Vermillion (The Hundred Days) (Volume 1)

Baird Wells

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For three years, American doctor Kate Foster has been entrenched among a British regiment, treating wounds and happily ignoring laws forbidding the practice of medicine by women. The sudden illness of her sponsor, the regiment’s doctor, threatens her position and Kate finds herself at the mercy of an unscrupulous physician’s aide. Newly-arrived General Matthew Webb might be her only hope for reprieve, but he has no time for Kate’s interruptions. Napoleon is on the horizon, and his neglected regiment should consume his every waking moment. Yet despite this, Kate’s stubborn streak threatens his orderly existence. Even so, he is hard pressed to ignore the distraction. Forming an uneasy alliance that blossoms on and off the field, the pair find themselves with a very different sort of fight on their hands. A dark turn within the camp and the shadow of impending battle conspire to throw Matthew and Kate together.