Someone Like You (Perfect Pairing, #3)

Devereaux, Vanessa

Words:25092 Read Time:2 Hours Maturity:

Jake Harris’ world fell apart when his wife passed away. Now a young widower, he vows to never give his heart to another woman. However, Army buddy, Mitchell Farraday, thinks a gift certificate to Perfect Pairing is just what he needs. Vowing he won’t use it, he throws it in the garbage bin. However, Jake has second thoughts when strange things begin happening, convincing him that his late wife wants him to use it.

Gen Thompson, a single mom, hasn’t been out of a date in over two years. When an ad for a free membership to the Perfect Pairing mysteriously appears in her local newspaper, she decides to take the plunge.

Perfect Pairing CEO, and everyone’s favorite matchmaking witch Sadie Sutton, knows she has her work cut out for her this time. Can Jake ever get over his heartbreak, and can Sadie make him see that Gen is his destiny?