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Vital Found (The Evelyn Maynard Trilogy #2)

by: Kaydence Snow

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Bradford Hills feels more like home than any other place Evelyn Maynard and her mother lived while on the run. But with everyone reeling from the violent clash between Variants and humans, her new hom
Degraded Soul

by: Helena Drake

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Exposed. Afraid. Humiliated.I found myself running for my life, only to be captured by four brutal shifters.I'm an omega. I exist to please these alphas. They submit me to every humiliation, degrading
Reclaiming His Wife

by: Madison Faye

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Five years ago, she was stolen from me.But now I'm back from the dead to reclaim what's mine.Here comes the bride.Again, and again, and again…What a woman like Juliana ever saw in a dirty roughneck
A Stranger's Promise

by: Tarah Scott

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Penniless and jilted, Charlotte Atchenson accepts a position as governess to Lord Alistair Cassilis 's illegitimate children. When Eliza sets foot in the Scottish lord's carriage, she faces the most d
The Stranger from the Sea

by: Paul Binding

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After a ferocious early springtime storm, young Norwegian sailor Hans Lyngstrand is shipwrecked in the English Channel near the coastal Kent town of Dengate; he is one of few survivors. Soon after, as

by: Max Porter

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Not far from London, there is a village.This village belongs to the people who live in it and to those who lived in it hundreds of years ago. It belongs to England's mysterious past and its confoundin
Beast Rider

by: Tony Johnston

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Twelve-year-old Manuel leaves his small town in Mexico to join his older brother in Los Angeles. To cross the US border, he must become a "beast rider"—someone who hops on a train. The first tim
Secrets Never Die

by: Melinda Leigh

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The #1 Amazon Charts bestselling series continues as Morgan Dane and PI Lance Kruger fight for the innocence of a young murder suspect-if only they could find him. When a retired sheriff's deputy is s

by: Barbara Nickless

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The gripping third book in the bestselling Sydney Rose Parnell series. Railway cop and former Marine Sydney Parnell is on the hunt. So is a killer she knows only as the Alpha. They're in a race to fin
Heat Stroke

by: Tessa Bailey

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They can't be together. They won't stay apart.Marcus "Diesel" O'Shaughnessy is a brash, oversized CrossFit enthusiast with a naked lady tattooed on his rippling forearm. Jamie Prince is a private scho