Baird Wells

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Series: Hundred-Days Series Index: 2.00

A Secret Life Paris, 1814 – Napoleon is in exile, but his intelligence grid remains as active as ever. At the behest of Whitehall, Major Ty Burrell has taken leave from the British army in order to conduct espionage in Paris. After nearly a decade running down Napoleon on battlefields as much as in back alleys, he’ll go to any lengths to prevent the emperor’s meddling in France. A plot is brewing behind closed doors of the city’s most ruthless ministers, and like his Crown superiors, Ty is determined to root it out. With his fellow officers and even his best friend Matthew ignorant of his work, Ty’s assignment promises to be a lonely one. A Secret Purpose Polished, aristocratic Olivia Fletcher has also answered Whitehall’s orders, but with very different motivations. Spending her days as hostess for her widowed uncle Lord Portsmouth, not even her fiancé suspects her of being more than lovely and innocuous – certainly not a seasoned British agent. Having lost both her parents to the aftermath of the French Revolution, her grievances with Paris’s ruling class are personal. She accepts Whitehall’s summons bent on revenge. A Risky Endeavor Ty and Olivia embark on a mission to stop sinister Joseph Fouche, French police minister, before he can carry out his designs. Adopting secret identities, they spiral deeper into Paris’s shadow world, unraveling a conspiracy which will shake all of Europe. By turns predator and prey, they toe the line with a growing attraction that threatens to compromise their assignment. Stolen kisses keep pace with stolen information as the line blurs between reality and the roles they play. Making a dangerous wager of their hearts, they’ll have to untangle Fouche’s plot before their own risks cost them everything. Can they succeed together, or will they have to face their enemy alone?