Lucky Break

For years, Peter Winston-Moore has tried various ways to shake off his third-rate wheeler-dealer image and be taken seriously as a genuine art and antique dealer. Finally, at the age of fifty, he gets his lucky break.

He’s told everyone he discovered the Picasso painting in a junk shop but as he continues to find other valuable items, his competitors question if he’s telling the truth.

So when they learn he’s going to be staying at The Albion Hotel, they decide to follow him. The result is something no one could foresee; Someone murders him.

The police arrest a suspect, staying at the hotel under a false name. They don’t believe his story. But have they got the right man?

James Sheldon is a police detective until his family is killed in a hit and run and he turns to drink. He becomes homeless but then wins £168 million on the Lotto. Some of the staff at The Albion helped him so when a developer threatens to turn the building into luxury flats, James buys the hotel to save their jobs.

Not being able to re-join the police, he’s now a private investigator whose been asked to prove the suspect is innocent. But as James delves deeper, he discovers everyone involved has dark secrets and the list of suspects just keeps growing.

The police have their hands full trying to convict the most notorious criminal in Trentbridge, Kevin O’Connor, someone who has always eluded them of killing a schoolteacher at a local pub.

Then, as things unfold it seems the two events might be connected?

Can the police finally get their man? 

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