BOUGHT: A Standalone Romance

Sinclair, Glenna

Words:369042 Read Time:34 Hours Maturity:gen

Guys like him always get what they pay for – including me...

I know it sounds weird, but normally I really like my job. Escort work isn’t for everyone, but for me it’s easy, incredibly lucrative, and free of complications – the only cost is, at times, my dignity.

Like right now, as Miranda introduces me to my new, impossibly picky “special client” (read: filthy rich). He has something of an unusual request in that he needs, not a night of carnal bliss, but a girlfriend to show off at his sister’s wedding. Please note that if it wouldn’t cost me my job, I would definitely say no, but he’s rejected each and every one of Miranda’s other escorts.

And why would I refuse? Because this commanding, panty-wetting, arrogant man absolutely hates me.

Thing is, we’ve actually already met. Just last night, in fact. And he made it abundantly clear what he thinks of me.Believe me, the feeling is now mutual. So who’s up for four weeks of torture?

I wish I could say that I can’t be bought, but I can. I really, really can.Now I just hope I have the strength to ignore the hints of kindness I imagine in him and keep this farce simple and professional…