Haunted Halloween Collection 16 Book Box Set

Clarice Black & Caroline Clark & Cat Knight & Athena Cross & Carrie Cross & Riley Amitrani & Blair S

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Haunted Halloween Collection 16 Book Box Set
A fantastic box set of BRAND NEW NEVER RELEASED BEFORE haunted and supernatural stories from your favourite writers all in one great collection
Specters spanning centuries linger in the homes and mansions of today, tempered by terror and time. Follow the residents of these haunted locations already inhabited by timeless beings of varied dispositions, as they learn to live alongside or battle against those who were there before them. Steeped in witchcraft, innocence, confusion and steadfast wills to right the wrongs of the past, the tales behind these phantoms will captivate your imagination this Halloween and touch the very base of your being, creating fear in a place you cannot escape - your mind.
The 16 Book Box Set Includes
Blood in the Maze - By Caroline ClarkArya and The Haunting of Baerth Castle - By Jess KingsleyThe Haunting of Honeysuckle Cottage - By Athena CrossThe Haunting of the Unnamed Cemetery - By Chant BartieThe Haunting of Sunnyday House - By Riley AmitraniThe Haunting of Hickman House - By Blair ShawThe Haunting of Goodman House - By Mo RavenThe Haunting of Porter Brook Manor - By Sable RidgeThe Haunting of Barnesly Hotel - By Hope JamesonThe Haunting of Seaview Crag - By Cat KnightThe Haunting of North Mill (A Small Town Haunting) - By YaYa BlassingameThe Haunting of Harrow House - By Jessica CrimsonThe Haunting of the Chesterfield House - By Carrie CrowThe Haunting of Witches Manor - By Rosemary CullenThe Haunting of Old Manse - By Lucrezia BlackThe Haunting of Wolf Lair Manor - Clarice Black