Tag: Mystery

Daunting Days of Winter

Kyle Tait, having survived the harrowing, cross-country journey home to his family, must now struggle for existence in a post-EMP world that no one could have imagined just three short months prior. Each day brings new challenges – how to fight the bitter cold, where to scavenge food for the table, how to best fend off intruders and keep their community safe. As the cold, dark days of winter begin... »

Slow Curve on the Coquihalla

When a respected truck driver, owner of a family trucking business, is found dead in his truck down a steep embankment along a treacherous mountain highway, his distraught daughter wants to know why he died. Hunter Rayne, a fellow trucker and retired RCMP detective, feels compelled to help her find the answer. When the answer is murder, he finds himself on a collision course with dangerous men. »


Elspeth Watson was goaded into taking a vacation by the boys in the warehouse. She and Peterbilt, her black maybe-Pomeranian, are in Monterey, soaking up the fog, when El discovers a dead body. Soon both she and Pete find themselves in the murderer’s sights. Some vacation. This is a short story for a quick, fun read, and a good introduction to a main character in the Highway Mystery series. »

Ice on the Grapevine

On a warm July morning in L.A. County, a frozen corpse turns up at a highway brake check just south of the Grapevine Pass. Ex-homicide detective Hunter Rayne, who now drives an eighteen wheeler, is persuaded by his irascible dispatcher, Elspeth Watson, to help clear two fellow truck drivers who are arrested for the murder. Whodunit addicts will not be disappointed. »

Call Girl

LexiI work for a high-class company ofCall girlsNumber one rule? No SexNewest client:Ethan KnightPersonality Conflicts? Yeah, a major one. He’s anAssholeHe’s rude, and he wants me at allCosts.EthanI will never trust a woman again after my lastMistakeBut now I’ve seen Lexi, and I wantHerBut she works for a company that hasRulesYou know what they say about rules, though. They are m... »

Kill Them All

An envelope of gruesome photos. A killer with a design. Can he be stopped in time? An envelope lands on the desk of Detective Drexel7. In it, hideous pictures of a dismembered woman displayed against a chalk pattern. As more envelopes arrive and the body count rises, a chance fingerprint points to one suspect while the victims are linked to another suspect. In a race to prevent more gruesome murde... »

Monday Girl’s Revenge

Neal Randolph, 16, is asked to investigate the assault of his girlfriend’s mother. Delores, a young Latina undercover detective tries to stop a serial offender. Although Neal and Delores are drawn into the turf of the same adversary, they each have reasons to keep their investigations a secret. That is, until there’s a body. »

Cold Service

SUMMARY: When his buddy Hawk is beaten within an inch of his life, Spenser infiltrates a ruthless mob in the name of friendship–and revenge. »

Wasted Justice

udge Willa Carson’s mother Kate Austin’s new husband, a hot Italian model, lures Willa into investigating a thirty-year old murder. When no-nonsense Federal Judge Wilhelmina Carson is presented with the facts of the case she’s convinced that Billie Jo Steam is innocent.Determined to right the wrongs of a justice system in which she believes, and to please Kate no matter what, Wil... »

Twisted Justice

Tampa’s most charismatic Federal Judge, Wilhelmina Carson, returns in another fast-paced novel of mystery and suspense. War hero General Randall Andrews has been nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court and George Carson leads the fight to defeat him. When Andrews is found shot to death in his Tampa home, George is arrested for murder and Willa pulls out all the stops to free her husband in this ... »


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