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Code Blues

Dr. Hope Sze rolls into Montreal with three simple goals: 1) survive her family medicine residency, 2) try pain au chocolat, 3) go on a date sometime in the next two years. Then she discovers a doctor’s body in the locker room. When she tries to uncover his killer, two men dive in to help her. The one man who makes her melt has zero alibi. Hope Sze is an utterly likeable character.” EQ... »

The Courage Tree

Amazon.com Review If you start your novel with a terminally ill child and a last-chance herbal remedy, chances are you’ve got a story. If you have the terminally ill child survive a car accident and become lost in the remote West Virginia woods you’ve got some stressful reading. If, for kicks, you put a psychopathic murderer in the woods, you’ve got Diane Chamberlain’s nail... »

Die Again: A Rizzoli & Isles Novel

Detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles are back-and they’re going into the wild to find a killer. Die Again is the latest heart-pounding thriller in Tess Gerritsen’s New York Times bestselling series, the inspiration behind TNT’s hit show Rizzoli & Isles.When Boston homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles are summoned to a crime scene... »

Love the Boss (Managing the Bosses #4)

Newly crowned Senior Partner, Jamie Connors, is determined to prove to her boss that she is worth her weight in gold. More like diamonds, well one diamond actually. Billionaire Alex Reid has given her a promotion with her job, and also with his heart. A man who claims to have no knowledge of how to love, he’s given her a key to his heart and his house. He wants her to move in together. She h... »

Painted On My Heart

Winner of the 2017 eLit Award Romance category Winner of the 2017 eLit Award LGBT Fiction category Book Excellence Award Finalist Artist Kellus Hardin let love and loyalty cloud his past decisions, a mistake he definitely won’t make again. Now, lost and alone, he’s left to pick up the shattered pieces of his broken heart while facing the truth of his reality. Arik Layne exudes power, c... »

The Madman’s Tale

The conceit of this impossible-to-put-down thriller-the story of the hunt for a serial killer-rapist who has concealed himself among a psychiatric asylum’s insane-is that it was written in pencil by a madman on the walls of his apartment. More than 20 years ago, Francis Xavier Petrel, nicknamed C-Bird for the seabird his name evokes, was confined against his will in the Western State Hospita... »

Secrets to Keep

Synopsis Lynda Page’s latest novel is an emotional rollercoaster of hardship and heartache. When a new doctor arrives in the backstreets of Leicester, the locals are outraged by his rudeness and hostility. One of the first to encounter his abruptness is young Aidy Nelson but when she gets the job as his secretary she slowly gets to know him and realises that behind his gruff manner lurks a m... »

The First Year


The Midwife Trilogy 1.Call the Midwife

Product Description Jennifer Worth came from a sheltered background when she became a midwife in the Docklands in the 1950s. The conditions in which many women gave birth just half a century ago were horrifying, not only because of their grimly impoverished surroundings, but also because of what they were expected to endure. But while Jennifer witnessed brutality and tragedy, she also met with ama... »

Submarine Warriors

This study assesses whether Army policy, doctrine, and guidance adequately address environmental activities in post-conflict phases of contingencies. A review of policy, doctrine, operational experience, and documentation, as well as interviews with Army personnel, indicates that environmental concerns can have significant impacts. Recommendations are made for improving the Army?s approach to envi... »


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