When a Gargoyle Lives (Gargoyles Book 2)

Price, E A

Words:60557 Read Time:5 Hours Maturity:

They’re alive!

More than a month has passed since Kylie and Luc faced a wannabe megalomaniac intent on using gargoyles as his own personal army, and they are more in love than ever. They have begun awakening the gargoyles from their thousand-year slumber, and now four more gargoyles have now joined their new clan. Among them, an aging warrior with a newfound love of TV, a shy, damaged female, a male they keep locked in the basement – it’s for the best – and a young male, Amalric.

While Amalric mourns the loss of his old life – and butts horns with his new clan chief as often as possible – he realizes the true loneliness of being one of only five gargoyles alive in the world. As he contemplates the possibility of taking a mate, he finds that fate may just have a surprise for him – and he has the bite marks to prove it.

But, the danger facing the newly reawakened gargoyles is not over. They face new enemies who wish to use the gargoyles for their own machinations, and they’re just the tip of the crazy iceberg.

Caution is advised as this is intended for mature readers only - it contains scenes of a sexual nature between an alpha male gargoyles and humans.