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Silent Nights

Here are two holiday mysteries set in remote, snow-covered regions of Victorian Britain–where the nights are indeed silent but all is not calm, and where some will sleep in eternal peace.A CHRISTMAS BEGINNINGWhile spending Christmas on the island of Anglesey off the coast of Wales, Superintendent Runcorn of Scotland Yard, a lonely bachelor, stumbles upon the lifeless body of the vicar’s youn... »

Balloons Can Be Murder

Rachael Fairfield is a balloon pilot out to set a world altitude record during the upcoming Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. She’s received several threats, though, and wants to hire Charlie and Ron to keep the stalker away from her. It shouldn’t be a problem, says Rachael, because she knows who is sending the notes-her own father. Her testimony sent him to prison years ago an... »

Reunions Can Be Murder

Recently married, Charlie (Memories Can Be Murder) sees her firefighting husband off to a New Mexico site, then checks the private investigations office where she and her brother work as partners. An unpleasant woman practically forces an unusual case on her: to find her elderly and senile prospecting father-before the family’s impending reunion. With very little searching, Charlie finds biz... »

Memories Can Be Murder

Upon returning to her New Mexico home after visiting her fiance in Hawaii, private investigator Charlie Parker discovers that her mother and father, who was a scientist at Sandia Labs, were killed in a suspicious small plane crash. When Charlie starts asking questions, a series of thefts ensues, and the body count climbs. She ultimately realizes that she must unravel the past to save her future. D... »

Small Towns Can Be Murder

Tucked into the mountains and valleys of northern New Mexico are the hidden towns, little enclaves of history and tradition–and secrets. Charlie and her office assistant Sally Bertrand decide to visit Sally’s hometown of Valle Escondido over the July 4th weekend, and when they drop in on a friend they learn that Cynthia Martinez suddenly suffered a miscarriage and died. Privately, frie... »

Partnerships Can Kill

Charlie returns from her Hawaiian vacation to discover that her brother Ron is in love. But the younger woman, Vicky, seems manipulative and full of secrets. Meanwhile, Charlie offers to help a friend whose business partner apparently committed suicide. But did he? The questions get tricky as Charlie starts to investigate financial fraud and finds her own life on the line. »

Vacations Can Be Murder

Off to Kauai for a much-needed vacation, Charlie takes a helicopter tour with a gorgeous and fascinating pilot, Drake Langston. But partway through the tour they spot a body lying on the rocks below. When Drake’s boss, Mack, is accused of murdering the victim, Charlie finds herself with another mystery to solve. Romance is in the air, too, as Charlie and Drake work together to find the answe... »

Deadly Gamble

Charlie Parker is a reluctant detective. As a partner in RJP Investigations, with her brother Ron, she really only intends to keep up the financial end of the business. He’s supposed to be the investigator. But Stacy North, Charlie’s former best friend, shows up and wants help in locating a missing watch, so Charlie agrees to help. When people start dying, Charlie knows she’s in ... »

Obsessions Can Be Murder

The town of Watson’s Lake has a little unsolved mystery. Four years ago, a showplace home–beautiful and serene and tucked away in the mountains of New Mexico–blew sky high, due to an apparent gas leak. A young woman died. The owner disappeared. His gold-digging wife wants the insurance money, and his daughter wants to know what happened to her father. Charlie can’t resist t... »


Praise for the first Kati Hirschel Istanbul mystery: “The heroine is an offbeat amateur sleuth with a distinctive narrative voice. Fans of such female detectives as Amanda Cross’s Kate Fansler and Kerry Greenwood’s Phryne Fisher will find a lot to like.” – Publishers Weekly Kati Hirschel, the owner of Istanbul’s only mystery bookstore, is fed up. It all started ... »


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