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Alliance of Evil


Alliance of Evil


Neon in Daylight

New York City in 2012, the sweltering summer before Hurricane Sandy hits. Kate, a young woman newly arrived from England, is staying in a Manhattan apartment while she tries to figure out her future. She has two unfortunate responsibilities during her time in America: to make regular Skype calls to her miserable boyfriend back home, and to cat-sit an indifferent feline named Joni Mitchell. The cit... »

What Lies Between

At the core of it, life is a test-an opportunity to prove who we are; what we’re really made of. Short as it was, I’d like to think I lived my life well, that when people remember Ike McDermott, they remember he was a good man. When I look back, I’m proud of who I was.Leaving behind the woman I loved was the hardest thing I’d ever done, and finding peace with the knowledge ... »

Lady 52

What do Lt. Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels and private investigator Nicholas Colt have in common?Billiards, bourbon, bad jokes…And murder. Several, in fact.A homeless woman’s remains are found near Chicago twenty-six years after she disappeared. Her daughter–now retired in Florida–suspects foul play, and she hires Colt to fly up there and check it out.A prominent Chi... »

Empire (Eagle Elite Book 7)


Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film, 1978-1986

John Carpenter’s Halloween, released on October 25, 1978, marked the beginning of the horror film’s most colorful, controversial, and successful offshoot—the slasher film. Loved by fans and reviled by critics for its iconic psychopaths, gory special effects, brainless teenagers in peril, and more than a bit of soft-core sex, the slasher film secured its legacy as a cultural pheno... »

All You Can Ever Know

A Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Selection An American Booksellers Association Indie Next Pick An Official Junior Library Guild Selection Named a Best Book of Fall by The Washington Post, Entertainment Weekly, Elle, Nylon, Bustle, BookRiot, and more “This book moved me to my very core. . . . All You Can Ever Know is full of insights on race, motherhood, and family of all kind... »

The Feud of the Fan Dancers: Sex, Scandal, and the Showgirl

Celebrated burlesque historian and actress Leslie Zemeckis continues to discover the forgotten feminist histories of the Golden Age of entertainment, turning her sights on the lifelong feud between Sally Rand and Faith Bacon—who each claimed to be the inventor of the fan dance. Some women capture our attention like no other. Faith Bacon and Sally Rand were beautiful blondes from humble backg... »

The Midnight Side

The Midnight Side is Natasha Mostert’s critically acclaimed debut novel, which tells the story of an incredibly seductive woman, who even from the grave is able to direct events to her satisfaction. Isa is not surprised by a late night telephone call from her cousin Alette, until she discovers the next morning that Alette has been dead for two days… Then Isa receives three sealed envel... »


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