Finally Phillip

S Cinders

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Series: Rakes vs Wallflowers Series Index: 1.00

Lord Phillip Randall, the Marquis of Lancaster, was known for his prowess between the bedsheets and cared for little else. A renowned rake and rogue, Randall wined and dined the merry matrons of London and then tupped them when their husbands were not looking. Never caught without a mistress, Randall thrived on swiving, wine, and sport.

Everything was right in his world, or so he thought. A few weeks previous, he had befriended a particularly quirky bird named Sophie Torrington on a whim. Thankfully, she was married off to his good friend Elias and was out of his hair. However, her best friend, Lady Eden Norfolk, had been much harder to shake from his mind.

To make matters worse, his mother had been after him to take a wife, but Randall had been steadily ignoring her. After one particularly debauched evening, he awoke to his mother and two younger sisters in residence for the season. Suddenly his life had been turned upside down by a voluptuous, blond-haired, bespectacled enchantress.

Note: Mature