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Killing Mum

Arranging contract killings was Carlos’s business, but he’d never expected that someone might want his mother dead! The anonymous letter had arrived addressed to ‘Charlie’ and only two people called him by that name. So either his wife had just hired him to whack her mother-in-law, or his mother was looking for help to put an end to her misery. Carlos was hoping he’d ... »

Miss Compton’s Christmas Romance

Sometimes playing pretend can lead to the perfect romance… When Miss Leonora Compton decides to go to Sheffield and spend Christmas with her sister, she finds herself travelling with a man she cannot afford to like. But as their journey progresses she enters an unexpected partnership with him and realizes that things aren’t what they seem. Because Mr. Dalton is not only tempting. He may in f... »

His Mimosa

Carter doesn’t believe in love at first sight or happily ever after. When he goes to Vegas for his brother’s bachelor party, the last thing he expects is Brynne, the beautiful cocktail waitress who nurses his hangover with a drink just as bubbly and sweet as she is.Brynne’s optimism and unfailing faith in love is a breath of fresh air, and it makes him think maybe he’s had ... »


“Grim, but really good” Ian Rankin Carlo Salvino returns home missing an arm and a leg. He’s keen to win back the affections of his teenage girlfriend and mother of his child. If he can take his revenge on the Ramsays, so much the better. The Ramsay brothers are keen to move up in the world and get the hell out of town. They gather all their hopes in one basket, ‘The Scotti... »


A man who made countless mistakes.A woman with a messy past. He’s tasked with helping her find her way.She’s lost in grief and self-doubt. Together they begin something innocent…Until it’s not. His freedom is at risk.Her heart won’t survive another break. All rational thinking says theyshould stay away from each other.But neither are very goodat following the rules. A deep,... »

Christmas in Time

A Christmas gift catapults Gilly Debeau back in time, and she finds herself at the cafe Parisiene, having tea with her Papa and enjoying her eighteenth birthday gift – passage on the maiden voyage of the Titanic. As the string quintet entertains the passengers, Gilly can’t take her eyes off the handsome violinist. Under William’s spell, she falls for both the music and the musician. »

Her Gentleman Dom

Lilli is thrown together with a wickedly sexy British architect on a San Francisco building project, but her paralyzing attraction to the man could ruin her career. An experienced Dom, Finn never initiates unsuspecting, young women into his dungeon, but hints of her sexual subservience along with her can-do spirit are irresistible. After a night of passion, Lilli discovers his true nature and runs... »

The Happy Home for Ladies

Meet Phoebe, who’s 28, and Laney, Dot and Maggie, who are 68, 78, and none of your business. Together they’ll prove that age doesn’t matter when it comes to friendship, belonging and an unquenchable zest for life. Laugh-out-loud uplifting chick lit about the ties of community, the strength of love and how nobody is truly ordinary. When Framlingham’s famously all-female seni... »

Dirty, Bruised Martini: A Dark Mafia Romance


The Storyteller: A Highland Romance (Ghosts of Culloden Moor Book 45)

Struan Cameron has spent the last 270 years trapped between life and death on the battlefield of Culloden Moor. His role as the Storyteller has kept many of the other ghosts from going mad. But now, the powerful Muir witch has offered him the chance to see an end to his time on the moor and he plans to take it. He is given up to two days – back as a man of flesh and blood — to perform ... »


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