Duke Goes Rogue (Must Love Rogues Book 3)

Eva Devon

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A Duke Who Demands Perfection:

James Hart, Duke of Hunsdownt, is ruled by duty and honor. All his life he’s been driven to be the antithesis of his father. Every choice he has made is weighed by whether it is the right thing to do. When scandal does brush his ducal role, he only works harder to ensure that he hurts no one and nothing by his power. In his noble work for the impoverished, Huntsdown comes to rely on and value his new secretary, Mr. Stanhope. But when the duke discovers his secretary is a woman in disguise he knows he must, for propriety’s sake, send her away. Yet, his admiration now has turned to passion. Now, he longs to possess the young woman who has broken society’s rules. Will he yield to temptation or cut the rebellious young lady from his heart?

A Lady Who Breaks Every Rule:

Miss Olivia Stanhope has known a life full of adventure aboard her father’s ship. But when she tragically finds herself alone in the world, she is left with few options. When forced between giving up her independence or duplicitously working in the Duke of Huntsdown’s employ, she chooses the latter. But from the moment they meet, she cannot deny her feelings. Falling in love with her employer isn’t the safest thing she can do, but when he discovers she’s a woman, Olivia knows that she will do anything to have him.

And a passion that cannot be denied:
When the duke insists that they must do the right thing, Olivia refuses to give into a life of propriety and decides to help her duke go rogue.

Will these two passionate people learn to fight together or will they be torn apart by the rules of the ton?

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