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The Good, the Bad, and the Duke (Cavensham Heiresses #4)

A lady with a noble mission. A duke looking for redemption. A forbidden love that cannot be denied, in The Good, The Bad, and The Duke by Janna MacGregor. Lady Daphne Hallworth is ready to celebrate the holidays with her family. But when they accidentally leave her home alone, Daphne uses the time to work on her dream-opening a home for unwed mothers. But her quest isn’t problem-free: She... »

How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days

Lucas Alexander, the ninth Duke of Arlington, is a man who gets what he wants. So when he sees the alluring Miss Pippa Welby from across a crowded ballroom, he vows to make her his. But the bold and spirited Pippa has sworn never to marry into the haute ton. Now Lucas must win her the only way he knows how-one wicked kiss at a time. The daughter of a wealthy tradesman, Pippa has been sneered at by... »

To Ruin a Rake

Remaining true to a dead saint is nowhere near as satisfying as succumbing to the touch of a dedicated sinner… When her fiance died, Harriett vowed not to let his wastrel brother destroy the charity they built. But Roland becomes a nuisance the moment he sets foot on the grounds, and it’s all-out war until their conflict threatens to expose her family’s dark secret. Intrigued by ... »

Once a Courtesan

Constable Will Danbury has infiltrated a school to investigate an alleged crime. What he finds is a deeper, darker mystery-and a potent attraction to the alluring headmistress, Jacqueline Trouvere. But a constable can’t get romantically involved with a suspect; even one he thinks is innocent, without committing career suicide.As headmistress of a school devoted to saving the innocent daughte... »

Replenish the Earth

When Sarah Mortonby’s mother dies in poverty, Sarah learns she has inherited the family estate. Instead of selling the crumbling manor house to her neighbour, Mr. Sewell, she decides to keep it. Desperately needing help to manage her land, Sarah proposes to her bailiff, Will Pursley, who was himself dispossessed of his farm by Sewell. But Sewell is furious and intends to get his way… Histori... »

Miles Before I Sleep

Andrea James always knew she would trade her father’s wealth for marriage to a titled gentleman-her social-climbing mother had drummed it into her head since she was old enough to walk and talk. All the best tutors and schools money could buy had prepared her for her position into which she would soon marry. Sebastian James had other plans for his only child. He refused to give his daughter ... »

An Officer but No Gentleman

After a fire burns down their home, motherless Charlie Sinclair is taken aboard his father’s ship at the age of six. Over the years, he works his way up to the rank of second mate. But Charlie has a secret. He’s not the captain’s son … she’s his daughter and she’s tough and as crude as any sailor. But she is completely ignorant about life on land. She longs for love, ... »

Crystal’s Calamity

Clementine McKay finds out she’s a lot more than a demure little school teacher from the foothills of the Appalachians when her father gets Gold Fever. The dangerous trip to the Sierra Nevada Mountains not withstanding, she soon learns that despite her small stature and youth, she’s a force to be reckoned with. When tragedy strikes she becomes smarter, stronger and more determined than... »

Twice as Wicked

Miss Alice Bursnell is determined to wreak revenge on Nathaniel Eastwood, Viscount Abingdon, for the seduction, ruin, and death of her beloved twin sister. But how to expose a seducer without falling prey herself? As she gets closer to Nathaniel, she finds she is in serious danger of following in her sister’s much-too-tempted footsteps. The man is nothing like the heartless rake she expected... »

The Private Affairs Of Lady Jane Fielding

In the world of Regency England, only one thing matters – the begetting of an heir…There is one fact I cannot hide nor deny. I have borne my husband no sons…When Lord Jacob Fielding suffers a traumatic injury denying him more children, it devastates both his present and his future. He and his wife Jane have only daughters, and the brother in line to inherit his title and lands is a disgustin... »


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