Close Your Eyes

Ellen Wolf

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Belonging to the Harper clan offers the best of the best: social position, money, and a future with countless possibilities. As the younger of the two Harper brothers, Matt can enjoy his life of luxury and privileges to the fullest. After all, Ryan is the one who will inherit the family business. Matt doesn’t mind it in the slightest. His rebellious nature makes it an easy choice to step aside and let Ryan take the spotlight. His beloved older brother can have it all, as far as Matt is concerned.

The only thing that makes Matt envy his brother is Megan’s love.

Megan has always known she wanted to be with Ryan, ever since their school days. She is happy to be in a stable relationship with the most desired bachelor in town. Any day now, he might finally take the final step to solidify their future together. Becoming a member of the Harper family is everything she has ever wanted. Matt is a part of her life, too. His easy smile and mischievous nature make it difficult to keep him in the proper, brother-like category. As hard as she tries, it’s impossible to silence her stubborn heart.

Could it be that behind Matt’s scandalous and “bad boy” attitude, something else is hiding, waiting to be discovered? Torn between the brothers, Megan is afraid to find out what it might be. Could Matt ever see her as something other than his brother’s girlfriend? Does he feel the same almost magnetic pull that makes it impossible for her to avoid him altogether?

Only time will tell…


Tags: Literature & Fiction Erotica Romantic Romance Contemporary