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Silent Nights

Here are two holiday mysteries set in remote, snow-covered regions of Victorian Britain–where the nights are indeed silent but all is not calm, and where some will sleep in eternal peace.A CHRISTMAS BEGINNINGWhile spending Christmas on the island of Anglesey off the coast of Wales, Superintendent Runcorn of Scotland Yard, a lonely bachelor, stumbles upon the lifeless body of the vicar’s youn... »

The Shamanic Detective

When Riga Hayworth’s lover is arrested, she’s determined to unearth the truth, no matter the cost. But life – and death – get in the way.All Riga wants is to clear the name of her almost-fiancee, Donovan Mosse. But a death faerie has other plans for her, and Riga is forced to protect a shaman with a house full of murderous relatives. The only way to stop this killer is to figure out wh... »

The Metaphysical Detective

When Riga Hayworth finds her new client, Helen Baro, dead, she smells a set up of metaphysical proportions. Now, to find a killer, Riga must travel from San Francisco to the underworld – and make it back alive…Helen believes her husband is trying to kill her. One problem: Helen’s husband died in a car crash last year. Riga isn’t sure what to think. Is Helen mad? Is someone else trying ... »

The Infernal Detective

When Riga Hayworth finds a dead body in her bedroom a week before her wedding, it’s par for the course. When the corpse drives off with her fiancee… That’s a problem.Riga knows dead. More intimately than she’d like. So when a murdered photographer gets up and walks away, she’s believes there’s necromancy afoot. And when she discovers that several of her wedding guests... »

The Hoodoo Detective

Hoodoo, Haunts, and Horror. Riga Hayworth just wants to wrap up her supernatural TV series exploring the magic of New Orleans. when she stumbles across a corpse, she becomes a police consultant on a series of occult murders, murders that become all too personal. »

The Elemental Detective

Mermaids, menehunes, and murder.Riga Hayworth just wants to relax with her new husband on their Hawaiian honeymoon. But a body on a Kauai beach pulls them into a murder investigation, sending the supernatural world into an uproar. When Riga detects traces of magic at a murder scene, she knows she can’t ignore the call. There’s necromancy afoot, and she must prepare for the battle to co... »

The Alchemical Detective

Where Alchemy, Demons, and Good Wine Collide… with a Lake Monster Named Tessie. A psychic has been murdered in an occult ceremony and the police pay a visit to Riga Hayworth, metaphysical detective. But this time, she’s not a consultant on the case. She’s a suspect. There’s a storm on the horizon. Riga’s lost her magic and has come to Lake Tahoe to recover and spend q... »

A Dark-Adapted Eye

‘Compulsively readable… a carefully devised plot unfolded with the most cunning art. Wilkie Collins and Dickens would have admired it’ Sunday Times ‘Brilliantly plotted. Vine is not afraid to walk down the mean streets of the mind and can build up an almost tangible atmosphere of menace and unease’ Daily Telegraph ‘It is no secret that Barbara Vine is the distin... »

Balloons Can Be Murder

Rachael Fairfield is a balloon pilot out to set a world altitude record during the upcoming Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. She’s received several threats, though, and wants to hire Charlie and Ron to keep the stalker away from her. It shouldn’t be a problem, says Rachael, because she knows who is sending the notes-her own father. Her testimony sent him to prison years ago an... »

Competition Can Be Murder

“Putting sunny, dry New Mexico behind them, Charlie Parker and her husband Drake Langston head off to Scotland to help out a dear friend. Brian Swinney is facing a family illness and must take an extended leave to London. Thinking they can couple a generous favor with a long vacation in Scotland, Charlie and Drake agree to fly Brian’s aircraft on a lucrative contract shuttling men and ... »


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