Don’t miss out on the excitement of the Devil’s Roses, now a completed New Adult series full of angst and lust and a little horror.
Paranormal Romance at its best by International Bestseller Tara Brown.


The moment her lips utter the soft wish into the cold darkness, Ophelia is forced down a road she cannot survive.
Her wishes become reality, her pains becomes others suffering, and her nightmares take on shape.
Something lingers in the dark, stalking her, hunting her from the shadows.
But the gift of a snow globe changes everything.
She discovers she is the last branch in a magical bloodline many have been searching for.

For Aimee and Ari, Ophelia couldn’t come at a worse moment.
Just as they find her, the girl they seek, Giselle is made royalty of something dark and seedy.
It proves to be a task more daunting than anything they can imagine her undertaking.

The haunted house at the end of the tree lined street fills as the Roses ready to fight their last battle.


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