Seeds of Yesterday

V C Andrews

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Series: Dollenganger Series Index: 4.00

Now a major Lifetime movie event—Book Four of the Dollanganger series that began with _Flowers in the Attic_—the novel of forbidden love that captured the world’s imagination and earned V.C. Andrews a fiercely devoted fanbase.

They escaped their mother’s hellish trap years ago, but a cruel history of lies and deceit has come full circle…

The forbidden love that blossomed when Cathy and Christopher were held captive in Foxworth Hall is one the Dollanganger family’s darkest secrets. Now, with three grown children and even a new last name, the pair seem to have outlived a twisted legacy. But on their son Bart’s twenty-fifth birthday, when the spiteful and disturbed young man claims his rightful inheritance, the full, shattering truth of their tainted past will be revealed at Foxworth Hall—the place where the nightmare began, and where Christopher and Cathy were once just innocent flowers in the attic…

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