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The Alice Network

In an enthralling new historical novel from national bestselling author Kate Quinn, two women—a female spy recruited to the real-life Alice Network in France during World War I and an unconventional American socialite searching for her cousin in 1947—are brought together in a mesmerizing story of courage and redemption. 1947. In the chaotic aftermath of World War II, American college g... »

Prom Queen Saves the World (Learning to Fly Book 2)

Prom Queen has saved the day. Of course, Michelle has yet to reveal her deep dark secret. So for now, Andy is just trying to balance life as a student and a super heroine who all the guy students seem to have a crush on-including Kevin, the star quarterback. Can Prom Queen figure out how to fight evil while saving her relationships? It’s the continuing uncanny adventures of the high school h... »

I Was a Teenage Weredeer

Jane Doe is a weredeer, the least-threatening shapechanger species in the world. Blessed with the ability to turn furry at will and psychically read objects, Jane has done her best to live a normal life working as a waitress at the Deerlightful Diner. She has big dreams of escaping life in the supernatural-filled town of Bright Falls, Michigan, and her eighteenth birthday promises the beginning of... »

Professional Cooking Techniques (Master Chef)

“When – Master Chef Professional Cooking Techniques – was first introduced, we mentioned that the number of cookbooks available for professionals and amateurs was nearly infinite. Yet most of were simply recipe books, only a few of which demonstrated some cooking techniques. Moreover, the handful that presented comprehensive cooking techniques was written in languages unfamiliar ... »

Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index

Funny, warm, and moving, Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index is a contemporary YA novel about loss, how deeply we can know others, and making our own happiness; perfect for fans of Sara Zarr and Jandy Nelson’s The Sky is Everywhere. Sixty-five days after the death of her older sister, sixteen-year-old Juniper Lemon discovers the break-up letter addressed to “You” Camilla wrote ... »

So You Want to be a Lawyer – The Ultimate Guide to Getting into and Succeeding in Law School

So You Want to Be a Lawyer takes you through the process of becoming a lawyer, examining each phase in a helpful and easy-to-understand narrative. Find out what practicing law is like before you step into your first law school class. Practice solving legal problems as law students would in law school and lawyers might in an actual courtroom. Find out how to get into law school. And there’s m... »

Noah Can’t Even

Poor Noah Grimes! His father disappeared years ago, his mother’s Beyonce tribute act is an unacceptable embarrassment, and his beloved gran is no longer herself. He only has one friend, Harry, and school is… Well, it’s pure hell.  Why can’t Noah be normal, like everyone else at school? Maybe if he struck up a romantic relationship with someone – maybe Sophie, who is p... »

Murder at the Tumbleweed Tea B & B

Everyone knows Tess is a klutz, but when she stumbles over a dead body, no one is laughing… Sisters, Oregon is preparing for a ton of people coming through town for the solar eclipse event, but all the preparation didn’t account for a fire on the mountain or a murdered tour guide. The senior citizens from the tour are acting strange and Tess’s friends and neighbors are acting str... »

Harlequin Kimani Romance April 2017 Box Set

A PLEASING TEMPTATION The Boudreaux Family Deborah Fletcher Mello  When Kamaya Boudreaux’s secret venture-an exclusive male strip club franchise-is threatened to be exposed, she needs to do damage control. But she doesn’t know her lover, Wesley Walters, was formally the top performer at the high-end New Orleans nightclub. Wes must come clean-or lose the guarded beauty.  NIGHTS OF FANTA... »

Christmas in Duke Street

Christmas in London is a busy time at the little bookshop in Duke Street, for love, literature, and shopping. Four couples come and go and discover that happy ever after makes the perfect Christmas gift. A new anthology from the bestselling authors of Christmas in the Duke’s Arms and Dancing in the Duke’s Arms.    The Rake Who Loved Christmas by Miranda Neville  Sir Devlyn Stratton wan... »


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