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Threat Level Alpha

They strike without warning, in key locations around the world. In Russia, a Soviet-era storage facility is raided by terrorists. In the Philippines, an important international conference is under siege. In the United States, Dan Morgan is stalked by Russian agents. And at Berkeley, Morgan’s daughter is kidnapped with other students and taken to a remote laboratory. The attacks are neither c... »

Deadly Sins: Lust

¬†Marissa Calhoun sits in front of the lagoon, a beach-like swimming hole nestled Cairns, Australia’s foreshore. Tonight the lagoon is hers and hers alone … or is it?¬† A tall figure steps out from behind the tree, his face cloaked beneath a dark hoodie. His footsteps slap against the pavement, fast and hard. Twenty feet, then fifteen, then ten. Instinct kicks in and Marissa breaks into ... »


This is an entertaining, though ultimately overblown, ride through high-stakes financial skulduggery in the gold-trading corridors of Switzerland, South Africa, New York, London and Moscow. At some point in the near future, Andrew Dumesnil, a reporter for a financial news network, gets a major scoop when one of his stringers reports that revolutionaries have incapacitated South African gold mines.... »

Absolute Risk

In his second thriller (after Final Target, 2010), Gore takes on global issues in a convoluted plot involving world financial markets and their impact on geopolitics. When plainspoken Fed chairman Milton Abrams enlists high-powered San Francisco PI Graham Gage to look into the suspicious death of an ex-FBI agent, Gage finds himself on the trail of former MIT mathematician Hani Ibraham, whose quant... »

Hunter Killer

Their operations are deniable. Their skill is deadly. SAS hero Danny Black is recruited to an assassination squad directed to hunt down and kill terrorist cells in a gripping thriller from the man who knows what it’s like at the front line. The suicide bomb strikes central London. The trail leads first to a hate cleric in a North London mosque, and his connections to a devout Saudi prince wi... »

Kill Chain

“One of the best writers today.”* (Johnny Olsen) / “A master storyteller.”* (Betty Richard) WILL A DESPERATE PRESIDENT RISK WAR TO SAVE HIS ONLY CHILD? J. Robert Kennedy, author of the USA Today Bestseller The Templar’s Relic (#1 overall on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo), delivers another irresistible pulse-pounding, action-packed thriller with Kill Chain. If y... »

Justice Denied

From Publishers Weekly An Armenian radical is accused of murdering a Turkish diplomat as a New York City homicide chief and his wife try to find the real culprits. Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc. From Library Journal During World War I, 1.5 million Armenians were annihilated by the Turks. Turkey has never acknowledged this genocide, and history lightly dances around it. Herein lies ... »

Deadly Crossing

Human Trafficking. Modern day slavery. A crime all around us, hidden in plain sight. The story is fiction. The tragedy is all too real. A tale of triumph and retribution. A phone call. A common event, sometimes welcome, sometimes annoying, but seldom life changing. Or so we assume. But assumptions are dangerous, and the reality is we all live one phone call away from disaster. One muted buzz from ... »

Deadly Coast

Take a ship hijacked by murderous pirates, its crew held hostage. Add a fortune in sunken treasure, guarded by an aging, unstable Nazi bioweapon. Stir a bit and things get really interesting. Based on a true story.When Tom Dugan’s desperate effort to ransom his crew from murderous Somali pirates is halted by order of the US and British governments, the angry pirates ratchet up the mistreatme... »

The Tom Dugan Omnibus

THREE GREAT THRILLERS! ONE LOW PRICE!¬† That’s right. Get the three book series readers compare to Clive Cussler and vintage Clancy! All for 40 to 50% off the cost of the three books purchased separately! Over 4,000 Reviews Averaging +4.5 Stars! This omnibus edition of the Dugan Series includes three complete and unabridged thrillers. That’s over 1,300 pages of pulse-pounding action and... »


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