a dozen different files and nothing is happening. The circle goes round and round and the file doesn’t get downloaded.

  186. A lot of posts re downloads. Well it has not been working for a few hours. Try again later.

  187. I haven’t been able to download any books for the last 24 hours. I’ve restarted my laptop and still nothing.

  188. I Havent able to download any books and its still not working?? Any idea why??

  189. I have not been able to download anything for about 24 hours. Any idea when this will be fixed?

  190. K not just me downloaded a few days ago was fine yesterday and still today nothing

  191. Anyone know how to refine search so only the author ot the title comes up in stead of a lot of different authors/tiles, please

    • Just change your URL address.
      1) Select any author, for example deanna chase. Your URL should read …ebook.bike/authors/deanna-chase.
      2) replace with another author using hypens between first/last or initials. For example: …ebook.bike/authors/c-j-box (or /authors/donna-andrews).
      3) hit enter and the books under the new author should appear.
      Note: I also do this with individual books (ebook.bike/book/the-ghost).

    • I find if I search for author first then find the book its easier

      • If you find the author, yes, then it works. But most times if you search for i.e Ann Smith, everything with Ann or Smith comes up

        • Your response: If you find the author, yes, then it works. But most times if you search for i.e Ann Smith, everything with Ann or Smith comes up

          Possible solution: look to the right, after you’ve completed the author search, and in the filters section look and locate the author and tap on it.

  192. Are uploads broken again?

    • I am having trouble downloading anything tonight. (I’m on my iPad.)

  193. I have been having difficulty downloading anything since last night, is something wrong with the site?

  194. Everyone: if you see that no books have been added (uploaded) for the current day, that is your very first indication that the site is not working. And yes, everyone, downloads are not working. As to everyone’s inquiry as to why and when…..only Travis can answer that question and if you notice……we never hear from him. So just be patient and wait, and wait and hopefully it will work again soon. When it does work, it is still the best site out there!

  195. Yes thought I was the only one

  196. I can’t get past page 1.

  197. I haven’t seen a new book all day

  198. Hi there. I’ve been trying to download a couple of eBooks and each time it brings me to the following address “https://ebook.bike/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php” and eventually a cat error screen. Is there something I can do on my end to fix this? If there is or isn’t, thanks very much.

  199. Cat showing whenever i tried to download ebook.

  200. No books will download keeping getting a cat

  201. Thanks Travis! Really appreciate your effort on providing us with this site.

    Just an update foe all: I was able to download some of the new books that were uploaded today but not from old uploads.

  202. Jack! Did you say you were able to download some books today? That must have been some Miracle! Cause everybody else is getting the cat!

    • Yes Maurice. I got the aug 6 uploads – they won’t be hurt and If only. But for the old ones I keep getting the cat too!

  203. What a beautiful cat ! 😀😀
    Thanks a million for all the books I have successfully downloaded in the past. Hopeful!

  204. Not getting the cat. I was able to download a book after 3 tries. We just need to hang in there.Hopefully all will be well soon

  205. Also getting the cat. Tried several times…still nothing

  206. I was able to download a book to my Mac with a date of Aug 6. Have not seen a book with a date of Aug 7 or Aug 8.

  207. Until you start seeing books uploaded, on the Home page with the current date, there is probably no sense trying to download any books. There is obviously an issue with EBB. UPLOADS and DOWNLOADS are not working. Hopefully, Travis is aware and is having someone working on the problem. MAYBE, he will post an update today…….

  208. Hello,
    when I click on download epub a new tab opens : https://ebook.bike/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php

    The book doesnt download. Anyone else??

    • Hey EIQ, I’m having the exact same problem. I can’t download anything either. 🙁

  209. Travis has posted on Facebook that he forgot to pay the “server” bill and that is why EBB is not working. He did not give an update as to when it might resume. FYI

  210. I suspect there are more issues other than the server fee. Travis should give the full story.But he is not known to be forthcomimg.

    • Travis doesn’t have to tell us anything. The site is free and can disappear at any time. Complaining about it does no good. It may never come back and then what?

  211. This is not a complaint. An observation. Travis is being economical with the truth.

  212. I concur with Maurice. He is expressing his viewpoints. As a lawyer versed in all aspects of the law practices each and every day, I can rightly say his freedom to express ‘without prejudice’ and without interference. Please dont confuse this with arguments of contrary negativity. It is naiveity to keep saying what we all know as this site is indeed free but it also warrants website traffic to allow and increase operation and yes, Travis should arrest updates now and then, to keep information and website current to avoid discontent, confusion, and all said comments that are not positive.
    Like everyday life, let’s embrace positivity but keep reality in check.

  213. Couldn’t have put it better.

  214. Seem to be having the same problems as most people on here… A. I haven’t been able to download a book for the last couple of days, it just keeps saying there’s an error with the server or something along those lines and B. For quite a few months now I’ve not been able to get past page 1 of my searches which is getting really annoying (Anyone found a method around this.. I’ve tried opening it in different browsers, refreshing the pages, trying another day etc). Ever since it changed layouts I’ve been having problems so hope it finally gets sorted! 🙁

  215. Wouldn’t it be great if the Book comments, at the item level, were actually used to review, recommend, rate or critique the book after it is read? Instead all the book comments are loaded up with “can’t download”, “won’t download”, “why won’t it download”, “what am I doing wrong”, “this book will not download”……please Travis, step up and make a statement on the EBB banner so that your members know that the site IS NOT WORKING. Yes this is a free site, but when you are offering 10’s of thounds of members a service, you also owe them (yes, I said owe them) a communication. This is ridiculous. I love the site and think it is the best one out there, when it works, but your customer service needs serious upgrading!

  216. Travis has to step up. If he can’t support the site for his customers he should let it go or turn it over to someone who can provide it with the proper support. He judt continues to dig a deeper hole which he can’t get out of. Yes I know it’s free, but keep your customers informed instead of in the dsrk.

  217. WooHoo looks like we back in bidness now!!! 😃

  218. We almost need a petition to tell Travis we love him to the moon and back, but this website is too big, I see his dream, I really do, a little mini Facebook of books almost! But it’s too much, too fast, too much to groom and care, and too much on Travis I believe. I think it’s too big to be fun anymore so we’re in the dust. ITS OK TO GO BACK!!! I don’t think any one would mind going back to the old, simplified WORKING, book catalogue where everything was hooked up and connected. Today I searched “The Girl With No Name” the search results were horrendous, most not having the key words…But the author brought it up….

    WE LOVE YA TRAVIS and all you do, all the time you’ve put in to this, and we want it to be fun for you too. Going back isn’t a failure, it’s simply finding out you had it right all along!

    • I totally agree Aimz! Travis we love you and I appreciate all you do. I use an iPad, fast Inet and download to iBooks and rarely have a problem with this site. I am thankful ebookbike is available for all book lovers❤️

  219. I completely agree with Aimz! I’m very grateful for all you’ve done for us. But may be a simpler setup would make things easier. Or are‘ we’ being attacked for aiming to receive free downloads?

  220. HOW. IS. IT. POSSIBLE!!! I just tried out one of the books in te caption where these post were mentioned AND I. JUST DOWNLOADE. A BOOK!!!

  221. I am able to download!!!! Did it get fixed???

  222. Thank you Travis for all you do for this fantastic site ! Your efforts are much appreciated. 🙂

  223. Over 200 books have been uploaded all formatted optimally in Calibre. You can view the book covers with reviews unlike some rubbishy and bloated files that get uploaded resulting in most people having trouble downloading them.

  224. funny how well this site works when bills to sever are paid! Thanks, Travis, I know you hear the whine fest when things go wrong, maybe we should have a thanks fest for you when things are running smoothly!

  225. Cant download a thing. Actually it is rare over last 6 months for me to successfully download.

  226. Catalog URL? Is this still available?

  227. Search
    This method works well for me:
    The search box isn’t working right now. Once I log into EBB, I open a second tab. I use the second tab for search. Search by author is the best right now, however you can sometimes get a result using book title. Type exactly this in the the URL of the second tab:
    ebook.bike Lisa Gardner
    Then enter. Look at the results and tap the applicable result and it will take you to all of Lisa Gardner’s Books currently on EBB. Practice with a few authors.

  228. Just me or are we down again for downloads? I get a new tab that just says ‘0’ in the upper left hand corner.

  229. Downloads is down for now folks.

  230. Ok I thought it was me. I am getting this: Sorry your code is old, make sure you are downloading directly from https://ebook.bike

  231. I am getting that code as well .

  232. Downloads are now working. I just downloaded two books

  233. I lost some books from my iBooks library during this last down time! Anyone else? And how is that possible???!

    • I lost books as well. I’m still getting the cat though and not able to download. It’s a teeny bit faster than yesterday, but not much.

  234. Everything was working well until a few days ago. Any idea what is happening now??

  235. The site was down for several days. Then we got a message that all was up and running. Nothing loads. When I do a search for an author I get timed out and I get the cat. This site is unusable and needs some work.

  236. The site is very slow. It’s painful searching and downloading.

  237. Still having issues downloading.

  238. Over 3 months since this, the last blog post, even though much has happened with the site. Why, Travis, why?
    BTW, TY 4 de gr8 creation n continuance of book introduction n avails.

    • I started this blog on May 26 and the same problems drag on.

  239. Unlike the amount of rubbishy files that get uploaded daily, this batch has been converted in Calibre, See the book cover, read the reviews before downloads. Enjoy

  240. Can someone please help me understand how BOOKS DISAPPEARED from our private downloaded libraries during the last EBB crash? I just cannot wrap my mind around how this is possible?!

    • This might work. I’m guessing your issue is with books you have stored in iBooks. Delete the last book you downloaded to iBooks. Totally power off your iPad. Wait 60 seconds and turn it back on. Go to iBooks. Top center – change to “all books” and see if your books return.

  241. @Cherylw Thank you so much for the reply and suggestion. Unfortunately that did not work… no lost books (probably about 100) returned. Library remains empty except for a few books downloaded since EBB has been back up.

    I just do NOT understand how downloaded books on our own private devices have disappeared!!!

    This is very worrisome to me… how can we assure that it won’t happen again?!

    • Don’t use iBooks for your EBB books. Apple would rather you use iBooks for Apple prefer you buy their books. I’ve had the same thing happen and so have many others. I got all my books back, by the method I told you, however only about 30% of the book covers reappeared. Download another reading app. Bluefire Reader is very good. I also have a Kobo account so I mostly use my Kobo App on my iPad.

      • @CherylW Thank you so much for the reply. I would prefer to continue to use iBooks if possible just for simplicity as I already have Kindle and Overdrive libraries and it’s getting cumbersome trying to keep them all straight!

        I have just turned on iCloud back-up for iBooks (see posts below) and the books are all loading now. But like you said, a bunch are coming without book covers.

        What in the world is with that?!!!

      • @CherylW Did your book covers eventually all come back?

        • Nope only about 30% of the covers restored. I no longer use iBooks for my EBB downloads. Haven’t for a year. Members blame EBB with “it won’t download” comments, but “sometimes” iBooks will not allow the download and that is why the download fails.

          • @CherylW – do you have the same problem of losing book covers in Kobo and/or Bluefire too? Of do you only lose the covers in iBooks?

            I have decided that I don’t really like not having the covers and I would change reading apps if that would give me book covers!

            Thank you!

          • Nope, only with iBooks

  242. Back up iBooks to your cloud. They come right back. I everything I don’t want to lose automatically back daily. Go to Settings and set up what you want backed up and set o automatic.

    • @Claudia OHMYWORD what an excellent suggestion, THANK YOU! And I cannot believe I hadn’t thought of that myself!!! Sure enough, for whatever reason, my iCloud back up for iBooks was toggled off. Thank you so much for the reminder!!!

      • Hi Lynn: I am glad it is working for you now. The cover eventually do come back. It’s just slow. I have two iPads and love that if you download a book to one it mirror images to the other and coordinate book marks so I can always pick up where I left off.

        • @Claudia – the covers eventually ALL came back? Oh I hope so! Because I probably have 80% of covers missing still and while that may seem like a “minor” complaint, I do so much prefer my books having covers!

          And yes, the syncing feature is amazing, I have that between my iPad and iPhone!

          • They should. It is a slow process downloading all that info. I found that my newer iPad was/is much faster. St least we don’t lose the books. Happy reading again!

    • @CherylW – thank you. I’m looking into Kobo now. Thanks again for your kindness and help.

  243. Travis, we really need you to have some sort of presence with this site. We hear nothing from you. I feel, and I don’t believe I am alone, that the book uploads are getting out of control. Today there is a mass upload of books that are getting upload, two, three and four times. There are books that continue to be uploaded without book summaries or book covers. There are books that are being uploaded that have such huge files that they cannot be downloaded. There are books that have no standardized author format and are difficult to search. There are books that the title doesn’t match what the book actually is. The Book Requests Group is our only resource for help and the group administrator and moderators haven’t even been online for weeks. The instructions and the rules for using the Book Requests Group is obsolete and out of date and not adhered to by the members anyway. I haven’t vented for a while but this is really, really frustrating. Like I’ve said many, many times there is a need for a help forum or FAQ forum on this site and you have 69,000 members that flounder around trying to find their way. You haven’t changed the banner in months or had any type of communication. Are you working on enhancing/improving EBB or is this our final product?

  244. FYI: I often find that the “cat” usually (but not always) means that someone else is downloading that book and when I try again a short time later, I am successful.

    • Not likely. Try requesting a large video file at the same on two computers on your home network. You won’t get an error, just slower downloads to both computers as the server tries to keep both happy by giving something to each. The “cat” is not your fault for requesting a file someone else is currently downloading. It indicates a server problem or problem with the software running on the server.

  245. I just got a kindal fire. Download a book but it won’t open.
    Any suggestions? Someone please help! Thanks

    • Kindle reads .mobi files. (EBB books are in ePub format.) I know that you can convert .mobi files to ePub format using a program like Calibre but I have personally never done that.

    • Go to your App Store and download overdrive. Download ePub books to this app. It’s thecsame app a lot of libraries use.

    • Kobo if ibook does not open the book

  246. Site not working well? Cannot load my choice.

    • Site seems to be working well for me right now. What book are you trying to get? Have you tried downloading any others?

  247. Can’t download books by Susan Stoker and Cora Seton uploaded July and August. When I click on the title it usually goes to the page wherein you can download the book. This time, the book title is still shown but that’s it. No description either. Though it’s not a requirement to download the book. But I still can’t download it. No download button. What’s happening?

    • Th search box, directly on EBB, does not work well and I have no idea what Travis is doing about it. Most of us are using another way to search. When you search, using the search box on EBB, you are getting results of books that have already been removed. If, when you find your book and beside author’s name and the date, you do not see a comment bubble with a 0 or a number, that’s a good indication the book no longer exists on EBB. Best method, to search right now, is to open a second window after you have logged in to EBB. Use that window to do your searches. In the URL simply type:
      ebook.bike cora seton
      Or copy this link.
      and each time you want to find a different author, change the end of the URL to: /susan-stoker/
      Make sure you use the backslash and hyphens

  248. i joined book requests but can’t find/figure out where/how to post a comment. Would appreciate any help. Thank you.

  249. All of author Meghan Quinn’s books are listed but no content or book is available for downloading. Is there an issue with this author? Should I request the books?

  250. Really? Not working again…… I get on, click on book… nothing. 😩

    • I was able to down load with no problem. I did notice ghat her books are there twice. Earlier this morning and again now.

  251. I cant download anything 🙁

  252. Uploads not working

  253. Show some appreciation! No matter if there are some kinks and hiccups EBB is still the Absolute Best site for Free!!!!! Books!

  254. This is not a complaint. Just an observation!

  255. WTF. Why is there a big fucking ad for some fucking movie that covers the whole screen and prevents downloading?

  256. Trying to download “FEAR-Trump in the White House” but cannot….anyone have any ideas.

  257. Can;t download “FEAR!!??”

    • It was taken down, probably by DMCA request. It was uploaded again today but you will have to be quick before it comes down again.

  258. Is anyone else having a problem downloading books with the new IOS12. I have always used Kobo app and never had a problem downloading till now.

    • This site does not work well with Apple devices. Others have had success with a browser called Dolphin. I’ve never used an Apple product or kobo so no help beyond that.

      • I don’t find your statement to be accurate Jaws
        The only time I have ever had an issue, using my iPad with EBB, is when downloading to iBooks. I haven’t used iBooks in over a year and have not experienced a problem since. As long as EBB is up and running, I have not experienced a download failure with my Apple products. There is no issues with iPads. You just need a good internet provide (not data) and you need to know what browser works best and what reading app works best. Also, the large file size of many of these books are the cause of much of the grief.

        • The problem is people do not listen and keep insisting on using iBooks. The problem is iBooks. I have an apple product and as long as I don’t use iBooks to read, it’s fine. I don’t know how many times we have told people to use other free reading apps but they insist on using the piece of shit iBooks. I just gave up answering their questions when it has to do with iBooks. I don’t use the Kobo app either as it has issues way back too. I have had issues with iBooks even with books that I have purchased from Apple directly.

  259. It’s not working again…

  260. thanks next time but used my Mac instead. It wasn’t downloading in iPad for some reason.

  261. I was able to download on my Mac and transfer to iPad. But downloading straight to iPad still a problem for me. Not sure why?

  262. The comment I made wasn’t meant for you. I understood you made an observation and I appreciate it. I was reading some of the other comments. Sorry for the confusion.

  263. For people who use iPad and Chrome for downloads but are recently having problems downloading books. Ive tested this a few times and think I may have figured out how to use Google Chrome with EBB after the recent Chrome update.
    Find your book and Download ePub
    It will look like it is starting to download but return to the book page.
    Look in top right corner, above the … (menu bar)
    There should be a box with a number, tap it
    Your window will minimize and you will see, in the top center, left – hat with glasses (incognito) centre – a box with a number and right – a page within a page
    Tap the one on the right – page within a page
    Next page shows recently closed
    Tap the first one – files.ebook.bike
    Next page – bottom center tap download
    Then tap open in….
    I’ve tested this on recent books with comment on them saying they cannot download. I went to the black tool bar, social stuff, activity feed, item comments. I was able to download Button Man, In Pieces and a few others.

    • I’m having problems downloading to Chrome, will try your suggestion. Thanks again for your help.

  264. CherylW I took your advice and your method for downloads works. I have downloaded two books successfully on my iPad . Thank you soooo much.

  265. Just wanted to Thank you for all your work and time on this site.

  266. Ebb needs some maintenance. Uploads are slow to appear and a lot of people are having problems downloading. Any comment from Travis?

  267. Hi, I just got back to using this and I was wondering if anyone ever figured out how to get the catalogs back on Marvin? I used to be able to search catalogs through the Marvin site but a while back it stopped working. Just wondering if it was back up and running. TIA

  268. Rise by Brigitte Gabriel
    And History of Jihad by Robert Spencer

  269. I just got an email, stating it came from Travis at ebook!
    I know it was garbage mail or scam. I want to know how my name and email got out there.? Does Travis sell our info since we now have to give our info to him to be able to download books??

    • Travis doesn’t give out our info. Anytime someone sends you a private message on here, depending on your preferences on your account here, you get an email notification with it. That notification comes from the [email protected] email address from here. If you look at your profile and notifications, you will have a new one in there I’m sure.

  270. Thank you Travis for this site. I just downloaded a bunch of books and I am about to dive into them! Love you ❤️ and appreciate all you do provide this free service to us.

  271. OMG! There are now 51 copies of In Harm’s Way… who the hell is uploading this so many times?????

    • I sent Travis a note about this when it was was at 39 and counting. I am worried it might be a bug. He read my note but did not reply.

  272. Anyone else notice that the page numbers go down everyday even though new books are added? Is he cleaning out duplicates or what?

  273. Need to block this person from EBB who has been posting ads this past week:

  274. That’s what i have been saying. Bad enough with the upload issue with EBB without rubbish ads. Trouble is Travis has gone totally mute. The site needs a major overhaul

  275. As of today, unable to download any books. I get a message telling me that I have and old code. What does this mean?

  276. I get the same……I get the impression the site is down more than it works

  277. I am getting to. Had it once before. There is something going on with the site. Be patient Hopefully it will be fixed soon

  278. Seems to be working. Just downloaded a book

  279. Need to block this person from EBB, as well as other video links:

  280. Travis please delete this account tanyajack

  281. Why does the site seem to run very slow when I’m logged in but super fast when i’m Logged out ?

  282. Hurray! Back up!

  283. Glad to see the site back up, Thanks Travis! Still having trouble as soon as I log in the site is very slow and hard to go page to page. Any suggestions?

  284. yes I’m glad to see it back up and running, but……when I’m logged in its very slow, and can’t go from page to page. Not logged in, faster. Any suggestions anybody?

    • I have the same problem. I down loaded a book now I get the cat!! I noticed that the books are repeating over and over again

  285. Site is very very slow and cannot download any books

  286. Have now managed to log in, but when I want to download the book, the cat appears

  287. Have now managed to log in, but when I want to download the book, the cat appears and books just loading and loading and then the cat appears

  288. 0ct 19, finally got onto the home page. logged in, searched, found book. would not download. This is farther than I have gotten in weeks so I guess we just have to be patient. glad to know the book I want is there so when they are fully up and running I will be able to get it. thank you travis I know you are working on it. Wish you would acknowledge that you know there are problems on facebook page so we know you have to disappeared completely. keep up the good work.

  289. Might be worth posting this again:

    For people who use iPad and Chrome for downloads but are recently having problems downloading books. Ive tested this a few times and think I may have figured out how to use Google Chrome with EBB after the recent Chrome update.
    Find your book and Download ePub
    It will look like it is starting to download but return to the book page.
    Look in top right corner, above the … (menu bar)
    There should be a box with a number, tap it
    Your window will minimize and you will see, in the top center, left – hat with glasses (incognito) centre – a box with a number and right – a page within a page
    Tap the one on the right – page within a page
    Next page shows recently closed
    Tap the first one – files.ebook.bike
    Next page – bottom center tap download
    Then tap open in….

    • Thanks for posting this again, I just updated iPad and couldn’t download until tried this method. A no. of people suggest not using iBooks – have you got a suggestion for better reading app?

      • I have a Kobo Reader so I downloaded the Kobo App and use that most of the time. Another really great reading app, and it’s free, is Bluefire Reader.

  290. Is the site running extremely slow or is it just me? Very difficult to change to the next page.

  291. Not just you. Very wonky and lethargic.

  292. I can download books fine, but when I try to upload them I get a triangle with an exclamation point in it! I’ve never had trouble uploading from here. I don’t know what to do…

  293. I hope you edit and convert the books in Calibre before uploading. We see so many files without info or book covers. Many files are too big to be downloaded judging by the many comment we see.

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