Irons, Aubrey

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There’s a reason I hate Oliver Beckett: he’s a huge, massive pr*ck.
London’s hottest new bad boy chef is a panty-dropper. He burns his way through party girls’ bedrooms as fast as he blazes around his military-precision kitchen.

He’s a face from my past I never thought I’d see again. The tattooed smooth-talking British exchange student from five years past. The one who brought me in like a moth to flame for one night of firsts... before he left me behind forever.

The one who almost had my v-card.

Except he’s not in my past anymore. Now I’m stepping off a plane in London to start my new job in his kitchen. London, where we’re moving because my mother is marrying his father.

Yeah, not just my boss. That smug, arrogant jerk is about to be my stepbrother.

He might be all grown up now - gorgeous and demanding and wildly successful. But what happens when the man who never hears no comes up against the one woman who won’t take his bullsh*t? The one that won’t submit.

He wants me to beg him for it, but I won’t.

I mean, I can’t, right? That would be so wrong.

So deliciously wrong.

I think I’m in big trouble..