Redhall Riders (The Riverdale Pony Stories Book 4)

Amanda Wills

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When a pony trek ends in tragedy at Redhall Manor Equestrian Centre, Poppy and Scarlett find themselves unexpectedly in charge.

It soon becomes clear that someone has a grudge against Redhall and is intent on putting the stables out of business.

The two friends blame rival yard Claydon Manor - but are Georgia Canning and her hard-nosed livery manager Angela Snell really to blame?

Poppy’s worst nightmare comes true when an intruder lets Cloud out of his stable and the Connemara escapes onto the moor.

Convinced he is lost to her forever, Poppy sets out to discover who is behind the vendetta.
But can she find the answers before it’s too late?

This is the fourth book in the popular Riverdale Pony Stories, which follow the adventures of pony-mad Poppy McKeever and her beloved Connemara Cloud.