Christmas Gifts

Carole Mortimer & Diana Palmer & Leanne Banks & Rebecca Winters & Lucy Gordon

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Rosie has run from an arranged marriage into the arms of Hollywood movie star, Hawk… Will she say ‘Yes!’ to His Christmas Eve Proposal? - A true Silent Night Man, Tony was tall, dark…and Millicent had been in love with him forever. Could the season of joy bring them together against all the odds? - In A Man in Her Stocking, schoolteacher Amy needs to teach ruggedly handsome Lucas that the holidays are meant to be merry and filled with love! - Annie thinks nothing of it when Mitch, her company’s VP, offers to help with the company party. One sizzling kiss later… Annie is offered The Tycoon’s Christmas Engagement. - One Christmas past, Dawn and Ben got engaged. Then he drove off into the snow and never came back… until now. Could A Kiss for Mr Scrooge turn Ben back into the man Dawn had lost?