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Two Knights in Camelot

Two Knights in Camelot Charlene Teglia Once upon a time, Arthur married Guinevere and they lived happily ever after…until she fell in love with his knight, Lancelot.  Forbidden passion for two men divided her loyalties. Being true to her heart meant giving herself to both of them, a choice that held devastating consequences. Their world collapsed as betrayal and jealousy tore them apart. In ... »

Late Nights on Air

The eagerly anticipated novel from the bestselling author of A Student of Weather and Garbo Laughs. Harry Boyd, a hard-bitten refugee from failure in Toronto television, has returned to a small radio station in the Canadian North. There, in Yellowknife, in the summer of 1975, he falls in love with a voice on air, though the real woman, Dido Paris, is both a surprise and even more than he imagined.... »


In this modern version of the fairy tale classic, recently orphaned Mae finds herself taking care of her ill grandmother and trying to negotiate the big, wide world of New York.Aside from Griff, a drifter she’s befriended on the long walk to her grandmother’s, she is alone, a frightened country mouse in the big city.Mae can’t believe her good fortune when she meets Lionel Tryst, ... »

A Secret Splendor

After the death of her little boy, Joey, Arden Gentry feels a terrible emptiness. Divorced and devastated over the loss of her son, Arden is utterly alone. But she has another son — a child she agreed to give up at birth to save her marriage and her family from financial ruin. Now that Joey is gone, Arden is convinced that the son she’d never held could ease her overwhelming heartache.... »

The Silent Wife

Soon to be a major motion picture starring Nicole Kidman, fans of The Girl on the Train and Gone Girl will love *The Silent Wife* “I gobbled it down in one sitting.” – Anne Lamott, *People* Jodi and Todd are at a bad place in their marriage. Much is at stake, including the affluent life they lead in their beautiful waterfront condo in Chicago, as she, the killer, and he, the victim, ru... »

The Mirrored World

The bestselling author of The Madonnas of Leningrad returns with a breathtaking novel of love, madness, and devotion set against the extravagant royal court of eighteenth-century St. Petersburg. Born to a Russian family of lower nobility, Xenia, an eccentric dreamer who cares little for social conventions, falls in love with Andrei, a charismatic soldier and singer in the Empress’s Imperial ... »

The Thrill of Victory

Product Description A classic love story by bestselling author Sandra Brown, where betrayal is only a heartbeat away from desire, and love can be found in the most unexpected places. Stevie Corbett is in jeopardy of losing everything she’s sacrificed and worked so hard for — her career, her reputation, her future. Her life. Now she has just two weeks to make a monumental decision, but ... »

Obsolete (Terran Times Second Wave Book 24)

A talent for salvage leads her to the end of the universe where a sleeping alien has been waiting to make her his own. Olena enjoys taking things apart and repurposing them. She enters the Volunteer Program, and after some coaxing, she agrees to leave to find her fortune in the stars. The fortune she gets is a grimy salvage station where family ties keep her from rising to the top, and her life is... »

Weak Without Him

“Love is an emotion that will destroy you if you let it. It can ruin your life or create a new one. Jealousy isn’t much different.” Jennifer Downs treads in dangerous waters. Finnley Felton is unaware. With the help of Lady Luck, they will make it through. Or will they? Texas is nothing compared to Vegas but among the bright lights and busy streets, Jennifer discovers who she is.... »

Coercing Quinn

Into the Paranormal World: Change is never easy, but it is oftentimes worth the painful effort. Taolma is a young boa constrictor shifter who has recently been reunited with his father after almost two decades apart. He currently lives with a clutch of gargoyles on the outskirts of a small town, but he doesn’t mind. There’s a massive arboretum to sun in and a pond to swim in, plus plen... »