Emily's Captain

The Killion Group

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Caught between duty and desire … Her father is a traitor, her brother and former fiancé have abandoned her. Now forced to flee her home, fiercely independent Emily Gardner warily accepts a handsome soldier’s offer of assistance. She soon learns to trust him with her life, and begins to lose her heart – until the day Emily learns that most of what Jared has told her is a lie. Notorious Union operative Jared Hunter is on what he considers an easy mission; rescue Emily Gardner from Georgia and take to her father in Washington, D.C., even if that means deceiving her to gain her cooperation. Falling in love with his commander’s lovely, courageous daughter was never part of Jared’s plan – nor has the line between his duty and desire been so firmly drawn. K.I.S.S. (Knights in Shining Silver) hero – Romantic Times “… a superb Civil War drama.” – Affaire de Coeur “… passionate characters and richly textured historical settings!” – The Literary Times “Humor, love deception – it’s all here.” Rendezvous