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Imperfect Magic (Dancing Moon Ranch Book 11)

Dimitri Matthias, an upcoming illusionist with aspirations of becoming the next David Copperfield, is offered a proposal by a Las Vegas entertainment company: create a horse-disappearing act he can carry out on stage and he’ll get his own show. The problem is, Dimitri’s never been around horses, so he hires Maddy Hansen to teach him the basics, mainly because he sees in her his perfect... »

Forbidden Spirits

Tyler Hansen has two passions: Roman riding his horses as a rodeo special event and learning the source of the voices in Whispering Springs. All his life he’s had a curiosity about the human-like sounds in the mountain, and he’s determined to learn the source. Rose Starbright, a tribal member who works at the living museum on the ranch, also has two passions: weaving baskets, which she... »

Dancing With Danger: Book 8: Dancing Moon Ranch Series

BOOK 8: DANCING MOON RANCH SERIES: The last person Josh Hansen wants to be around is Nurse Ratched, the woman who gave him an ice water bed bath to cool him down when he was under her care after a collision with a bull two years before. And the last person Genie wants to become entangled with romantically or otherwise is a rodeo bullfighter. Odds are he’ll get busted up again. She’s al... »

The Kid

Kevin Lewis never had a chance. Growing up on a poverty-stricken London council estate, beaten and starved by his parents, bullied at school and abandoned by social services, his life was never his own. Even after he was put into care, he found himself out on the streets caught up in a criminal underworld that knew him as ‘The Kid’.Yet Kevin survived to make a better life for himself, ... »

The Girl on the Dock

Returning to the home of her grandfather after her final school year, Petra Morganstern is a changed young witch. Confident in her recent choices, yet plagued by dreams of what they cost her, Petra is unsure what to do with the rest of her life. Petra’s one ray of hope is her young step-sister, Izabella, whose simple-minded charm is only offset by the awful Phyllis, her hateful mother.Desper... »

Justified Deception (Prequel: Dancing Moon Ranch Series)


His Best Friend’s Sister

Whiskey River businessman Zack Banister has had his eye on Laurel Lewis for years, even though she’s always been off-limits. The timing has never been right between them, but now that they’re both free, Zack is determined to convince Laurel that he’s the perfect man for her. The last thing Laurel needs is a white knight. She’s a single mom and knows she can only rely on her... »

Fallen Angel

DI Stacey Collins has seen the darker side of humanity all too often. A single mum and former child from the grim Blenheim estate, she knows only too well what terrors the world can hold. But even her jaded eyes have never witnessed a crime of such unspeakable horror. A body, broken and lifeless, is found in the gloom of a London church. Kidnapped and horrifically murdered, young Daniel Wright nev... »

The Right Man For Revenge

JACK REACHER is dead. Or is he? In Book Two of the Jack Reacher Cases, written with permission from Lee Child, the body of a murdered man is discovered. In his pocket is a toothbrush and an ATM card with the name Jack Reacher. Lauren Pauling, a former FBI agent and current private investigator, is asked to identify the body. But instead, she looks into the killing and soon finds herself a target i... »

The Masked City

Working in an alternate version of Victorian London, Librarian-spy Irene has settled into a routine, collecting important fiction for the mysterious Library and blending in nicely with the local culture. But when her apprentice, Kai-a dragon of royal descent-is kidnapped by the Fae, her carefully crafted undercover operation begins to crumble. Kai’s abduction could incite a conflict between ... »


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