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Diamond Bay

An intricate and emotional tale from this best-selling author – Rachel Jones wasn’t looking for trouble, much less a man, but in Kell Sabin she found both. On a hot summer’s night Kell is washed up – barely alive – on a Florida beach and into Rachel’s life. Their love blossoms as he recovers from his injuries. But by falling in love with Kell, Rachel has put her... »

Cover of Night

Cate Nightingale owns and operates a struggling guest house in a small community; occasionally enlisting the help of Cal Harris, the shy, enigmatic local handyman. To Cate’s shock, Cal proves much bolder than expected when a trio of thugs invades her home, demanding the possessions of a guest who vanished some days before. Though Cal manages to run off the intruders, the men soon regroup and... »

All the Queen’s Men

In six New York Times bestsellers, including her smashing hardcover debut Now You See Her, Linda Howard has seamlessly melded thrilling sensuality and heart-pounding dramatic tension. Now she brings back the elusive hero who first appeared in her acclaimed page-turner Kill and Tell — in a new blockbuster that is part suspense, part passion, and pure Linda Howard. No one can get close to John... »

After the Night

FAITH DEVLIN: A poor, outcast child in Prescott, Louisiana, she’d always adored the town’s golden boy from afar. But he called her white trash that sultry Southern night when his rich, respected father disappeared, along with her pretty Mom. Now Faith wanted to hate Gray Rouillard…not to feel a powerful surge of desire. But she couldn’t quench her passion, any more than she... »

A Game of Chance

On the trail of a vicious criminal, agent Chance Mackenzie found the perfect bait for his trap: Sunny Miller. So Chance made himself the only man she could trust-and then arranged for her long-missing father to find out about them.What Chance hadn’t foreseen was that Sunny had reasons of her own for hiding from her father-and now Chance’s deception had brought them both one step closer... »

Mackenzie’s Magic

Meet Maris Mackenzie and the sexy stranger she woke up to find in her bed. Unfortunately, she had no memory of Alex MacNeil, the previous day…or the prize Thoroughbred she’d apparently stolen…but she will find her “Sole Pleasure” in more ways than one. »

Mackenzie’s Pleasure

Navy SEAL Zane Mackenzie was a pro. No mission had ever gotten the better of him ― until now. Saving the ambassador’s gorgeous daughter, Barrie Lovejoy, had been textbook ― except for their desperate night of passion. And though his job as a soldier had ended with her freedom, his duties as a husband had only just begun. For he would sooner die than let the enemy harm the mother of his child... »

Mackenzie’s Mission

Colonel Joe Mackenzie’s No. 1 priority is Night Wing, a test plane with a top-secret weapons system. Weapons expert Caroline Evans is his No. 1 distraction. After he discovers Night Wing is being sabotaged, Joe can’t help but suspect Caroline. Now he must choose between allegiance to his country and love for his prime suspect. »

Gone With a Handsomer Man

“Gone with a Handsomer Man is fun, funny, and fabulous!”—Janet Evanovich Take one out-of-work pastry chef . . . Teeny Templeton believes that her life is finally on track. She’s getting married, she’s baking her own wedding cake, and she’s leaving her troubled past behind. And then? She finds her fiance playing naked badminton with a couple of gorgeous, skanky c... »

A Teeny Bit of Trouble

In this hilarious follow-up to GONE WITH A HANDSOMER MAN, Charleston pastry chef Teeny Templeton witnesses a murder and discovers that her laywer-boyfriend, Coop O’Malley, has been keeping secrets. It’s not every day that I bake a dozen Red Velvet cakes, learn my boyfriend may have a love child, and I witness a murder. After Charleston pastry chef, Teeny Templeton, witnesses a murder, ... »


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