Winter Castle (The Plague #2)

Winter has survived the first six months of the plague, but stands on shaky legs, battered, bruised and dead inside.
The only thing keeping her alive? 
The mysterious soldier who saved her from a rotter attack, a cold and callous man she loathes to her core. 

Together, they must hike through the woods as a team to reach the meet-up point. As those weeks of cold nights and quiet days pass, Winter finds that Castle might not be the man she’d thought. And after losing Leo and her Chihuahua, Cleo, to the rotter attack, Winter struggles to fight against Castle’s pull.
Castle might be the closest she has left to a gleam of sunlight in a dark, rotten world. 
But when Winter and Castle reach the meet-up point, the long-forgotten secrets of the soldiers’ mission rears again. Secrets that unravel in the form of old foes and friends, stripping away the scraps of humanity she has left in her. 

Winter is left to choose between a life of lies and a life free of the delta soldiers, especially at the return of a familiar face, a man she’d thought dead for too long.

Join Winter as she navigates battles of her survival, heart, and grief in this raw tale of human nature in a dead world. 

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