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Tom Clancy Duty and Honor (A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel)

Even though he’s on forced leave from the clandestine intelligence group known as The Campus, Jack Ryan, Jr., still finds himself caught in the crosshairs after an attempt on his life is thwarted when he turns the tables on his would-be dispatcher. Convinced that the attack is linked to his recent covert actions with the convalescing Iranian national Ysabel Kashini, Jack sets out to find out... »

A Touch So Wicked

The king had ordered him to stop her wedding and send her a nunnery, but when Damian Stratton laid eyes on the Lady of Misterly he knew the passionate Highland beauty wan’t meant for a life of purity and prayer. He couldn’t set her free to marry the Gordon laird, but how could he keep the little minx under his roof when she tempted him beyond all reason? The Demon Knight had ruined her... »

The Random Series Boxed Set (Books 1-3)

It all started with a naked hitchhiker wearing a guitar — and only a guitar. And turned into a New York Times bestseller. A random meeting between a rural Ohio chick and a rich Boston musician kickstarted all sorts of random acts of love and lust — and got even more complicated when his bandmate entered the picture.   And never left. From unconventional love to second-chance romance to... »

The Deadly Series Boxed Set

The Deadly Series Boxed Set: 5 Kinncaid Brothers Novels by USA Today Bestselling Author Jaycee Clark Amazon #1 in Romance – Contemporary Amazon #1 in Mystery & Suspense – Suspense Amazon #1 in Romance – Contemporary “Ms. Clark . . . has you sitting on the edge of your seat, reading furiously to find out what happens next. The suspense resonates throughout . . . This is ... »

The Ultimatum: A Jeremy Fisk Novel

Detective Jeremy Fisk tracks a serial sniper who has mastered state-of-the-art airborne technology to hunt his prey in this chilling thriller from the New York Times bestselling author and creator of the Law & Order franchise. When a leaker named Verlyn Merritt releases sensitive documents from the NYPD Intelligence Division to WikiLeaks, some of the deadliest criminals have access to Detectiv... »

The Target: A Taskforce Story

Retired Delta Force officer Brad Taylor’s thrilling new short story takes us back to before the Taskforce was created, revealing the origins of Israeli agents Aaron and Shoshana as they are tasked with eliminating a former Nazi officer hiding in plain sight. Includes an exclusive preview of Brad Taylor’s eleventh Pike Logan thriller, Ring of Fire, coming January 10,2017. 1998. A year a... »

The Recruit: A Taskforce Story

Retired Delta Force officer Brad Taylor’s exciting new short story features Taskforce operators Knuckles and Decoy, as the two stumble upon an audacious plot when they least expect it. Includes an exclusive preview of Brad Taylor’s eighth Pike Logan thriller, The Insider Threat, coming June 30, 2015. When Taskforce operator Knuckles brings his old friend Decoy, a former teammate from t... »

The Dig: A Taskforce Story

In retired Delta Force officer Brad Taylor’s latest exhilarating short story, Pike Logan’s personal mission to get Jennifer Cahill into the Taskforce becomes tied to an archaeological dig in Roswell, New Mexico, where exposing a conspiracy leads to something much more treacherous than alien cover-ups. Includes an exclusive preview of Brad Taylor’s hotly anticipated sixth Pike Log... »

The Forgotten Soldier: A Pike Logan Thriller

In New York Times bestselling author Brad Taylor’s latest heart-stopping thriller, Pike Logan returns with his most dangerous and personal threat yet: a Taskforce Operator gone rogue. **For years, the extralegal counterterrorist unit known as the Taskforce has worked in the shadows, anticipating and preventing attacks around the globe. Created to deal with a terrorist threat that shuns the c... »

Ring of Fire

Former Delta Force officer and New York Times bestselling author Brad Taylor delivers a relentlessly fast-paced, gripping thriller featuring Taskforce operators Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill as they come face-to-face with an insidious threat to strike terror into the heart of America. Fifteen years ago, in order to win a contract in the Kingdom, a desperate defense contractor used a shell company... »


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