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The Fall of Berlin 1945

Acclaimed for his vivid re-creations of some of the twentieth century’s most significant battles, Antony Beevor is one of the best known and respected military historians writing today. He now offers readers a gripping, street-level portrait of the harrowing days of January 1945 in Berlin when the vengeful Red Army and beleaguered Nazi forces clashed for a final time. The result was the most... »


It is the late fifteenth century and a village healer in Russia called Laurus is powerless to help his beloved as she dies in childbirth, unwed and without having received communion. Devastated and desperate, he sets out on a journey in search of redemption. But this is no ordinary journey: it is one that spans ages and countries, and which brings him face-to-face with a host of unforgettable, ecc... »

Finders Keepers Killers

Greed, murder and international diplomatic intrigue all play their part in this gripping political thriller. Two petty Armenian criminals are recruited by the KGB, and given a mission in London. Their task is to block the sale of arms from a crooked British official to the breakaway state of Chechnya, stopping at nothing, including the assassination of the new Chechen Ambassador. When the decompos... »

Seeking Fate

Fate changer Daisy Layne is nervous about searching Europe for a firstborn son doomed to die on his eighteenth birthday. But she’s the only one who can save him. No pressure or anything. She needs the help of guide Andrei Vasile, who she’s been talking to online for two years. Still, meeting him in person…that’s a whole different story.Andrei is determined to keep Daisy safe, eve... »

Romantic Road

When Lacy Telchev buries her husband she finds herself in treacherous waters. Igor, much older than Lacy, had secrets. Suddenly, Lacy is being chased across Europe by men who believe she can lead them to those secrets. Evading her pursuers with the aid of a chance acquaintance, the handsome and mysterious Max Petersen, Lacy travels across Germany, Austria and Hungary, to a shattering discovery in ... »

How to Be Danish

Part reportage, part travelogue, this is a fascinating introduction to contemporary Danish culture for anyone who wants to know more about the world’s happiest nation. Denmark is the country of the moment. Recently named the happiest nation in the world, it’s the home of The Killing and Noma, the world’s best (and most eccentric) restaurant. We wear their sweaters, watch their th... »

The Dictators: Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia

Half a century after their deaths, the dictatorships of Stalin and Hitler still cast a long and terrible shadow over the modern world. They were the most destructive and lethal regimes in history, murdering millions. They fought the largest and costliest war in all history. Yet millions of Germans and Russians enthusiastically supported them and the values they stood for. In this first major study... »


Everyone loves a hero – and the greatest heroes of them all were the ancient Greeks. Stephen Fry’s glorious retelling of their fascinating stories makes this the perfect read for young and old alike. Mortals and Monsters. Quests and Adventures . . . ___________There are Heroes – and then there are Greek Heroes.Few mere mortals have ever embarked on such bold and heart-stirring ad... »

Goebbels: A Biography

From renowned German Holocaust historian Peter Longerich comes the definitive one-volume biography of Adolf Hitler’s malevolent minister of propaganda. In life, and in the grisly manner of his death, Joseph Goebbels was one of Adolf Hitler’s most loyal acolytes. By the end, no one in the Berlin bunker was closer to the Fuhrer than his devoted Reich minister for public enlightenment and... »

The Secret Diary of a Princess

‘Melanie Clegg writes with a refreshing, unpretentious style and an eye to detail that shows her familiarity and expertise with the subject material and giving us a glimpse into the world of a much-misunderstood woman.’ ‘A wonderful first offering. Unputdownable – the passion of the author for her subject material is compelling and touching, and makes for an emotional read. It co... »


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