When a Gargoyle Flies

Price, E A

Words:61185 Read Time:5 Hours Maturity:

Two months have passed since Kylie first accidentally awoke the gargoyle, Luc. (Surely other women get drunk and decide on a whim to kiss a statue too, right?) With each passing day Kylie, Luc and the rest of their growing clan are searching for other gargoyles to free from their enforced sleep.

Annis, a female gargoyle with a damaged wing fears that her life in this new world will be just as hard as life with her old clan. Used and abused by her old clan members, she doubts she will be truly accepted by her new clan either. However, there is one bright spot – a human called Chris who she met after she knocked him out and tied him to a chair (that’s another story). The male incites some very alien feelings in her that almost make her forget that she is a broken gargoyle.

But although Chris cannot deny his attraction to the sweet gargoyle he is reticent – still burned from his marriage and uncertain there could be any future with a gargoyle. He tries to stay away from her, but the two are thrust together, and while trying to sort out their feelings, they find themselves running for their lives.

With old enemies lingering in the background, Chris and Annis will have to fight their issues and fight to stay alive.

Caution is advised as this is intended for mature readers only - it contains scenes of a sexual nature between a sweet gargoyle and a gruff human.