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Halloween Hayride Murder (Small Town Minnesota #1)

Tessa Schmidt was floating through life after losing her husband Peter in a car accident until her parents convinced her to return to her hometown of Shady Lake. Moving back to the small town in Minnesota where she grew up provides a welcome retreat as she helps run the B&B where her parents live while hanging out at her best friend Mandy's donut shop. She has even started to go out on a... »

The Mammoth Book of Halloween Stories: Terrifying Tales Set on the Scariest Night of the Year!

Twenty-six terrifying tales set on the scariest night of the year! Treat yourself to some very tricky stories! Halloween . . . All Hallows’ Eve . . . Samhain . . . Dia de los Muertos . . . the Day the Dead Come Back . . . When the barriers between the worlds are at their weakest-when ghosts, goblins, and grisly things can cross over into our dimension-then for a single night each year the na... »

Ghastly Glass (Renaissance Faire #2)

At her glass-blowing apprenticeship, Renaissance reveler Jessie Morton?s crabby boss and his creepy nephew are causing her problems. But when the man playing the Grim Reaper is killed, Jess has to find the lady, lord or serf whodunit. ** »

Trick or Deadly Treat (Fresh-Baked #9)

It’s Halloween in Weatherford, Texas—which means Phyllis Newsom is baking up a storm of yummy seasonal treats…but she’s about to get even busier unmasking a killer. While Phyllis and her friend Carolyn are preparing for a baking contest, her housemate Sam adopts Buck, an adorable Dalmatian who was hit by a car. To thank local veterinarian Hank Baxter for helping the dog, Ph... »

Strange Brew (Callahan Garrity #6)

The winds of change are blowing, bringing gentrification to Callahan Garrity’s funky Atlanta neighborhood. Though it probably won’t harm her House Mouse housecleaning service, not everyone welcomes the rebirth. And when the body of a murdered microbrewer is discovered in the aftermath of a furious Halloween gale, suspicion falls on the aging “flower child” shopkeeper whom t... »

Wicked Witch Murder (Lucy Stone #16)

When the bewitching Diana Ravenscroft comes to quiet Tinker’s Cove and opens Solstice, a quaint little shop offering everything from jewelry to psychic readings, Lucy Stone writes her off as eccentric but harmless. Even after Diana gives her a disturbingly accurate reading, Lucy can’t help but befriend the newcomer. But not everyone in town is so enchanted. And when Lucy stumbles upon ... »

Verse of the Vampyre (Poetic Death #2)

As Halloween comes to the English village of Innisdale all manner of trickery leads to intrigue and mortal danger…. American schoolteacher and literary scholar Grace Hollister has extended her stay in the Lake District to do research and act as advisor to a local production of The Vampyre, a play written by Lord Byron’s doctor. But when accidents begin befalling the cast — culmin... »

Twilight (Jenny Cain Mysteries, No. 10)

Jenny Cain is up to her ears in plans for the Port Frederick Autumn Festival when a young widow comes to her with a heart breaking story. Melissa Barney’s husband was recently hit by a car at the intersection of a nature trail and a highway. Barney wants to close the trail, and Jenny is drawn into a long-running controversy that threatens disaster for all she holds dear. ** »

Tracking Magic: Max Killian Investigations

“Get Smart” meets “Ghostbusters!”A humorous paranormal mystery collection. Five case files from Max Killian Investigations:Haunting Clues — Max is hired to expel a ghost from a mansion. To deal with the dead, though, he must first uncover the secrets of those still alive.Curses! — Some days you curse, some days the curse gets you.Dearly Departed — Max inve... »

Town Haunts (Anna Nolan #2)

“It takes a witch to catch a ghost.” Cemetery caretaker Sherman Mason is horrified to hear his dead wife calling to him from her grave. He asks newcomer Tiernay Rae, a gorgeous witch and proprietor of the Healing Hands store, to hold a seance to find out what’s troubling his wife’s ghost.  Tiernay needs a coven to focus her powers, however, so her roguish brother, Greg, sug... »


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