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  • I was reunited with Livingston Montgomery in the broad sunshine of a Carolina morning, right where she belonged; in the light.   
    It’d been too long since I’d seen her face.
    She had changed, but so had I.  
    I wa […]

  • ‘Would you like to watch us?’ Shira is deeply, achingly in love with her best friend, Jean. This is unfortunate, because he’s gay. But with one flippant invitation, Shira, Jean, and his boyfriend, Sebastian, begin […]

  • The audacious, savagely funny debut of a writer of razor-sharp wit and surprising tenderness: a collection of stories that gives us a fresh take on adolescence, death, sex; on being Jewish-ish; and on finding […]

  • Demon or angel, sinner or saint, if the price is right, Erin Banks will take you down.
    When it comes to killing hell spawn and unholy monsters, Erin has free reign. For other killings, there are rules. Those […]

  • By twists and turns, “Under the Bridge” examines a terrible crime in which middle-class teenagers obsessed with film idols and hip-hop culture turn on one of their own with tragic results. Who were the seemingly […]

  • Johanna is a serving girl to Dame Margery Kempe, a renowned medieval holy woman. Dame Margery feels the suffering the Virgin Mary felt for her son, but cares little for the misery she sees every day. When she […]

  • This is historical fantasy at its best. Sixteen-year-old Hild has always been a favorite of her uncle, king of the Shylfings. So when she protects her cousin the crown prince from a murderous traitor, she expects […]

  • A real-life thriller in the vein of The Devil in the White City, Kate Winkler Dawson’s debut Death in the Air is a gripping, historical narrative of a serial killer, an environmental disaster, and an iconic city […]

  • Kyle Tait, having survived the harrowing, cross-country journey home to his family, must now struggle for existence in a post-EMP world that no one could have imagined just three short months prior. Each day […]

  • If Erin Banks has a moral code, you’d need an Enigma machine to crack it.
    So it’s no surprise when she signs a contract with the city’s most powerful crime syndicate, the Galoffi family; an incestuous brother and […]

  • On a Friday afternoon before Labor Day, Americans are getting ready for the holiday weekend, completely unaware of a long-planned terrorist plot about to be launched against the country. Kyle Tait is settling in […]

  • After killing her abusive father in an intentionally-set fire, Polly Kimball and her younger brother seek refuge in a Shaker community in 1840s Massachusetts and unexpectedly become involved in a wave of mystical […]

  • A new state, a new city, a new high school. Mike’s father has already found a new evangelical church for the family to attend, even if Mike and his plainspoken little sister, Toby, don’t want to go. Dad wants Mike […]

  • A mesmerizing debut novel of an Egyptian American family and the wrenching tragedy that tears their lives apartSamir and Nagla Al-Menshawy appear to have attained the American dream. After immigrating to the […]

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    Could I please have the following:
    The Parker’s 12 Days of Christmas Series by
    Blythe Reid, Ali Parker, Weston Parker, Zoe Reid
    book 3 My Secret Santa
    book 4 Tinsel My Tree
    Beholden by Lesley Crewe
    Erik’s Absolution: A Demented Sons MC book 3 by Kristine Allen

    FALLING IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN The Sullivan’s Babymoon Novella by Bella Andre
    Thank…[Read more]

  • An intellectual and emotional jigsaw puzzle of a novel for readers of A. S. Byatt’s Possession and Geraldine Brooks’s People of the Book Set in London of the 1660s and of the early twenty-first century, The Weight […]

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